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Are you searching for JAMB Economics questions? Or JAMB Economics questions and answers 2021? If yes, then you are in the right place. Here, you will see frequently asked questions and also get to understand how JAMB Economics questions are set. Read on to see more details below.

The Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) is a Nigerian entrance examination board for tertiary-level institutions. The board conducts entrance examinations for prospective undergraduates into Nigerian universities.

It is advisable that every student planning to take the JAMB UTME gets well prepared for the task ahead of them by properly understanding what it takes to ace their exams.

Hence, one of the best steps for preparation is properly getting acquainted with the nature of questions that are usually set during these exams.

Fortunately one of the secrets of passing jamb is that some questions are often repeated over the years and by studying past questions, your chances of already answering a few questions correctly are high.

Below are some of the JAMB Economics Questions that get repeated over time.


1. The price of a good rises from N5 to N8 and the quantity demanded falls from 200 to 190 units. Over this price range, the demand curve is
A. fairly inelastic
B. fairly elastic
C. perfectly inelastic
D. perfectly elastic

2. In economics analysis, a statement is said to be normalized if, it
A. can be tested scientifically
B. relates to value judgment
C. is contradictory
D. is incorrect

3. Utility is the satisfaction derived from
A. production
B. distribution
C. consumption
D. demand

4. If there is an increase in demand without a corresponding increase in supply, there will be
A. fall in price
B. rise in price
C. shift in the supply curve to the right
D. shift in the demand curve to the left

Use the production possibility curve of a country represented in the diagram below to answer questions 5 and 6

5. An improvement in technology will enable the country to produce at
A. V B. W C. X D. Z

7. In the table above, the price of commodity y is N2 and that of x is N1 while the individual has an income of N12. Determine the combination of the two commodities the individual should consume to maximize his utility
A 3y and 3x
B. 6y and 4x
C. 3y and 6x
D. 5y and 5x

8. When two variables are positively related, the graph of the relationship
A. is a straight line
B. is a downward-sloping curve
C. is an upward sloping curve
D. has a negative intercept

9. For an inferior good, a decrease in real income leads to
A. an outward shift of the demand curve
B. an inward shift of the demand curve
C  a lowed equilibrium price
D. a change in quantity demanded

10. In a planned economy the emphasis is on
A. individual choice and decisions
B. public ownership and control
C. private ownership and control
D. prices and competition

11. Price elasticity of supply is a ratio of the change in
A. quantity supplied to the c change in demand
B. original quantity to a change in new quantity
C. quantity supplied to the change in price
D. price to the change in quantity supplied.

12. the long-run average cost curve is called a planning curve because it shows what happens to costs when.
A. variable inputs are increased
B. fixed factors are increased
C. different sizes of plants are built
D. a bigger size of plants is builtMore Questions13. Imperfect market is characterized byA. many buyers and few sellers
B. a large number of buyers and sellers
C. non-preferential treatment
D. perfect mobility of factors of production

14. Short-run period in production is a period for a firm to be able to change its
A. variable inputs
B. total outputs
C. total revenue
D. scale of operationUse the table below to answer questions 15 and 16

Output Produced per day (unit)    Fixed Cost  per day (N)  Total Cost  per day (N)  

15. The ATC at 30 units of output is
A. 120.000

16. At 60 units of output, the AVC is
A. N150.00
B. N90.00

17. If the demand curve facing a firm is sharply downward sloping, the firm is likely to be
A. a perfect competitor
B. a monopolistic competitor as it can have a limited influence as it can have a limited influence on price
C. an oligopolist as it can collude with other firms to have some influence on price

18. A normal supply curve is usually positively sloped
A. because the relationship between
B. supply and price is negative
C. price and demand is negative
D. price and supply is positive

19. The best method of production in an under-populated country is
A. labour-extensive
B. land-intensive
C. capital-intensive
D. labour-intensive

21. For a firm, value added can be defined as the difference between the
A. value of its output and the cost of production
B. total revenue and total cost
C. input prices and product prices
D. value of its output and inputs purchased from other firms

22. Securities are described as listed when they are:
A. bought and sold purely for development purposes
B. mobilized as short-term debt instruments
C. Mobilized as long-term debt instrument
D. Traded on a recognized stock market

