The Effects of Poor Records Management in an Office Organization in Federal Polytechnic, Oko

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The Effects of Poor Records Management in an Office Organization in Federal Polytechnic, Oko.


This study is on the effects of poor records management in an office organization. The purpose of the study is to find the effect of poor records management in an office organization.

To find out the importance of records management in an office organization, to know the problems associated with poor records management.

The population of the study consists from federal polytechnic, oko; the data collected for the study is by study means of literature review and questionnaire which the researcher administered personally.

The research used percentages in analysis the data, this is to make for easier understanding of the findings. The conclusions based on the findings are records management is the key to success in any business organization, it helps a lot in filling and retrieving of documents.


Title page                                                                i

Approval page                                                         ii

Dedication                                                               iii

Acknowledgements                                                 iv

Abstract                                                                  vi

Table of content                                                      vii


1.0   INTRODUCTION                                             1

1.1   Background of study                                2

1.2   Statement of study                                   7

1.3   Purpose of study                                      8

1.4   Significance of study                                8

1.5   Research Questions                                        9

1.6   Scope of study                                          10

1.7   Definition of terms                                          10


2.0   Literature Review                                           13

2.1   Reliable records management                        19

2.2   Current issue in records management          21

2.3   Impact on records management                    23

  • Elements of records management system 24
  • Identify records management roles 26
  • Types of records 27
  • Computerized personnel records 30
  • Poorly maintained government computer system 36
  • Improving public service productivity through information     40
  • Policy and Infrastructural 41
    • Strategic approach to public management 43
    • Records Creation 45
    • Records use and maintenance                 48


3.0   Methodology                                                    51

  • Brief Outline of the Study 51
  • Design of the Study 52
  • Area of the Study 52
  • The Population of the Study 52
  • Sample of the Study 53
  • Instrument for Data Collection 54
  • Validation of the Instrument 54
  • Distribution and Retrieval of the Instrument 55
  • Method of Data Analysis. 55



  • Findings 73 


  • Summary of Findings 76
    • Recommendations 77
    • Conclusion 79
    • Limitations of the Study 80

References           82

Appendices        84

Questionnaire         65


Information flow is at the core of every management system, public or private and the correct interpretation of information is a critical attribute of an effective manager.

Such interpretation is the basis of all rational decisions, which is the essence of management.

Therefore, information must be considered vital resources at the personal, organizational and national level.

Information is a product of processing (analysis and synthesis) of factual data. Hence data, which is colleted and stored in various forms, is the raw material for producing information.

Incorrect and incomplete data therefore gives rise to defective information. Defective information can also arise from poor processing of data.

Another factor that contributes to poor information is ineffective communication because of delays, incompleteness, or distortions,

therefore, developing and sustaining system that produces, store, transmit and process information is a priority functions in public administration and the management of development.


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