Nigeria in The Common weath,1999 To 2007

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 – Nigeria in The Common weath, 1999 To 2007 –

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Nigeria external relations with the outside world started a long time before she gained her autonomy as an independent State.

Her involvement in various international organizations has to a large extent brought her close to the front line of action in the world politics.

This study therefore examines the participatory role and contributions played by Nigeria in the Commonwealth of Nations Organization.

It is on the foundation of dependency theory that the theoretical framework of this study was built upon. This study briefly analyses the contributions of the organization to the social, political, cultural and economic development of Nigeria as a member State in the areas of debt relief, democratic consolidation, education, sports and culture.

In sum, it attempts to answer the question of many critics against the Commonwealth organization as to the whether Nigeria and other third world countries have truly benefitted from the organization.


Title Page                                                                                           i

Approval                                                                                            ii

Certification                                                                                      iii

Dedication                                                                                          iv

Acknowledgments                                                                             v

Abstract                                                                                              vi

Table of Contents                                                                              vi

Chapter One: Introduction

Background to the Study                                                                   1

Statement of Problem                                                                        5

Purpose of the Study                                                                          6

Significance of Study                                                                          7

Scope of the study                                                                               7

Methodology and Sources                                                                 8

Theoretical Framework                                                                      8

Literature Review                                                                               12

Organization of the Study                                                                  17

End Notes

Chapter Two: Nigeria And The Common Wealth of Nations Before 1999

Nigeria’s Foreign Policy and objectives of the Commonwealth                    22

Nigeria’s admission and membership Commonwealth of Nations and

Survey of Nigeria’s Commonwealth Relations Before the 1990s                  28

The suspension and re-admission of Nigeria into the

Commonwealth of Nations                                                                                   30

Chapter Three: Nigeria – Commonwealth Relations From 1999 To 2007

Commonwealth and Democratic Consolidation in Nigeria                           35

Abuja Commonwealth Summit and Declaration in 2003                             43

Nigeria and the Commonwealth Cooperation: education,

culture and sports.                                                                                                 45

Commonwealth and Nigeria’s Debt Relief                                                        53

End Notes

Chapter Four: Implications of Nigeria’s Membership of The Commonwealth

Implications of Nigeria’s membership of the Common wealth in Politics                        64

Implications of Nigeria’s membership of the Common wealth on Culture                       68

Implications of Nigeria’s membership of the Common wealth in Economic Sphere      72

Implications of Nigeria’s membership of the Common wealth in Education                    74

End Notes.

Chapter Five: Conclusion

Summary                                                                                          76

Conclusion                                                                                        77

Recommendation                                                                               78

Bibliography                                                                                      80


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