Legislating Employee’s Health Care In Nigeria Prospect And Challenges

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The aim of this study was to investigate the role that legislator and management standard plays in ensuring the employee’s health care in Nigeria.

The employee’s compensation act 2010 and the labour law act determines that an employer must establish and maintain a work environment that is safe and without to the health of the employee.

It seems that there is a lack pit falls in the laws with the regard to the employee’s health and wellness.  A management standard approach which involves all the role players in the regulation of the employee’s health care should be implemented.


Chapter One


  • Background of Study
  • Statement of Problem
  • Purpose of Study
  • Scope of Study
  • Significant of Study
  • Definition of Terms
    • Legislation
    • Employer
    • Employee
    • Health care

Chapter Two

2.1 History of Employee’s Health Care

2.2 Health Care Financing in Nigeria

2.3 Employee’s Compensation Act 2010

2.4 Labour, Safety, Health and Welfare Bill of 2012

2.5 International Framework of Employee Health Care

2.6 Factory Acts

Chapter Three


3.1 Employee’s Health Care under Common Law

3.2 Employee Health Care under Labour Act

3.3 United Kingdom

3.4 Netherland

3.5 Finland

Chapter Four


4.1 Prospects

4.2 Challenges

Chapter Five

5.1 Conclusion

5.2 Recommendation


Background of Study

Health care system in Nigeria and the health status of Nigeria are in a deplorable state (Olayiwola 1990, Aluko-arowolo 2005).

Nigeria’s overall health system performance was ranted 187th position among the 191 members’ states of the world organization in 2000.

In Nigeria persistently low quality and inadequacy of health service have invariably impacted on the health status of the citizens.in terms of health outcome.

Available statistics shows that Nigeria has one of the worst health index in the world and sadly accounts for the 10% of the world’s maternal death in child birth.

Narrowing this down to this study employee’s health care in Nigeria, the 2014 legislature created the legislative health care work force commission to the study and makes recommendation to the legislature on how to achieve the goal of strengthening the work force in health care and gave it the following charges:

  • Identify current and anticipated Health care work force shortage, by both provider type and geography.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of incentives currently available to develop, attract, and retain a highly skilled Health care work force.
  • Study alternative incentive to develop, attract and retain a highly skilled and diverse Health care work force.
  • Identify current causes and potential solutions to barriers related to the primary care work force.

The commission legislation directed this to provide a preliminary report making recommendations to the legislature by December 31st 2014, and a final report by December 31st 2016 and again in a bid to fulfill the objective of this study, the feature and the challenges of legislations regarding employee’s Health care in Nigeria will be examined vis-à-vis legislating in other jurisdiction in other to profile a remedy to those challenges.


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