23. The commercial banks differ from non-bank financial institutions because they
A. accept deposits withdraw-able by cheque
B. mobilize savings
C. invest surplus plus
D. contribute to economic development

24. Inflation that is usually associated with periods of trade boom is
A. cost-push inflation
B. demand-pull inflation
C. creeping inflation
D. stagnationSee More Questions

25. The term “Near Money” is best described as
A. a financial assets that is convertible to cash
B. a financial instrument that is readily convertible to cash
C. government financial instrument that is convertible to cash
D. time deposits with low interest rates

26. The distinguishing characteristic between the money market and the capital market lies in whether the
A. finds mobilized are private or public
B. securities are primary or secondary
C. debt instruments provided are long-term or short-term
D. securities are in debentures of ordinary shares.

27. If Nigeria’s composite price index in 1999 was 140.03% and 144.05% in 2000, the rate of inflation in 2000 was
A. 4.02% B. 2.10% C. 2.06% D. 1.03%

28. The monetary control instrument most effectively used by the Central Bank of Nigeria is the
A. discount rate
B. reserve ration
C. margin requirements
D. open market operations

29. The major objectives of a revenue allocation formula in a country is to
A. share revenue between the public and private sectors
B. ensure the financial viability of the country
C. share revenue between the different tiers of government
D. divert revenue from areas of surplus to areas of need

30. The effectiveness of devaluation as a solution to a balance of payments problems depends on the
A. relative elasticities of demand
B. foreign investments of business
C. value of visible and invisible goods
D. value of invisible items of both domestic and foreign trades

31. IBRD as an international monetary institution is concerned with the
A. balance of payments problems of member nations
B. financing of private business in member nations
C. development of infrastructure in member nations
D. improvement of trade among member nation

32. An advantage of the sole proprietorship over the partnership form of business organization is that
A. it enjoys limited liability for debt in the event of failure
B. Its existence is limited bty an individual’s life span
C. It relies on the decision of friends to succeed
D. The possibility of conflict is management in virtually non-existent

33. The distinction between capital and recurrent expenditure lies in the
A. amount of expenditure involved
B. source of the revenue generated
C. nature of the goods and services to be provided
D. time frame of the expenditure

34. Under a floating exchange rate regime, the determinant of the exchange rate is
A. the system of government
B. demand for and supply of foreign goods
C. the highest denomination of the currency an act of the national assembly

35. To compare the standard of living among nations, the most widely used economic indicator is the
A. per capital nominal income
B. real domestic output
C. real gross national income
D. real per capital income

36. Statutory organizations usually established by Acts of parliament are called
A. public enterprises
B. public corporations
C. cooperative societies
D. joint-stock companies

37. A greater burden of the taxes on essential goods is borne by the
A. higher income group
B. newly recruitment workers
C. lower income group
D. contract workers

38. Privatization and commercialization of public enterprises in Nigeria is necessitated by
A. the IMF conditions
B. the IBRD conditions
C. the government’s loss of interest in them
D. their operational inefficiency

39. The theory of comparative advantage states that a commodity should be produced in that nation where the
A. absolute cost is least
B. absolute money cost is least
C. opportunity cost is least
D. production possibility curve increases

40. The effect of an increase in the personal income tax is to
A. raises the absolute price level
B. distort the economy
C. reduce unemployment
D. reduce the disposable income

41. An important factor hindering the rapid development of the industrial sector in Nigeria.
A. excessive demand for finished products
B. the dominance of the oil sector
C. rural-urban migration
D. inadequate infrastructure facilities

42. The demand for labor is an example of
A. competitive demand
B. derived demand
C. composite demand
D. joint demand

43. The major role of multi-national companies in the petroleum industry in Nigeria is
A. oil prospecting only
B. oil marketing only
C. the establishment of refineries
D. oil marketing prospecting

44. Fixing the prices of agricultural products can be a problem because of the
A. unpredictable output of farmers
B. instability of government policies
C. activities of marketing boards
D. size of agricultural exports

45. Occupational mobility as applied to factors of production means the case by which
A. factors can be transferred from one place to another
B. factors can be transferred from one form move use to another
C. resources can be transferred from one place to another
D. resources can be transformed from one form to another

46. The labor force of a country can be determine by examining the
A. Sex distribution of the population
B. Occupations distribution of the population
C. age structure of the population
D. geographical distribution of the population

