The Influence of Effective Personnel Management Practice in Organization Performance

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The Influence of Effective Personnel Management Practice in Organization Performance.


In every organization effective personnel management practice is very relevant and cannot be over emphasized. Management has it as the primary source in achieving financial efficiency and prudence.

Effective personnel management practice can therefore positively or negatively influence an organization’s performance.

In this case, it may result to a serious consequence in the internal control system and performance of that organization.

To consider this fact, this study attempts to examine the influence of effective personnel management practice in an organization with particular reference to P.Z industries Ltd.


Title page

Approval page




Table of contents

Chapter One

  • Introduction

1.1  Background of the study

1.2  Statement of the problem

1.3  Objective of the study

1.4  Research questions

1.5  Significance of the study

1.6  Scope of the study

1.7  Limitation of the study

1.8  Definition of terms

Chapter Two

  • Review of literature

2.1  Introduction

2.2  Classification plan

2.2.1 Uses of the Classification Plan

2.2.2 Establishing a Plan

2.2.3 Class Specifications

2.3 Presentation and Adoption

2.4 Maintaining the Classification Plan

2.5 Pay structure

2.6 Employee selection

2.6.1 Recruitment

Chapter Three Research design and methodology

3.1  Introduction

3.2  Data collection

3.3  Sample techniques

3.4  Statistics for hypothesis testing

3.5  Sample techniques

3.6  Validity and reliability of measuring instrument

3.7  Method of data analysis

ChapterFour Presentation and analysis of data


  • Research question
  • Research hypothesis
  • Analysis of data
  • Test of hypothesis

Chapter Five Summary, Conclusion and Recommendation

5.1  Introduction

5.2  Summary of findings

5.3  Conclusion

5.4  Recommendations




Background of the Study

Personnel management practice is concerned with the acquisition, retention, motivation, development and use of the human resources of an organization. It is an integral part of total management (AKUBUJWE,1997).

As such it is the ultimate responsibility of the head of the organization.

Within the various agencies of the an organization there is considerable variation in the organizational and occupational structures through which the personnel function is carried out, and in the role and relationship of personnel management to the total management process. These differences, which influence both series and grade-level determinations, are discussed below.


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