Spotify Wrapped 2024 Updates and How to Review Your Past Queries

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Spotify Wrapped 2024 Updates and How to Review Your Past Queries.

Spotify Wrapped 2024… Here’s the complete guide on how to find out your top songs playlist, your personalised Tastebreakers playlist and how many minutes you listened to music this year. Follow the guideline analyse below for detailed Spotify wrapped stats for year 2024.

2023 has been rough, and there’s probably plenty that’s happened in the last 12 months that you may not want to dwell on. Still, it’s good to take a minute to reflect on how you spent your time, or, at the very least, how much of your time you spent listening to Drake. On Thursday, Spotify made it easy to do just that with its annual Wrapped feature, which reveals a tons of info about your listening habits over the course of the year.

Just as it’s done in years past, Spotify launched its popular “year in review” microsite, giving you a personalized look at exactly what you listened to the most in 2018 along with some interesting trends about your tastes and habits. It also gives you a sense of how your taste in music compares to the most popular tracks, artists, and playlists of the year. Here’s what you need to know, and how to see yours.

What is Spotify Wrapped?

Spotify Wrapped is a sleek microsite built by the popular streaming service, which pulls data from your account and walks you through an overview of your listening habits throughout the year. In addition to showing you things like your most-listened to artist, song, and genres, it’ll also give you a sense of just how much time you’ve spent jamming to individual tunes and podcasts.

How to Find Your Spotify Year in Review

To access your own Spotify Wrapped you just have to head to the dedicated websiteand log in with your Spotify account info. From there, you simply follow a series of clicks and scrolls to reveal different details about your year in listening, including how much time you’ve spent using the streaming service.

What is the Spotify Wrapped Playlist?

In addition to all the info about what you listened to over the last 12 months, Spotify also compiles a personalized Wrapped Playlist for every user, based on their top tracks and artists. To see yours, head to the Wrapped site, then click and scroll through to the page that says “Top 100.”

What is the Tastebreakers Playlist?

This year, Spotify is putting together an additional playlist for all users as part of the Wrapped experience. Each person’s Tastebreakers Playlist is intended to introduce you to new artists and tracks you might like, based on the genres and artists you’ve been listening to the most. To find and listen to yours, scroll through to the second-to-last page and tap “Play On Spotify.”

After previewing their Wrapped, users will also be able to enjoy Tastebreakers, a personalized playlist that introduces you to new music from genres and artists you don’t normally explore—but ones that your personal taste profile hints that you’ll like.

And the fun doesn’t stop there. With the launch of 2018 Artist Wrapped, we’re tipping our hats to artists too—giving them access to their own individualized Wrapped microsite. Artists and their teams can enjoy facts about fan listening throughout the year, including most popular songs by month, total fan hours streamed, how many fans they’ve gained this year, and more. By logging in to Spotify for Artists, any artist can discover how their music connected with fans across the globe—as long as they had music on Spotify and at least three listeners before October 31.

Who was your top artist of 2024? To find out, go to The site is rolling out across markets in the coming days. Then, relive the best of your favorite artists and albums in a personalized playlist, or browse through the most-streamed songs and artists this year here.

Whether your top genre of 2024 was hip-hop, alternative rock, country, or ASMR, all we can say is: That’s a wrap.

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