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– ABUAD Post UTME Past Questions –

ABUAD Post UTME past questions and answers are now available for download. And this can be accessible by all prospective ABUAD candidates. Carefully read through this article to learn how to download the ABUAD post UTME past questions.

What you need to Know about ABUAD

Afe Babalola University (ABUAD) is a private university located in Ado-Ekiti, Ekiti State, Nigeria. And it was founded by a lawyer and philanthropist, Afe Babalola, in 2009.

Also, Afe Babalola University offers academic programmes in six Colleges: Sciences, Law, Engineering, Social and Management Sciences. And it offers Medicine and Health Sciences as well as Postgraduate Studies.

However, since then the ABUAD Post UTME Past Questions has been compiled.

Furthermore, the Engineering College is built on three and a half acres of land. And it is also equipped with sophisticated state-of-the-art equipment from Europe and the Americas.

Additionally, it is reputed to be one of the largest in Africa. The college was inaugurated by former President Goodluck Jonathan.

About the Past Question

Afe Babalola University, Ado-Ekiti Post UTME Past Questions and Answers are the questions that have been set over the years for admission of students into the university after their success in JAMB.

Also, it is a collection of questions from each year. And this is since the inception or start of the POST UTME in the  Afe Babalola University, Ado-Ekiti.

However, we have been able to gather ABUAD post UTME past questions in order to help prospective students into ABUAD.

Once you Purchase our POST UTME past questions we will follow you up with tips and essential updates. This is in order to make sure you get admission into the Afe Babalola University, Ado-Ekiti with ease.

ABUAD Post UTME Past Questions Benefits

Getting admission to ABUAD is not an easy process. You might probably stand a better opportunity if you score a high grade on the JAMB CBT screening exercise. And this is possible with the aid of ABUAD Post UTME Past Questions

However, this may seem difficult in some way. But, you can still crack the nut by brazing prepared with past screening exam materials. Follow in this article to download yours now.

Here are some of the reasons you need to follow this guide to get the ABUAD Post Utme Past Questions.

1. It enlightens you on the scope of the exam

2. Furthermore, you won’t be in the dark about questions to expect in the examination.

3. Also, you won’t need support rather you’ll be confident in yourself

4. You won’t develop examination fever as a result of not knowing where the questions will be coming from.

5. Additionally, it equips you beforehand.

6. Lastly, it guides you on how to answer exam technical questions

Apart from equipping you and all that, a series of studies and hard work will help boost your intelligence. You know, even if you are very smart if you don’t read, the chances of passing are slim.

It helps you think fast and beyond your capacity. You won’t also feel intimidated by the crowd or question because you’ll be prepared for it. it has the following listed features.

Features of ABUAD Post UTME Past Questions

No of Pages: 31 or above
– From 2010 – 2019 – Past Questions and Answers
– For All Courses (Post UTME Subjects).

Reasons for ABUAD Post UTME Past Questions

Some students may ask, why search for ABUAD Post UTME Past Questions and Answers when I had a very high score in the JAMB Exams? Getting the ABUAD Past Questions and Answers gives you a glimpse of what the Post UTME exam is like. And also how to know the ABUAD Post UTME Syllabus.

As we all know about the competitive nature of ABUAD  both in terms of their academics and admission process. There is no need to relent in effort in studying. Prepare for high scores in your exams with our  ABUAD Post UTME Past Questions

To stand a better chance, you need to start preparing for the ABUAD Post UTME screening right now without delay. You can do these by studying the ABUAD Post UTME Past Questions and Answers in PDF, to help you prepare for the Post UTME Examination.

You will get familiar with the questions and understand the area of concentration for your exams.

NOTE: A good number of students who scored high in the JAMB examination might not gain admission.

Why Some Students may not get the ABUAD Admission  

Reasons being that admission into any University in Nigeria is not guaranteed by JAMB Scores alone, but with the combination of your WAEC Result, JAMB Score and the University Post UTME Exam. These three form the basis for admission.

The requirement in the Afe Babalola University, Ado-Ekiti (ABUAD), is that any candidate that will be considered for admission into the University must have scored 200 in JAMB and at least 50% in the Post-UTME before the JAMB and Post UTME score of the person will be added to check if the person has passed the cutoff mark for the course of choice.

So, for those students that had a high JAMB score, they must also hit a high score of 80% in the Post UTME to stand on a higher ground to be considered for admission.

Meanwhile, for those who had a low JAMB score, what is their fate? They can still increase the chances of gaining admission into University by studying extra hard using ABUAD Post UTME Past Questions and Answers.

Sample Screening Past Questions and Answers

ABUAD Post UTME Past Questions for Use of English

In the questions below, choose the word(s) or phrase which best fills the gap(s).