47. Two basis features common to an industry are
A. similarity of products and production processes
B. similarity of products and source of raw materials
C. production processes and source of capital
D. source of capital and labor supply

48. A country is said to be over populated when
A. there are too many able-bodied men and women in the country
B. the resources are more than enough to cater for the population
C. the size of the population is greater than the annual budget
D. the resources are inadequate to cater for the population

49. When a union is composed of workers with same
skill, it is called
A. an industrial union
B. a workers’ union
C. a craft union
D. a technical union

50. An adverse environmental impact of the petroleum industry on the economy is
A. the vandalization of oil equipment
B. oil spillage
C. communal riots


1. The effect of an expansionary monetary system above full employment level is a
CORRECT ANSWER = rise in the inflation rate
2 :- the maximum amount of money a company is allowed to raise b issuing shares to the public is
CORRECT ANSWER = authorized capital
3 :- the value of money will appreciate if
CORRECT ANSWER = price decrease
4 :- in Nigeria, the government can ensure a continuous supply of agricultural produce in al the seasons by
CORRECT ANSWER = provide adequate and efficient storage facilities
5 :- from the above table calculate the coefficient of elasticity of demand
6 :- the reduction of high fertility rate is a measure of population control designed
CORRECT ANSWER = make growth I population
8 :- capital accumulation for low-income earners is better done through
CORRECT ANSWER = credit and thrift societies
9 :- the government of Nigeria can conserve foreign exchange by
CORRECT ANSWER = restricting import through import quotas
10 :- the minimum number of persons who are legally allowed to operate in a partnership business is between
11 :- from the above diagram, given the existing resources in the economy, a movement from h of will lead to the production
CORRECT ANSWER = more cotton and less coal
12 :- GNP is not a good measure of social welfare because they are unrecorded
CORRECT ANSWER = transfer payment
13 :- one of the major goals of OPEC is to
CORRECT ANSWER = ensure that quota production is strictly followed
14 :- one of the factors considered in the determinant of wages is
CORRECT ANSWER = the rise involved in an occupation
15 :- if government expenditure exceeds its revenue, this will give rise to a
CORRECT ANSWER = budget deficit
16 :- from the above diagram at which point is the total utility higher
17 :- the demand curve for a firm operating under perfect competition is
CORRECT ANSWER = perfectly elastic
18 :- terms of trade is expressed as the
CORRECT ANSWER = rate at which export is exchanged for import
19 :- from the above what is the mean of the distribution
20 :- the typical feature of a market economy is that
CORRECT ANSWER = consumer sovereignty exists
21 :- given that qd=40-4p and qs=12p=24,determine the equilibrium price
22 :- petrol chemical industries are located in the river state of Nigeria because of
CORRECT ANSWER = crude oil deposit
23 :- in an imperfect market the monopolist can influence
CORRECT ANSWER = price and quality
24 :- from the above table, the medium of the distribution is
25 :- in the production process, the law of diminishing returns begins to set in when
CORRECT ANSWER = marginal product begins to fall
26 :- the most unique quality of money is its
CORRECT ANSWER = acceptability
27 :- The U shape of the long-run average cost curve is explained by
CORRECT ANSWER = increasing return
28 :- in Nigeria import substitution industrialization strategy is faced with the problem of
CORRECT ANSWER = over-dependence on imported component
29 :- from the above table, the mode of distribution is
30 :- a cosmetic dealer sourcing for capital to expand his business will approach
CORRECT ANSWER = bank of industry
31 :- from the above diagram, the movement from point n to point m implies that
CORRECT ANSWER = more of commodity x is consumed than that of commodity y
32 :- one of the advantages of using the labor-intensive strategy of production is that if
CORRECT ANSWER = provides more employment opportunities
33 :- a business organization in winch there is a limitation to the amount of losses a shareholder can sustain in the event of business by law is
CORRECT ANSWER = limited liability company
34 :- rural-urban migration is influenced by
CORRECT ANSWER = the availability of employment opportunities
35 :- from the above diagram the supply curve for agricultural products is illustrated by
36 :- the demand curve for a perfectly competitive firm is
37 :- which of the following is a direct tax
38 :- from the above graph, the equilibrium price and quantity is represented at points
39 :- the most important determinant in the supply of agricultural products is
40 :- the marginal propensity to consume measures the relationship between


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