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Jumia Affiliate Program: Do you want to make money from other people’s products? Then Jumia affiliate program is the best for you. This article will show you how to achieve that. Kindly read on.

Jumia is one of the leading online marketplaces in Africa. It offers the best affiliate program, which allows you to share offers on Jumia with your friends and family, if they buy, you earn a commission.

In general, an affiliate program simply entails the promotion of products and services sold by a merchant or service provider in return for a commission.

In this article, you will get to know how to join the Jumia affiliate program, how to generate Jumia affiliate links, how to make money online from Jumia, and the benefits of a Jumia Affiliate.

How to Join.

First, you need to register with JUMIA AFFILIATE. Just click on the account, and then register as a new customer.

Once you are done, you will receive a confirmation email from JUMIA. Now sign in to your account and scroll down towards the end of JUMIA site, under the category “About Jumia Nigeria” click on “Become an Affiliate”.

You will be directed to the JUMIA AFFILIATE PARTNER PROGRAM page. Click on Sign up for free now and you will be redirected to the Jumia affiliate signup page.

You can also be directed straight to the affiliate signup page from here Jumia Affiliate Signup, www.affiliate.jumia.com then follow these three simple steps:

1. Sign up by filling the form below the page.

2. Recommend Jumia’s products by placing Ads on your Website/blogs or Social Media account with the unique link that you will be given.

3. Get commission up to 9% + welcome bonus of 500 NGN on each sale for the first month.

How to Generate Jumia Affiliate Links.

This is a very important step because it is impossible to make income just by copying the bare link from Jumia store to promote the production.

You will need to generate the new original affiliate links for the specific production or the category of products that you would like to promote.

To generate the links, follow the instructions below:

First, you will need to visit the official Jumia store website to get the link to the product that you would like to promote. For example, if you want to promote some piece of clothing, you have to go to the Jumia site and copy the link to it.

Then, you will need to add your affiliate ID to this link. Promoting the link without the ID means that even if you promote it on your blog, you will not be paid. To add the ID, you should follow the further instructions:

1. Sign in to the Jumia affiliate dashboard.

2. On the vertical menu, you should click on “Tools” and then on “Link builder”.

3. In the drop-down “Offer” select the country whose products you want to promote. If you are in Nigeria, you should choose Nigeria.

4. Copy the product URL from step 1, and paste it in the field “Page URL”.

5. Finally, you will need to copy the text that appears in the field “Final URL”, and put it on your blog.

6. Congratulations, you can now add the affiliate links to your blog, or social media and promote the products.

Another way to advertise Jumia products on your blog or social media is by getting the affiliate banners. To get the banners, follow these instructions:

1. Sign in to the affiliate dashboard of Jumia.

2. On the vertical menu, you have to pick “Tools” and then “Banners”.

3. Click on the drop-down “Advertising Offer”, and select the country whose products you are interested in promoting.

4. Then, you need to select the shopping category. For that, you will need to click any of the banner folders. Choose the banner size that you want (for instance, 300×250), and then copy “Banner Code” for placing it where you want to advertise.

How to Make Money Online From Jumia Affiliate Program.

This is quite easy; all you need to do is help Jumia in selling their products. You get paid if someone you refer to Jumia through your affiliate banner/link buys something at Jumia. If you refer to one million customers to Jumia and none makes a purchase, you won’t receive any payment from Jumia.

You can easily refer customers to Jumia by placing Jumia ad banners/text links on your blog or website.

If you are using banners, ensure you choose banners according to your target audience and place them in clearly visible positions on your blog.

If you are using text links to promote Jumia products, try to use short, descriptive texts that will attract clicks e.g. “Buy latest phones and tablets at Jumia here”, or “Buy cheap make-up products here”


• Latest design in banners

• A professional team always ready to assist you

• A product feed with more than 50,000 products

• The possibility to publish everywhere; website, blog, Facebook, Google+, Twitter, or even in a message/mail to a friend you know that have need of a particular product that Jumia sells.

• Premium commission for premium publishers.

Bank transfer as a way of payment (i.e. your commission will be sent to you directly into your Nigeria bank account).

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