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It is for corp members (CM) to get their monthly federal allowance that the NYSC clearance letter be issued. A monthly clearance is required. The clearance is completed in the local government Secretariat, which also houses the office of the local inspector (LI).

In this article, they have highlighted all you need to know regarding the NYSC clearance letter below.

NYSC Clearance Letter

NYSC clearance is done monthly in which an employer’s give worthy corp member that has served them for the previous month a clearance for their allowance and submitted to their zonal inspection/local government inspectors.

It is a special day, usually between the first 10 days of the month, while some LGA with a large number has separate days for each batch or stream. They usually assist this activity with the Corper Liason Officer (CLO).

What Must Be In a Clearance Letter?

1. Clearance letter format is usually typed in the employer (school, company, organisation, etc.) Letterhead (coloured)

2. A clearance letter is a letter, meaning it must contain what a letter must contain. (an address, body of the letter, and a conclusion)

3. Details of the corp member. this is likewise very important.

Types of NYSC Clearance Letter

There are two types of clearance. The first is the manual clearance which is done in most parts of Nigeria. The biometric clearance is undergoing a test in Lagos and a few selected states.

However, either of both should show on your dashboard before the end of the day.

Manual Clearance

Before the day of your clearance, contact your place of primary assignment (PPA) to get clearance letter. The process is always different for different PPA.

Some may require your unit head to sign before the Head of the department (HOD).

The clearance letter must be with the letterhead of the company in coloured form. The information that is needed for the clearance letter is your name, state code and batch.

The month should be the present month. If you are doing monthly clearance for November, the month on the clearance letter should be November.

Go to the LI office the day you are expected to do your monthly clearance. In the morning, those working in the LI office would have brought out all the files of that group.

The files are those you submitted when documenting. Locate your file. You can make a copy. Make a perforated hole in the clearance letter. Place the clearance letter at the back of the file. Go to the LI with the file.

At the LI office, join the queue. When it is your turn, show your national youth service corps (NYSC) identity card. Give the LI the file.

After cross-examination, the LI will sign at the front of the file. Write your name and state code. Take the file and return it to your CDS group. You can go home.

Biometric Clearance

The process includes;

1. Go to the LI with your clearance letter.

2. Locate your file among the rest.

3. Perforated a hole on it.

4. Add it to the back of your file.

5. Submit it to the LI.

6. After cross-examination, you will be required to thumbprint.

7. The thumbprint should bring out your details.

8. You can return the file to your CDS group. You can go home.

Clearance without PPA

You can do your monthly clearance even when you have booted got PPA. There is some CM who has been rejected without PPA.

Such CM cannot get a clearance letter. In such a case, you will need to go to the LI with your letter of rejection and post a letter.

The LI will then sign the posting letter. Write your name. It is not a centre that makes use of biometric screening. If they make use of biometric screening, you should be able to thumbprint.

Since the CM does not have a file yet, the LI will keep it in a safe location. But they will never add it to your file after documentation. You can go home.

Note: you should have an internet-enabled phone and data connection. Always check your dashboard local government clearance.

Make sure the month clearance change from absent to present before the end of the day. If it did not change, go back to your LI the next day and lay complaints.

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