The Effect of Unisex Fashion on Male and Female Styles Update

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The Effect of Unisex Fashion on Male and Female Styles Update.

Unisex Fashion: Take your mind back to the times when you could spot a lady from a mile away because you didn’t need to see her face.

The long female gown and hat made it possible to identify her. Now think about it, would you be able to spot a lady from a mile in a major city in today’s world.

The world of fashion has evolved so much that it is gradually breaching the gap between male and female styles with the emergence of unisex fashion.

Although the first use of “unisex” as a term dates from the 1960s, it can be argued that unisex clothing made its first appearance in the late nineteenth century, as part of the “Victorian dress reform“.

It can also be argued that in the nineteenth century fashionable clothing, which originated in France, reflected the dominance of traditional feminine roles. But that’s by the way.

What Unisex Fashion is About

In simple terms, unisex clothes are garments that are designed without a specific gender in mind. Throughout time, society has dictated that men should dress in one way and women in another.

As often seen in schools, trousers and blue are for boys while skirts and pink are for girls. But unisex fashion does away with all this.

For some, it represents more than just clothing. Tanmay Saxena, founder of London-based unisex label LaneFortyfive believes “it’s already very hard to break the metaphorical walls and create equality in the times we live in.

I feel unisex clothing is a small but effective way to roll out a line of conversation towards a broader dialogue about equality”.

Stephen Doig, men’s style editor at The Telegraph agrees: “It’s a natural progression in a world where, thankfully, there’s more acceptance of gender fluidity”.

More and more major brands acknowledge that clothes should care less about gender and pursue this believe by launching specific unisex ranges.

This is really what many believe fashion should be about, free from judgment and based on individual self-expression.

The Effect on Male and Female Styles

Fitness Bands

This is the newest fashion and an accessory that men and women these days are seen wearing. Irrespective of the colour of the band, its usage is what matters more to the users.

The demand for this clothing accessory is increasing and has led to almost all tech companies producing their own fitness bands. They have designed their bands in such a way that are purely unisex in style.


This piece of clothing is entirely unisex. In a mood to wear something extremely comfortable and cozy especially during mild winters, a sweatshirt is the best option.

It also comes in handy for workouts and simple track events. So many college and high school students which include boys and girls both, attend daily early-morning lectures in sweatshirts.

The Beanie Hat

A beanie is a different kind of a hat made of woolen material. For the weather, It is mostly worn for the cold and casually on jeans and t-shirts. Both boys are girls appear ‘in fashion’ when they combine their casual outfit with a beanie.

If you haven’t tried this outfit, you have never really seen your ‘cool’ self. This piece of clothing extinguishes the demarcation between male and female styles.


For a fact there are some women t-shirts that men can’t wear, but women can surely put on men’s tees and step out looking all sassy.

Besides, oversized t-shirts look beyond cool and cute on both men and women. Men too can wear cool coloured t-shirts like peach, sky blue, baby pink etc. that are usually seen on women.


Although Dungarees are old, it recently came into fashion and again. A dungaree is also unisex wear that looks good both on men and women. All that is required is a nice T-shirt.

Plain Corporate Shirt

Plain corporate shirts were originally men’s fashion but in recent times. Women have been rocking events in well-tailored trousers and plain white or black corporate shirts with folded sleeves. And they even look more appealing and beautiful.


Like the shift to plain shirts, there are many women who put on a rich black blazer, something that was earlier considered to be a ‘men’s wear’.

Women with blazers carry stunning confidence with them and it’s difficult to take your eyes off them. This has led to many women adopting this style of fashion.

Today what you wear becomes your style statement, be it a blazer or an oversized t-shirt. Fashion today has evolved immensely and reached new levels of designing.

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