OptiNu Academy | The Real Reasons Why It’s Fake

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OptiNu Academy claims to be a website providing various optometry services such as eye exams and supposedly even conducts medical research. They have apparently been posting ads on Craigslist looking for people to take part in their medical studies in exchange for money.

optinu academy

The website says that they pay a combined $2,000 to participate in the studies, while in Craigslist ads they claim to pay $300.

OptiNu Academy| Fake or Real?

The home page makes it look like a genuine company providing eye-related medical services. The website content mentions the services that they offer such as optometry services, contact lenses, clinical research, and laser eye surgery.

Apart from that, they have put up some blog articles. A funny observation is that an article about August being eye health month has been posted in November.

The website goes absolutely problematic from here as nothing else about it looks real. One of their main banner images has been picked up from Wikimedia commons. The testimonials look fake and use stock imagery to depict the patients.

OpitiNu Academy Craigslist

Whatever information I could surf this certainly looks like a scam. There are several reviews of people online who have tried to reach the website numbers or message service however failed to connect. Please don’t give them any contact information.

There is an ad on Craigslist under Gigs/domestic that is titled: Seeking participants for paid vision study.

It goes on to say that they are looking for people for a 2 phase program but just going in to get the exam will pay $300. There is a link to a website they call themselves Optinu Acadamy. When you go to the website it all looks very legit, they have a lot of information and go on to say they are looking for paid research people.

The first flag is the ad on Craigslist has a very different pay than the website. There is an 800 number they tell you to call and even a message thing on their website so you can message them. Their message service always comes up as ‘mailbox full please contact administrator’. When you call the 800 number it rings once and goes to a busy signal. I have tried to call several times with the same result.

I think it is all some kind of scam and I hope you look into it soon before they scam too many people.optinu academyFake Contact Information on OptiNu Academy 

The Contact Us page provides no information about their phone number and address. The page includes a picture of a building which is located in Chicago, Illinois. However, there is no mention on the website about their locations. There is only an email ID provided, which apparently doesn’t work, and a contact form to book an appointment.

They have apparently been posting Craigslist ads all over the USA inviting people to participate in paid medical trials by calling an 800 number. This number is not present on the website itself.

Final Verdict on OptiNu Academy: Fake

Considering everything, OptiNu Academy seems to be a scam. It’s one of the weirdest scams I have come across as their goal seems to be unclear. The company hasn’t disclosed any substantial information on its website. None of the social media links given on the website work.

I can only conclude that there is something devious going on, even though I’m not sure what it is.

It seems like they want people to call an 800 number. 800 numbers are toll-free and cost nothing to the caller, which means they can’t be making money from those calls. It’s likely that they are just seeding a random sales number in the hope that someone will buy something.

Remember: If something seems too good to be true, it probably is.

CSN Team.

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