6th Grade Essay Topics for Students See Useful Examples

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6th Grade Essay Topics: In 6th grade, teachers start to prepare the student for entering middle school. Thus, due to this, there will be more writing assignments. And there will be closer attention to the quality of the writing.

Also, 6th-grade students will have to write essays more frequently. If the student already has a topic prepared, then note. They can immediately start writing. And this is once the assignment has been handed out.

However, to get a head start on finding 6th-grade essay topics, read this article. Also, you can read through the list of topics below to learn how to frame a topic.

Amazing 6th Grade Essay Topics

Below are some amazing 6th-grade essay topics:

  1. Would you rather get or give a gift?
  2. What are some of your goals in life?
  3. If you could be anyone when you grow up, who would you be?
  4. What is the most selfless thing that you have ever done?
  5. If you could meet any historical figure, who would it be and why?
  6. Do you think that there are things that only men or only women can do? And why or why not?
  7. Do you think that astrological horoscopes are true? And why or why not?
  8. What are some of the difficulties faced by immigrants to a new country?
  9. If you could transform into any animal, what would it be and why?
  10. Have you ever been bullied or made to feel different? And how did this experience make you feel?
  11. What was the happiest moment that you have ever experienced? And why?
  12. How can you talk to someone who has political or religious beliefs that are different than your own?
  13. What is the longest time that you have ever kept a secret? And what was the secret?
  14. Name and describe someone who has been an inspiration for your life.

More Amazing 6th Grade Essay Topics

  1. In 20 years, where do you think you will be? And what will you be doing?
  2. How would your friends describe you? And is this an accurate description?
  3. What is your deepest, darkest fear?
  4. How can you start off a conversation with someone that you do not know?
  5. What do you believe in the most? And how did you develop this belief?
  6. Have you ever been lost? And how did you end up finding your way?
  7. What is your favorite book? And what is it about?
  8. What is your favorite thing to do after school or on the weekend?

Argumentative 6th Grade Essay Topics

Below are some argumentative 6th-grade essay topics:

  1. Should plastic be banned?
  2. Pollution due to Urbanization
  3. Education should be free
  4. Should Students get limited access to the Internet?
  5. Selling Tobacco should be banned
  6. Smoking in public places should be banned
  7. Facebook should be banned
  8. Students should not be allowed to play PUBG

Topics Based on Proverbs

Below are some 6th-grade essay topics based on proverbs:

  1. Health is wealth
  2. A stitch in time saves nine
  3. An apple a day keeps the doctor away
  4. Where there is a will, there is way
  5. Time and tide wait for none

Reflective 6th Grade Essay Topics

Keeping a journal or writing reflectively is a great way for young students to keep track of progress. Use these topics to get started.

  1. Track the weather for a week. And what day was the most comfortable?
  2. Sit outside in nature and describe what you see. And what feeling does it give you?
  3. Make a list of your daily goals. Reflect on which one was easiest to accomplish.
  4. Track the foods you eat during the day. And how did you feel after each meal?
  5. Write down all the emotions you feel during the day.
  6. Reflect on a friendship. And what makes it special?
  7. Write down a list of your favorite things about yourself.
  8. List your sports or extracurricular activities. And what have you learned from each?
  9. Think of three things you have learned in school this year.
  10. What is your favorite physical activity? And what do you enjoy about it?

Topics on Exposition

Expository writings compare and contrast. Also, they investigate the causes and effects. And they pose solutions to problems. Also, they describe the who, what, where, when, and why of an event.

  1. Write an extended definition essay on one of your vocabulary words.
  2. Pretend a friend hasn’t seen your favorite TV show. And what is it about?
  3. Compare and contrast two of your friends.
  4. Describe your school year so far. And what have been the most important events?
  5. Choose a problem at your school. And what’s the best solution?
  6. What was the cause of a recent argument you had? And what was the effect?
  7. Compare and contrast two of your favorite sports or activities.
  8. Discuss a conflict in a movie you like. And how was it resolved?
  9. Write a definition essay about the concept of empathy.

Bonus Topics

  1. Think about the best day of your life. And what made it so great?
  2. Who is the oldest person you know?
  3. Describe a friend situation that changed over only one day.
  4. Write about how it feels when you’re alone.
  5. Describe your favorite vacation.
  6. Has a book, movie, or album ever changed your life?
  7. Think about your future self. And write about a day in your life, one year from today.
  8. Tell a family story from your perspective.
  9. Describe a memory you have of extreme weather.
  10. Think about a time you had to work hard to learn something.
  11. Planning another autobiographical assignment? Check out more tips on personal narratives before starting the next lesson.

The above are some 6th-grade essay topics. You can choose from any of them.

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