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Signs your Ex is Testing You

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– Signs your Ex is Testing You –

Are you considering reconciling with your ex-partner? What tells you that your ex is trying to test you? Learn more by reading this article.

Signs your Ex is Testing You

Have you ever discovered yourself looking for clues that your ex is trying to test you?

If you are feeling that way, they may have first and foremost given you signs or led you on.

Don’t you two have enough to deal with already?

The fact that you’re wondering, “Why is my ex checking up on me?” regardless of whether it’s an ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend, is already a sign that they are making their presence known.

Now, the crucial query is: how does that make you feel?

Let’s examine the important signals your ex is monitoring you and attempt to provide clarification for the perplexing question.


Signs your Ex is Testing You

Here are signs that you should look out for to know if your ex is testing you.

1. They Ask How you are Doing

If you’re thinking, “Why is my ex inquiring how I’m doing,” then read on.

Most likely, they’re attempting to encourage you to think back on the split.

Your ex wants you to reflect on the connection so that you’ll understand how much you cherish and miss them.

2. Inquire About a Person They Have Seen You With

If you’ve kept in touch and are still on speaking terms with your ex, she or he can casually ask you to marry them. But the query is difficult.

It is better to hold back for the time being if the query is already causing your inner voice to wonder whether your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend is trying to trick you.

At this time, all you can do is maintain your composure. Give the impression to your ex that you are dating but are not in a rush to start a relationship.

Allow them to come to you whenever they want, but never jump to any conclusions or make any connections. Keep it informal and carry on with your daily activities.

3. Abhorrent Comments

The most typical indicators that your ex is testing you are when they make fun of your personality, your appearance, your interests, or anything else, or when they say anything rude or insensitive.

4. They Try to Make You Jealous

Signs your Ex is Testing You

This is one of the most typical signals that your ex is trying to find out whether you still have feelings for them or, on the other hand, whether they just want to cause you some minor hurt.

They’ll therefore deliberately say or do things to make you envious in order to gauge your response.

This will also be a typical test if they want to check if you’ve changed or mellowed out.

You see, there are many ways to stoke your jealousy from oblique social media posts that give the impression that you’re out with someone else.

They’re on a date and openly admit they’re seeing someone else.


5. They follow you up on Social Media

Perhaps since the breakup, your ex hasn’t made an effort to get in touch, but you’ve noticed they’ve been lurking on your social media accounts, checking your stories, and liking your older posts.

6. They Wish to Reconnect

They will re-emerge in your life to say hello or inquire about how things are doing after weeks, months, even years of wondering whether or not your ex is trying to test you by avoiding you.

It makes sense that you could be stunned, especially if the split was initiated by the ex. This will cause you to consider why they suddenly decide to appear.

It is best if you answer in the same way casual and uninteresting rather than assuming they want to restart the romance and get back with you.

7. They want to get into your Private Life

When your ex asks questions about your life, particularly your love life, such as whether you’re seeing anybody or if you’re willing to give them another chance, this is another indication that they are trying to test you.


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