10 Ways to Attract More Customers to Your Business

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– Ways to Attract More Customers –

Ways to Attract More Customers: As a business owner, you will always be on a hunt for customers. You already know that the patronage of a business is the very soul of any business and increased patronage means increased profit.10 Ways to Attract More Customers to Your Business

You’ve probably asked before, “How come business A attracts more customers and makes more money than business B, even though both businesses are in the same category and located almost in the same place?”

However, what exactly do customers look out for, and what attracts them to one business instead of the other?

This is even a more pressing concern when your budget for the business is minimal and you don’t have all the financial resources to execute advertising on a very large scale.

This question is actually important to customers being attracted to and patronizing your business. It would run down.

1. Advertise on Websites

The importance of this cannot be overemphasized. In this age and time, which is the internet and more and more people being connected to the internet, the opportunities to attract customers to your business are endless.

You could advertise on websites people visit regularly.

How to Advertise on a Website

For example, if you own an educational resources business or a similar business that has to do with education, you could advertise on a website like www.www.currentschoolnews.com and take advantage of the traffic (number of visitors to the website) and make even more people get to know about your business.

To advertise on the website, visit this link www.www.currentschoolnews.com/advertise-here

You can do the same on any website of your choice, but it is better if the website aligns with your kind of business.

The advantage of advertising on the website is that more people get to know about your business and diverse demography gets to interact with it, which would increase the chances of your business being patronized.


2. Tell People in Person

Telling people in person is very important. Word of mouth and getting to explain what your business is about.

Tell friends, family members, colleagues, neighbors, friendly acquaintances, and more and you’d be surprised how fast and well information via word of mouth and telling people in person spread.

If your business operates in a particular locality, tell everyone around to patronize your business but be careful not to be too invasive and respect people’s opinions.

This is one place where you have to put your interpersonal skills to use. Even if you can’t tell people in person, call them up to tell them.

3. Advertise on Social Media

The most popular and most active social media platforms are Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and it is rare to find people with internet access who do not have accounts on one or these social media platforms.

Register, sign in, and engage the users.

These days, these social media platforms have the option for business pages that you could create and form a community of potential customers.

It also saves you the stress of repeating the same thing to everyone who asks as you could put up what your business is about and send automated replies to answer general questions.

4. Give out Freebies

Everyone loves free things. Giving out freebies is one great way of attracting customers to your businesses. For example, some businesses provide free wifi which is accessible to customers while they shop or are patronizing their businesses.

If you run a makeover business, you could give out free nail stickers to customers who patronize your salon. Find whatever you can give to customers which wouldn’t significantly affect your business profit.

5. Give Discounts and Offer Deals

Give discounts and offer deals. Everyone wants to get even better deals for their money’s worth so if they feel they are getting more, they would certainly patronize your business.

For example, if you run a restaurant business, you could put up the offer/deal of customers who patronize your business 10 times a month, getting a 3% bonus on their next patronage.

You could organize promos of slashed prices for a limited period for potential customers to be attracted to your business.

6. Get a Website

Getting a website comes with many advantages. All of your contact address is put on it.

You can tell the potential customers what your business is about, inform them of activities you have been up to, promos and free offers and so much more. It is like an online encyclopedia of what your business is about.

Whether your business is small, just starting out or you are trying to manage costs, there are website plans which can take off your business needs.

To get a website, get a professional website designer to help design a properly structured and attractive website which you could access.


7. Get Popular Online Sites to Feature Your Business

One of the most popular ways of featuring your business on the internet is registering on search engine giants like Google, Yahoo, and Bing business directory.

The most common online business directory is the Google business directory which would enable people, especially in your locality, to see your business when they search out related things on Google.

To register on Google business local business directory, click on this link

https://www.google.com/intl/en_ng/business/ and follow the directions on it.

8. Organize Competitions

Organize competitions to get people involved and engaged. You have definitely come across top brands organizing competitions and the increased publicity, public interests, and subsequently, patronage they get.

9. Print Flyers, Banners, and Handbills

While word of mouth is important, flyers, banners, and handbills would help you reach more persons you can’t really talk to because of time and they are in a haste.

The flyers, banners, and handbills contain information about your business, which you want people to be aware of and if it is properly stated, it would attract the interest of potential customers to patronize your business.


10. Advertise on Print and on Traditional Media Outlets

While we are living in the internet age, traditional mass media outlets are still relevant even today. Newspaper advertorials, radio broadcasts, and television adverts are still an effective means of attracting more customers to your business.

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