The Socio Economic Development in Igboho Between 1960-2000

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The Socio Economic Development in Igboho Between 1960-2000.


This study is designed to examine the socio economic development in igboho between 1960-2000, before going into the discussion, it is important to give the geographical features of the town under discussion. Igboho also is a town situated in the northern part of Oyo state in western Nigeria Igboho is a larger town in a Oyo state, Nigeria.

It is the headquarters of the Oorelope local Government Area the local government area located at the northern part of Oyo State, Oorelope local government is bounded in the north by Irepo local governments, in the east by Olorunsogo local government, in the west by saki East and Saki West local governments in the south by Oyo local government and in the North East by buruten local government of Kwara state.

Generally speaking, Igboho is situated on a plain through there are some hillocks inn the northern and western parts of the town providing a water shed and reaching to a peack of 420 meters. These hillocks, in some places, appeal to have formed ridges and in the dry season present to viewers and lovers of nature very beautiful scenery.

On the hillocks grow up a number of fruit- bearing trees with edible fruits, the commonest of which is a typical kind of fruit with a shinning hard shell and chocolate taste known as “ige” there are no main rivers at igboho, but the well-known easy flowing and lagos-lagon-bound river ogun which has its sources underneath a rock and meanders through a stretch of farmland a few kilometers to river and far away from the town.

 Aims and Objective of the Study

The objective of this research work are; to discuss the socio-economic development in Igboho. To help in throwing light on the origin of Igboho. To discussion the development of indigenous industries. To assess the health care system in Igboho

Limitations to the study

This research work is limited to new Igboho because of non- availability of incorporation altitude of people to give information and the financial problem limited the study to Igboholand.


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