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– Navient Department of Education –

Navient Department of Education: Navient is formally known as a U.S. corporation which is based in Wilmington, Delaware, whose operations include servicing and also collecting on student loans.

The establishment was formed in the year 2014 by the split of Sallie Mae into two distinct entities, Sallie Mae Bank and Navient.

Navient’s website has several educational resources to assist borrowers to manage their finances. These include interactive budgeting worksheets, a financial tips blog, and also dozens of “Path to Success” and “Career Playbook” videos.

The establishment also has a mobile app to make loan payments more suitable. The application has received mixed reviews from users, but it delivers the same basic functions as the website.

Navient Login

Most of the students find it hard in order to pursue higher studies because of a lack of money. Instead of a bank loan, there are one-stop end explanations; you must have come across the word called student loan servicers.

Several of the people don’t know about the term loan servicers. Loan servicers act as an intermediate between the loan lender and the borrower.

In the current scenario, it has become the most important one in order to avail the services. They also handle some of the additional services like tracking the loan payments, collecting bills from students, and a lot more. Navient is one of such wonderful loan servicers among others.

Navient Student Login Steps

The student loan login steps are necessary in order to rectify the fraud entry. Therefore, a student must log in to the page with the proper ID and also Password. Below, are the login steps?

• Visit the Navient official webpage

• Access the official Navient student loan login

• The main page will display on the screen

• Once you open the web page, they will provide you with two respective spaces in order to enter the important details.

• Insert the Username ID and Password

• Below, they will provide you with one rectangular button called “Remember Password”. You can enable this button if you want the browser to remember your ID and Password.

• Otherwise, neglect that option

Finally, snap on the “Log In” button and precede the further process.

Advantages of Navient Student Loan

• Presence of lower interest rates and fees

• You don’t need a good credit score as well as reports

• You have more time to pay the loan payments

• There is Less interest, ensue on sponsored loans

• Access to income-driven repayment process

• More loan forgiveness options

• There is guaranteed loan cancellation if any critical situation or if you die

How to Create an Account

1. Create your user ID: your user ID should be between 4-12 characters

2. Enter your password:

Your password should have at least 8-32 characters.

3. Confirm your password.

4. Insert your first name, last name, and middle name.

5. Enter an email address.

6. Confirm your email address.

7. Enter your date of birth.

8. Enter your social security number.

9. Confirm your social security number.

Click on done.

Forgot Password Guide

If you entered your password incorrectly, after three attempts you will be log out of your account for one hour to protect your account information.

Follow the information below to unlock your account and create a new password:

• You may wait at least an hour before attempting to log in again. If you decide to wait, we recommend working through the Forgot Password process:

• Enter your username at, and when prompted for your password, tap Forgot Password.

• If you don’t remember your username, tap Forgot Username under the login at

• Follow the guided instructions to reset your login credentials.

To reset your password, follow the following steps.

1. Enter your NaviNet username on the NaviNet Sign In screen.

2. Click on I forgot my password link.

3. Enter your NaviNet username, and then select Continue.

4. Answer the challenge questions with the same responses you provided at the time of your first NaviNet login, then click on Submit.

5. Enter your new password.

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6. Re-enter your new password.

7. Click on submit at the bottom of the screen.

I hope this Navient login portal and sign up guide help you when needed.

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