Training Needs and Performance Evaluation in Public Sector Organisation

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Training Needs and Performance Evaluation in Public Sector Organisation.


The major concern of the staff of organization [institution] should be responsible for the achievement of the objective for which such organization was established. This call for proper and efficient management of both human and materials resources of the organization.

The training of employees is an issue that has to be face by every organization, the amount and quality of training carried out varies enormously from one organization to another. Factors influencing the quality and quantity of training are degree of change, new processes, new market etc availability of suitable skills within the existing workforce and adaptabilities of existing workforce.

The extent to which the organization supports the idea of internal career. The commitment of senior management to training such as an essential part of economic success Saleem and Mehwish (2011) suggest that training is a major activity for human resources development for employee’s developments.


Training at one extreme consists of a few hours of institution by supervisor who give the new employee a skeletal outline of the institution policies the location of thecriteria and summary of work rules.

At the other extreme, it consist of several years formed courses designed to develop qualified specialist. Between these extremes are countless programmed designed to fit the need of particular institution.


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