  1. Jubril found that thieves had entered his house in his absence. He went to the police to report the… (A) break out(B) break up (C)break-in (D) break into

Ans: C

  1. After the accused was found guilty by the court, his counsel… before the sentence was passed (A) begged for mercy (B)made a plea for mitigation (C) made an ovation (D) made a plea for litigation

Ans: B

  1. The officer was compelled to… the suspect’s car. (A)seize (B) cease (C) size (D) sease

Ans: A

  1. If you are going to the market, may I… please? (A) follow you (B)come with you (C) come by you (D) come as your second

Ans: B

  1. Thank you for the party, we really… (A) enjoyed ourselves (B)enjoyed (C) enjoyed very much (D) enjoyed too much.

Ans: B

ABUAD Post UTME Past Questions for Biology

  1. The muscle cell fluid of an athlete was tested immediately after a 100m race and was found to contain a high concentration of lactic acid. Explain what could have caused this. The (A) athlete must have eaten food containing a lactic acid (B) athlete must have injected lactic acid into his blood just before the race (C)athlete must have carried out anaerobic respiration during the race (D) athlete must have inhaled lactic acid from the environment during the race.

Ans: C

  1. One of these is not a continuous variation (A) height (B) weight (C)tongue rolling (D) skin colour

Ans: C

  1. One of the following is usually worm-like, cylindrical or flattened (A) molluscs (B) insects (C)nematodes (D) annelids

Ans: C

  1. The roots hairs are for (A) strength and support (B) conducting liquid (C) absorption of water and salt (D) penetration into the soil

Ans: C

  1. The random way genes recombine during meiosis and fertilization leads to (A)genetic variation (B) phenotype (C) genome (D) genotype

Ans: A

  1. In a cell, the genes are carried by(A) Nuclear membrane (B)Chromatin threads(C) lysosomes(D) Mitochondria

Ans: B

  1. An ecosystem is composed of all of the following except (A) Plants(B) Animals(C)Temperature(D) Meadows

Ans: C

  1. In a food web, tertiary consumers belong to which trophic level(A) First(B) Second(C) Third(D)Fourth

Ans: D

  1. The primary structure responsible for pumping the blood for circulation through the mammalian circulatory systems is the (A) Veins (B) Right Auricle (C)Arteries (D) Left ventricle

Ans: C

  1. The cocoon into which an earthworm lays its egg is produced in the(A) prostomium(B) peristomium(C) chaeta(D)clitellum

Ans: D

ABUAD Post UTME Past Questions for Chemistry

  1. 0.499g of CuSO4.XH2O, when heated to constant weight, gave a residue of 0.346g. What is the value of X?(A) 2.0(B) 3.0(C) 5.0(D)4.0

Ans: D

  1. The principal constituents of natural gas are (A)methane (B) ethane (C) propane (D) butane

Ans: A

  1. Which of the following gases can be collected by the method of downward delivery? (A)chlorine (B) oxygen (C) ammonia (D) hydrogen

Ans: A

  1. A mixture of sugar and sulphur can be separated by (A) dissolution in water, evaporation, and filtration (B) filtration, evaporation and dissolution in water (C)dissolution in water, filtration, and evaporation (D) evaporation, dissolution in water and filtration

Ans: C

  1. The percentage of water of crystallization in ZnSO4. 7H2O is (A) 33% (B)44% (C) 55% (D) 87%

Ans: B

How to Get ABUAD Post UTME Past Questions

The price is ₦2,000

In other to get the material delivered to your mail box, you are entitled to make a bank deposit of 2000 naira to United Bank for Africa (UBA) @ TMLT PRO SERVICES with Account Number 1022564031.

Payment Procedure for the ABUAD Post UTME Past Questions 

  1. Payment to the following bank account sent to your SMS or Whatsapp Number, either by bank deposits slip or online transfer
  2. After payment, the candidate is expected to:

Send FULL NAME ON TELLER or BANK ACCOUNT which the payment was made from + AMOUNT PAID + PAST QUESTION IN DEMAND +FACULTY of COURSE, as mail to or SMS to +2348082284439.


1. Name of Teller or Bank Account You Transferred From.- Frank Andrews

2. School e.g: ABUAD

3. Faculty or Course E.g: AGRICULTURE

4. Email Address or Whatsapp Number

The PDF Past Question and Answers will be sent to your email on confirming payment. Successes as you get into the exams hall and come out smiling with excellence. For any questions or Inquiries, contact us

Stay updated with ABUAD Post UTME Result and also how to Check the ABUAD Admission List. We will keep you fully updated with ABUAD Admission News.

So imagine a list of compiled and detailed past questions and answers for your exam preparation. With this, the sky is your starting point.

DISCLAIMER! The Content on this page is solely written to meet the needs and to guide aspirants of  Afe Babalola University, Ado-Ekiti (ABUAD).
This article was written on good intentions and does not mean to cause any disturbances. If you feel any infringement of content or copyright, please kindly contact us privately. [email protected]

Hence, if you need us to feed you with more updated information at the right time about the ABUAD Post UTME Past Questions.

Kindly provide us with your phone number and email address in the comment box below.

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