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A physical therapist helps patients with physical injuries regain range of movement. They also provide long-term relief for those struggling with disabling conditions, such as lower back pain or arthritis. The questions you are asked in a physical therapy interview may progressively require more details about your previous experience. This article will help you through.

Physical therapy is an integral part of recovery for many patients. Interviews for physical therapy positions aim to understand your methods when treating patients and your educational and training background.

To have the best chance of succeeding in your physical therapy job interview, you can review interview questions and prepare effective answers in advance.

Physical therapists are very hands-on with their patients. Typically, they will work one on one with their patients for months or even years at a time.

Physical therapists evaluate their patients and then use their expertise to create a plan tailored specially for the patient and their specific needs.

It is important for physical therapists to provide a pleasant experience for clients as well as paying attention to their verbal and nonverbal behavior

Some Physical Therapist Job Interview Questions and Answers

In this article, we explore common physical therapy interview questions and provide sample answers to help you prepare.

1. How do you Measure Success When Working with a Patient?

While there are objective measures of success with patients, a physical therapist may have additional metrics that they use.

This answer can provide insight into the candidate’s attitude toward their chosen field and working with patients.

It can also help you understand how strictly a potential hire will adhere to policies versus adapting to a patient’s unique needs and individual goals.

2. Can you tell me Something More About your Experience?

You should mention all therapy methods and treatments you have experience with. If you achieved something great in your last job, for example helping someone to overcome a seemingly hopeless situation, you can narrate this story in an interview.

Everyone loves stories, and the HR managers will remember your answer better when it is a story.

3. How do you Motivate Patients? 

This is a great question to showcase your interpersonal skills and how you connect with your patients.

When asked this question, it is a good time to tell a story of a time you motivated a patient and the results they received.

4. Are you Physically Fit with Exercise?

As a Physical Therapist, it’s important to ‘practice what you preach.’ Promoting a healthy lifestyle, eating habits, and exercise will only go so far if you aren’t in shape yourself.

Do you do yoga? Run marathons? Walk your dog each night? Do you stay away from sugar and starches? Are you a vegetarian? Tell the interviewer how you stay healthy and how you encourage your patients to do the same.

5. What Do You Enjoy the Most about Your Career?

With this question, your interviewer hopes to learn more about how well you will fit in with the company or facility that provides a service to patients.

A great answer would sound like “I enjoy helping people and teaching them how to help themselves despite injuries or disabilities the most. However, I dislike the notion that physical therapy is something that we ‘do to’ patients.

6. Tell us About Your Education?

The most important part is the practical subjects. Speak about your internship or residency–if you went through one of them. Tell them that you enjoyed your education, but can’t wait to start working on the position of a physical therapist.

7. Which Equipment Will You Use Most Often?

As a physical therapist, you will use your hands more than any other equipment. Despite this, there are some things with which you should be familiar in order to be desirable to your potential employer.

You should answer with something like “Although my hands are the best and most proficient equipment available to me, I can also use ultrasound and electrical stimulation machines with precision.”

8. What are the Latest Trends in Physical Therapy? 

Rehab robotics, water therapy, putting the emphasis on the mental part of rehabilitation, transitional care, the inclusion of proper diet and daily regime as a part of rehab–these are just some of the latest trends.

Check your favourite vocational magazine or website to find more recent trends. “Physical Therapy Job Interview”

9. Why do you Want to Work as a Physical Therapist?

The answer to this question can help you better understand the physical therapist’s mindset about the position and their career path.

Since physical therapy is part of the health care and service industry, it’s beneficial for potential hires to have a compassionate nature and desire to help others.

Applicants who approach the job as being a way to aid people as they heal may also be more likely to stay longer compared to those who are only after a paycheck.

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