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Interesting Proposal Essay Topics: Writing a proposal essay is not as hard as it may sound. Also, it doesn’t matter how your professor or teacher describes it. Researching and choosing an interesting topic is the main point of writing this essay.

You’ll easily find something suitable for yourself with the list of topics below. Also, they are arranged for our readers by category. However, let us know what an essay is first.

Meaning of Essay

An essay is a piece of writing. And it gives the author’s own argument. But the definition is vague. Thus, overlapping with those of a paper. Also, those of an article. Furthermore, those of a pamphlet. And those of a short story.

However, essays have traditionally been sub-classified. Thus, they can be formal and informal. And formal essays are characterized by:

  1. Serious purpose.
  2. Also, by dignity.
  3. Furthermore, by logical organization.
  4. Additionally, by length.

However, the informal essay is characterized by personal elements like:

  1. Self-revelation.
  2. Also, individual tastes.
  3. Furthermore, individual experiences.
  4. Additionally, confidential manner.
  5. Also, humor.
  6. Additionally, graceful style.
  7. Also, rambling structure.
  8. Additionally, unconventionality.
  9. Also, novelty.

However, all are of the essay’s theme.

Interesting Proposal Essay Topics for Students

Below are some interesting proposal essay topics:

Interesting Proposal Essay Topics on Education

The topic of education carries a lot of problems and solutions. Also, old ideas conflict new ones. Below are some of them:

  1. How can educational television shows about science receive more funding and airtime?
  2. The current student grading system is flawed, but it can be fixed with these methods
  3. How should students be graded?
  4. Why are foreign languages in school important for our education?
  5. How can children be encouraged to pursue an education in science?
  6. Why are foreign languages in school important for our education?
  7. How can teachers improve sex education courses?
  8. What can be done to improve student’s reading comprehension?
  9. How can teachers spot signs of bullying in their classes?
  10. In what ways can foreign language courses be improved?

Interesting Proposal Essay Topics on Health

A healthy mind in a healthy body. Thus, writing an essay about health is a powerful move. However, below are some great topics on health:

  1. How can parents make sure their children adopt healthy life values?
  2. In what ways can we reduce childhood obesity?
  3. How to reduce the rates of smoking among adolescents.
  4. Can antidepressant use enhance suicidal behaviors? And should it be limited or banned?
  5. How can the country ensure adequate health care coverage?
  6. What should be done to increase the funding for cancer research?
  7. How can be kids be persuaded not to experiment with drugs?
  8. What is the best way to prevent deaths from drunk driving?
  9. Should couples adopt children instead of having in-vitro fertilization?
  10. What would be an effective program to curb illegal drug use?

Interesting Proposal Essay Topics on Student lifestyle

These topics may become the closest as you are a student. Also, they will be the easiest to write. And you might even use your personal experience in the process. Thus, you can raise issues that your peers can relate to. And your proposal will be successful.

  1. What can be done to create a more well-rounded curriculum for middle and high school students?
  2. How can parents encourage their children to do more extracurricular activities?
  3. What are the measures to reduce alcohol use among adolescents?
  4. How can parents help children avoid or deal with bullying in school?
  5. What is the best way to teach children responsibility?
  6. How can parents protect their children from peer pressure?
  7. What is the most effective way to discipline a child?
  8. Can teachers establish a balance between engaging students and letting them overtake their authority?
  9. What is the best way to impose and improve parental involvement in childhood education?

Interesting Proposal Essay Topics on Environment

Environmental problems are discussed everywhere nowadays. Thus, making this list one of the most interesting ones.

  1. What can the average person do to combat global climate change? And what can the government do?
  2. To change the world you have to change yourself. And what can you do to help the environment?
  3. Should animal exploitation by the dairy and meat industries be banned? Also, is veganism the only way to protect animal rights?
  4. What can be done for obsolete lifestyles?
  5. Can we reduce the risk of teen pregnancies?
  6. What improvements have to be made regarding sex education?
  7. While vegans require others to respect their choices, why can’t they respect someone else’s? And what strategies can help solve this issue?
  8. Should dog bite laws be more specific?
  9. What is the best solution for the problem of plastic bags?
  10. How can countries embrace the use of bicycles for short journeys?

Topics on Technology

The use of technology and the Internet has a huge influence on society. And also, on the modern generation. Thus, making it the most progressive so far. However, topics regarding this matter can differ. Thus, giving a student a wide range to choose from.

  1. How can people reduce their dependence on technology?
  2. In what ways can companies and consumers keep sensitive information more secure online?
  3. How should children be taught about responsible Internet use?
  4. Issues with cyber-crime and how it can be prevented.
  5. How to protect yourself and your identity from online theft.
  6. Are technology changes in our libraries effective for student research?
  7. How can parents and teachers effectively help eliminate cyber-bullying?
  8. Is wireless technology more cost-effective?
  9. Do you think teachers over-rely on technology in the US?
  10. Is technology advancing at a high rate and harming society?

Topics on Sports

We’re touching on something close to the health topic. Sport is a huge part of modern life, controversies and drama nowadays provide a topic to discuss for every fan.

  1. Should college athletes be paid? How can colleges better handle the combination of education, athletics, and business?
  2. How can coaches take encouragement to a whole new level for athletes?
  3. Should hunting in all forms be prohibited by law?
  4. How can coaches and players talk to the media after losing a game?
  5. Should the use of steroids be legalized and monetized instead of being prohibited?
  6. Can the media do a better job at covering sports on television? And if so, which sports should be shared?
  7. Should extreme activities for entertainment be banned?
  8. Cybersport: can experienced gamers be considered professional athletes?

The above are great topics. And they are for writing an interesting proposal essay. However, you can learn from the above. Also, you can’t form a topic, note. you can pick from the above.

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