MTN Data Plan Code for 1000 Naira 2022 Subscribe and Get 1.5GB Now

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– MTN Data Plan Code for 1000 Naira –

MTN 1000 Data Plan Code: MTN has daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly data plans just like other networks in Nigeria. In considering which MTN data plan to buy, you need to determine what you want to use the data for, how much data it will consume.

MTN Data Plan Code for 1000 Naira 2021 Subscribe and Get 1.5GB Now

MTN, like most other networks, offers daily data plans and weekly data plans besides the standard monthly subscription.

The cheapest monthly plans remain flat 1000 Naira for 1.5GB and 1,200 Naira for 2GB which used to offer 1GB for 1,000 Naira, now offer 1.5GB at the same price.

MTN has updated its internet browsing data plans, adding more data allowance and introduce a couple of new data plans that offer more value for money. You now have several MTN Data plans to choose from.


There are cheap browsing plans for entry-level users and mobile phone browsing, and browsing bundles for medium data and high data users.

MTN Nigeria is offering users a new data deal to lure them back to the network, but most MTN users still don’t understand how the new MTN 4GB data works and who is eligible.

Most phone users in Nigeria today use smartphones and how can you enjoy a smartphone without internet access?

MTN Data Plan 2022

MTN data plan is the list of internet data packages available for MTN subscribers. The internet data plan varies based on size and prices, so is the Activation code different.

MTN Nigeria has several interesting data plans offers for all mobile devices, modems, and routers.

You can easily find an MTN data plan that meets your specific needs, since there are daily, weekly, monthly, and 60 days/quarterly data bundles available to all new and existing MTN Nigeria customers.

MTN Data Plan Codes for 1000 Naira in 2022

Subscribe to any of the Mtn data codes for 1000 below. Make sure you dial the subscription codes correctly to avoid getting errors.

1. MTN 1.5GB for 1000 Naira

Simply dial *131*106# or

Dial *131*1*3*1# or

Send 106 to 131 to activate.

This plan is officially launched by MTN Nigeria. They listed it at the top of other monthly data bundle plans. Earlier on, the MTN data plan price was 1000naira to get 1Gigabyte (GB) data plus 500MB to browse at midnight.

How To Subscribe to the MTN 1.5GB For N1000

Follow the below steps correctly:

Recharge your MTN LINE with 1000 naira or more.

Make sure your line is credited with the airtime recharged.

Type *131# and Hit “Send”.

Type 1 and send it to select from the list of MTN data plans.

Reply ‘3’ to see monthly plans.

Reply ‘1’ to subscribe to the 1.5GB plan.

Reply ‘1’ again to confirm the request.


2. MTN 1GB for 1000 Naira – XtraData Bundle

Simply dial *131*2*2*3# to activate.

This plan is limited to customers who have migrated to theXtraValue Tariff Plan and you probably already know that it is divided into two (2):

XtraTalk – which gives you more airtime to call and SMS any network (including family and friends) and low data for browsing. While
XtraData – gives you more data volume to browse the internet and low airtime for calls/SMS.

Once you subscribe to the XtraData bundle plan (1GB for N1000), you will be automatically migrated to the XtraValue tariff to enjoy its airtime and data benefits. This Mtn 1000 data plan code is kind of tricky.

How to Subscribe to MTN 1GB for 1000 Naira Plan

First of all, migrate to XtraValue (optional).

i. Dial *131# on your line to view the MTN data plan for Android.

ii. Type 2 and send it to see XtraValue plans.

iii. Reply ‘3’ to activate the 1000 naira data plan.

iv. Finally, reply 1 proceed with the purchase.

3. MTN 4GB for 1000 Naira

Simply dial *131*65# or

Dial *131*103# or

Send 103 to 131 to activate this plan.

This plan is surely an Awuuf! A whooping 4gigabytes (approximately 4000 megabytes) for just N1000 on MTN. It is known as the MTN Deal Zone where you get a huge amount of data at a low cost. Currently, they’ve got three (3) active plans for you which include:

1. 250megabytes (MB) for N100

2. 1gigabytes (GB) for N200 and

3. 4gigabytes (GB) for N1000.

And since you are looking for MTN 1000 naira data codes, I recommend you subscribe to this plan coz it’s cheap and affordable.

How to Subscribe to MTN 4GB for N1000

Simply dial *131*65# and

Reply ‘3’ to activate the plan.

Meanwhile, if you’re new to this plan, follow the below steps to get 4GB of data right now: Migrate to MTN Pulse (optional), if you’re not yet on iPulse.

1. Send DOUBLE to 131

2. Send PROMO to 131

3. Send FREE to 131 to get your line activated for this offer.

How to Buy 1000 Naira Data Plans Online

First, go to

Scroll down slowly to see possible plans.

Now tap on Monthly plans Under 1.5GB, N1000 30days plan, select “Buy with Airtime” or “Buy with Card”.

How to Buy N1000 Data Plan With MyMTNApp

1. Download the MyMTNApp if you don’t have it installed on your device.

2. Open the App.

3. From the menu below, tap on ” Bundles”.

4. On the next screen, tap on “Data Plans”

5. Select “MTN 1000 naira plan” right there.

How to Buy MTN Data

To buy MTN data, follow these steps:

1. Make sure your MTN line is in your phone and is active

2. Recharge your MTN line with the amount you need for your preferred data plan

3. Dial the code or send the SMS for the data plan you want using the codes above

4. A screen will appear asking you to confirm your purchase

5. Type 1 for Yes and click OK

6. You will receive a message saying your purchase is successful and the amount of data you bought


FAQs on MTN Data Plan Code for 1000 Naira

Below are the frequently asked questions on MTN Data Plan Code for 1000 Naira

1. How do I get 12GB on MTN?

Sign in to the mobile app with your MTN number. Make sure you have ₦3,500 on your MTN line. Tap the egg labelled “Data4ME” to display a data offer.

2. How do I buy data bundles on MTN?

You can subscribe to any MTN data bundles via the following channels: USSD: Dialling *131*1# or *904# and selecting your preferred data plan.

3. How do I subscribe for MTN 6GB for 1500?

To subscribe to the MTN 6GB for 1500 naira Jolly Data plan via USSD, the code to dial is *131#, then look under the Weekly Plans menu under Data Plans.

4. What is the code for MTN cheap data?

To subscribe, Text “104” to 131. Valid for 24 Hrs ( 1 day)

5. How can I get a 40GB 5k?

Dialing *121# on your mobile phone and follow the instructions 

6. How do I get 200 for 1GB on MTN?

You can activate the 200 naira data package by dialing *131*65*2# or you can also dial *567#.

7. How can I get free 40gb on MTN?


Just dial *131*7# and send and follow the instructions.

8. How do I check Airtel airtime balance?

To check airtime or account balance on your Airtel, simply dial *123#, then wait for an instant SMS response showing you your airtime balance.

9. How do I get airtime bonus on Airtel?

You can only get the bonus when you recharge using *555*PIN#. If you recharge with *126*PIN# you will not get the bonus.

10. How can I transfer airtime from SIM to SIM?

Dial *777*Recipient’s Number*Amount*PIN# on your phone and then click on send/press OK

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