50 Frequently Asked Computer Technician Interview Questions

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– Computer Technician Interview Questions –

If you’re interested in technology and you like solving challenging technical issues, working as a computer technician can be a good place to start. This article has a list of 50 computer technician interview questions to help you out if you decide to get a job as a computer technician.

A computer technician is an individual who identifies, troubleshoots, and resolves computer problems. Computer technicians possess skilled knowledge, hands-on experience, and different tools to repair and maintain computer hardware, software, and network/Internet issues. A computer technician is also known as a PC technician or PC repair technician.

Although computer technicians create, assemble, install and maintain computer systems, their primary job is troubleshooting computers, specifically hardware and OS issues. Typically, a computer technician’s job role may include the following areas: Hardware: Installing new power supplies, upgrading firmware, repairing motherboards, etc.

Computer Technician Interview Questions

Here is a list of 50 computer technician Interview questions you may come across:

1. What would you check if there is no sound from your computer?

2. What are hard disk partitions?

2. What is an IP address?

4. What is DHCP?

5. What is a parallel windows installation?

6. What are the components needed to set up a basic home network?

7. Difference between a workgroup and a domain?

8. What does boot.ini do?

9. How would you access the recovery console in windows?

10. What does a ‘?’ sign in device manager indicates?

11. How will you cope up with a customer, who complains about a brand new printer and system, and yet failing to get a proper print copy?

12. You suspect that your computer is failing because of a corrupt master boot record. Which utility is the best to fix this problem?

13. You performed a parallel installation of Windows XP (home edition) to resolve certain problems on a customer’s computer.

14. After installation, the customer says she can see the previous profile folders in documents & settings but when she tries to open then, she gets an “access denied” error. ?

15. What is the command to convert a fat32 file system to NTFS? Would there be any loss of data?

16. What are the features of the disk defragmenter tool in windows XP and windows 2000? Does the Windows XP version have any more features than the Windows 2000 version?

17. You are a desktop support technician at a company. One of the customers has just installed a brand new printer for himself. This customer calls you after some time and says that every time he tries to print something, all he gets is some garbled text. However, the printer prints the test page fine. What do you think is the problem here?

18. If, upon booting up a computer, you see the error message “keyboard error…” what do you think could be the problem?

19. If you turn on a pc and the boot-up process halts and you get the error message “non-system disk or disk error…replace and press any key when ready…” what do you think could be the problem?

20. If, upon booting up a pc, you see a message which says “invalid drive configuration..” What do you think is causing this?

21. If you turn on a pc and the boot process halts and you get the error message ” c:system32config file missing or corrupt” what is this due to?

22. You have Norton 360. When the firewall is turned on, you are unable to browse the internet. But if you turn off the firewall, you are able to browse. What is the first thing you would do to fix this problem?

23. What is the sequence of things done by the bios when you turn on your computer?

24. A user calls and says that whenever he starts his computer, it boots up only in safe mode. There is no other error message. What would you do to fix this problem?

25. A user complains that whenever he connects any USB 2.0 device to his computer, he gets the error message “USB device not recognized…” what could be the possible reason for this?

26. A user complains that he is no longer able to hear any sound from his computer – after he downloaded some updates from the Microsoft website. What could be the possible reason for this?

27. A customer reports that his windows XP professional portable computer is not able to connect to any network resource and is also not able to authenticate on the network’s active directory domain the computer was fine yesterday. No other person in the organization is facing this problem. What is the first thing you would do to fix this problem?

28. A customer has recently upgraded from windows 98 to windows XP professional. After the upgrade, it takes longer for windows, menus, sub¬menus and other use interface features to open. She wants them to open faster. How can you help this customer?

29. You are a desktop support technician. A user calls and complains that till yesterday he was able to view his cd drive in his computer. But today when he turned on his computer, he is not able to view the cd¬rom drive in “my computer”. What can be done to fix this problem?

30. What does the term UAC stand for?

31. What is the command to start the windows system restore from the command line?

32. If you turn on a pc and the boot¬up process halts and you get the error message “non-system disk or disk error…replace and press any key when ready…” what do you think could be the problem?

33. You are configuring power management on your Windows XP computer. With ACPI, power management should be under the exclusive control of:

34. Which file must be located in the root folder of the active partition for dual booting of windows XP and windows me to boot?

35. A customer calls and says he is unable to get online. He uses a cable connection to connect to the internet on a Windows XP computer. You ping on his computer and get the results that all the packets are lost. What should you do next?

36. Very frequently, users in your office put floppy disks in the drives and forget to take them out. This results in boot-up problems and results in support requests. How would you stop this computer from looking in the a: drive for boot files first.

37. After restarting your Windows XP (professional) computer, your monitor shows a blank, blue screen. You remember that a new video driver was just installed. What would be the best way to fix this problem?

38. You need to dual-boot a computer with windows XP and windows me. You need all the partitions to be accessible from both the operating systems. Which file system would you use in this scenario?

39. A customer complains that he keeps getting the error message “hal.dll missing or corrupt”. Which file needs to be repaired/rebuilt to rectify the issue?

40. Which utility is used to do a software clean boot?

41. What do you mean by packaging a microprocessor? What are the different packaging’s available?

42. Explain the cache memory? What is the advantage of a processor having more cache memory?

43. What is overclocking? What are the advantages of overclocking?

44. What is chipset? How is it different from processor and motherboard?

45. What is heat sink and what is the use in the system?

46. What is a jumper and why you need it?

47. What are the different types of dram?

48. What might be the problem when you don’t see the display?

49. Why are device drivers required?

50. What is the difference between CRT (cathode ray tube) and LCD (flat screen monitors)?

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