Short Certificate Programs that Pay Well

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– Short Certificate Programs that Pay Well –

Short certificate programs that pay well might be an incredible way to make a respectable living. There are quick certificate programs, and enrolling in them can be a step on the right path for your career.

About Short Certificate Programs

There is no doubt that a high school diploma is not enough to support yourself if you want to live a happy life.

There are quicker methods to begin your route to well-paying employment, even though earning an associate’s degree doesn’t take very long.

However, not everyone wants to or can spend the following four years attending a regular college to get a bachelor’s degree.

Depending on your financial requirements, beliefs, interests, talents, education, and training, you have a plethora of employment alternatives at your disposal.

While some positions call for a college degree, others may only need a high school diploma and a specialized certificate.

Many certificate programs provide you the chance to gradually boost your earning potential as you develop in your profession.

List of Short Certificate Programs

You may discover a list of degrees and short certificate programs you can complete in one year or less in this post.

1. Airline attendant

Consider working as a flight attendant if you’re looking for a profession that allows you to travel. In this line of work, you will help and serve passengers on airplanes.

You will experience global travel. You will have a variable schedule, though, which may include nights, weekends, and holidays because travel occurs at all hours of the day and night.

Having this qualification is a wonderful idea if you enjoy traveling.

Amount: $59,050

Program Length: 3 weeks

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2. Emergency Medical Technician

One of the greatest certificate programs that may give you the training for other occupations that require a certificate is an emergency medical technician certificate program.

A high school certificate or its equivalent is normally required of emergency medical technicians, but they also need to finish post-secondary education programs and various additional training courses, such as cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) certification.

It may end up being one of the best-paid certificate programs as the industry expands and becomes more cutthroat.

More certifications and a 6-month EMT training course increase the likelihood of landing a desirable job in emergency medical services.

Amount: $14.65 per hour

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3. Funeral Director

Although some companies may insist on an associate’s or bachelor’s degree in funeral care or a closely related topic, a funeral director is a well-paying position that just requires a high school certificate or its equivalent.

With years of expertise, funeral directors may command significant salaries.

Funeral directors must be licensed in the United States, and some individual states also require an apprenticeship, work shadowing, or the successful completion of a brief certificate program.

The National Funeral Directors Association offers training and certification programs, but many schools and institutions also offer in-person or online funeral director certifications.

Amount:  $18.90 per hour

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4. Electrician

Installing, maintaining, and repairing electrical wiring in residences and/or structures will be your responsibility as an electrician.

You could also be the one who puts in cameras, smart devices, monitoring systems, and other things.

In this employment, you will frequently be working in a new place or doing a different task. But there will be instances when you must labor in sweltering heat to complete a task.

It is highly recommended to acquire this qualification because it is a well-paying profession.

Amount: $56,900

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5. Brick Mason

A wonderful career choice, if you want to learn a skill in six months, is brick masonry. For starters, brick masons must have a high school diploma or its equivalent, while lengthy apprenticeship programs and academic requirements may also be necessary.

The Mason Contractors Association of America also offers masonry certification (MCAA).

Candidates who have worked in construction before are preferable since they need less training before starting their jobs.

Amount:  $20.51 per hour

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6. Physical Therapy Assistant and Aide

Working alongside physical therapists to aid patients in recovering from an ailment or potential harm is what a physical therapy assistant or aide does.

You could be the one transferring patients, putting up equipment, working on administrative duties, and setting up patients.

You could have to work a variety of shifts in this job, including nights, weekends, and holidays. This is a good career with short training options.

Check the license requirements in your state before deciding on this job. There will be many chances in this profession with a predicted job increase of 29% over the next 10 years.

Amount: $49,970

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7. Carpenter

A job as a carpenter can be ideal for you if you appreciate working with your hands! You’ll be constructing homes, structures, and the foundations for various kinds of constructions.

Repairs are another common task for carpenters. Physical stamina and strength are essential for this trade school job. You’ll complete most of your labor outside, exposed to the weather.

Amount: $49,970

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8. Commercial Truck Driver

Trucks are used to transport almost all consumer purchases to the retailer. Long hauls, which need at least one overnight stop, or short hauls, which just require a short drive, are both possible in truck driving.

Most of your time as a truck driver will be spent sitting down. Short Certificate Programs That Pay Well

However, this is also a fantastic opportunity to earn money while traveling to a variety of locations. One of the top paid trade school occupations is being a truck driver.

Amount: $47,130

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9. Air Traffic Controller

An air traffic controller is another well-paying position that doesn’t call for any schooling or certification.

Depending on where you live, this profession might pay well over $100,000 without a degree.

However, there is a lot of competition in the industry, making prior employment very desired.

The best candidates typically combine substantial experience with formal education in a related subject.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) also subjects air traffic controllers to comprehensive training and testing, including mental stability and health examinations. Before becoming 31 years old, the testing procedure must begin.

Amount:  $47,202 per year 

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10. Real Estate Broker

With the correct expertise and skill set, real estate agents may make six figures.

A high school diploma or its equivalent is all that is required to become a real estate broker, while a college degree in a relevant profession may be helpful.

A few programs and tests must be completed in order to get your real estate certification.

Compared to a regular four-year college, the courses and examinations are far less expensive and time-consuming.

State-specific certification requirements exist, however, many universities offer real estate certificate programs that may be taken online or in person.

Real estate brokers make money by helping homeowners through buying and selling a home, submitting the paperwork, and selling the home.

To succeed in this job, it’s crucial to have flexible hours and strong interpersonal skills.

Amount:  $71,287 per year

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