Transfer Airtime on Glo | How to Transfer Glo Airtime to Another User

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Transfer Airtime on Glo: Have you heard of Mtn airtime transfer? Do you have extra airtime you wish to transfer to other Glo users?  Do you have a Glo sim and don’t know how to transfer airtime to another Glo line?

This article will enlighten you on How to Transfer airtime to another Glo user.

Do you have a Glo sim and don’t know how to transfer airtime to another Glo line? Well, it’s not difficult at all, this article is going to walk you through how to do that.

Airtime is the amount of money added to your account for placing phone calls and using mobile data. Sometimes a person wishes to ‘borrow’ or ‘gift’ his or her airtime to another Glo line, you always can take advantage of the fast airtime transfer service and share your airtime with others.

Do you know you can actually transfer airtime from one network to another different network without any delay? Of course, it’s really possible. You can transfer credit from MTN to 9mobile, Glo, or Airtel and vice versa.

Common Things to Know About Airtime Transfer

  • Airtime transfer attracts a fee
  • The most you can be charged is N10 per transfer
  • The minimum amount that can be transferred is N50
  • The airtime transfer service designed to enable subscribers to share airtime only within their network. So, Mtn to MTN, Glo to Glo, etc.
  • The default pin code is 0000 or 0000 depending on how many digits they require

Reset Your Transfer Pin

Every Glo user has a default transfer pin which is 00000 this is the pin assigned to you by default for making airtime transfers. But for security reasons and to avoid unauthorized persons from making illegal transfers from your Glo sim without your consent I’d advise you to change/reset this pin to your own personal pin that you can remember.

How to Change Glo Transfer Pin

The pin is usually five digits to reset your pin using your mobile phone just dial *132*default pin*new pin*new pin# for example if you’ve selected your new pin to be 13579.

Changing your default pin to 13579 would go like this *132*00000*13579*13579#. If you notice the new pin was repeated twice, you must follow suit for the pin to work.

The first pin being repeated the second time is for confirmation of your new pin, making sure there’s no mistake. If you did that correctly you’re going to get a confirmation message.

How to Get Another New Transfer Pin

Dial *132*Old Pin*New Pin*New Pin#. The pin you’ve been using before now becomes your old pin = 13579. The pin you want to start using becomes your new pin example = 19283.

Now the code should go like this = *132*13579*19283*19283#. You’ll get a notification confirming your change of pin.

How to Transfer Airtime on Glo to Glo

To transfer airtime from your Glo sim to another Glo user is very simple. With your phone just dial *131*Receiver’s phone no.*Amount*New Pin#

For example, if the Receiver’s(the person you’re sending your airtime to) Phone Number is 09098765432 and remember your New Pin is 13579 then the amount you’re sending is 500.

Then the code should go like this *131*09098765432*500*13579# once the transfer is successful and completed you’ll get a message confirming your transfer.

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