Overwatch Ranking 2021 Competitive Rank Distribution Portal Update

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Overwatch Ranking 2021 – If you are searching for “Overwatch Ranking 2021 Competitive Rank Distribution” This page is all you need. This article provides an in-depth view of the Latest Overwatch Ranking and other related information.

Overwatch Ranking 2020 Competitive Rank Distribution Portal Update

Competitive Play

Competitive Play is one of Overwatch’s game modes that can be accessed from the Play menu. Additionally, Competitive Play is designed to be a more serious experience where players compete and rank up on a seasonal basis.

It is currently the only game mode that rewards players with Competitive Points, a currency to unlock special cosmetic items, currently only Golden Guns.

Players may join Competitive Play as groups, but there is a restriction on the group skill rating (effective from Season 2). Newly released maps and characters are not usable in Competitive Play until 2 weeks later.


Competitive Play is divided into segments called seasons. At the end of each season, rankings will be reset and there will be a period of time called off-season.

Players will also be required to participate in placement matches again at the beginning of each season. Each season has its own unique rewards for its participants.

During the off-season period, players are still able to queue for Competitive matches using the Competitive Play ruleset, but their skill rating will not be affected and no Competitive Points will be awarded.

However, players still receive experience for participating in off-season matches.


The only necessary requirement is that players must progress to level 25 before being given access to Competitive Play.

Placement Matches

In addition, each player will be required to complete 10 placement matches each season to determine their skill rating.

In seasons 1 and 2, the starting skill rating is determined by performance in 10 placement matches only.

Since season 3, the starting skill rating is determined by placement matches’ performance along with last season’s skill rating.

Because all of these 10 matches are counted as eligible Competitive matches, competitive rules and penalties are applied, along with Competitive Points (for the winning team) and experience for every match.

Completing the 10 placement matches will give the player a special reward (i.e. player icon and spray corresponding to the current season).

Group Skill Rating Restriction 

There are also skill rating restrictions for Competitive grouping.

  1. Players who are queuing for their placement match are unable to group up with players who are in Diamond tier and above.
  2. Players who are in the Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond tier are unable to group up with other players which have a skill rating difference of more than 1000.
  3. Also, Players who are in Master Tier are unable to group up with other players which have a skill rating difference of more than 500.
  4. Players who are in the Grandmaster tier are unable to group up with other players which have a skill rating difference of more than 350.

Skill Rating 

Skill rating is a number between 1 and 5000, indicating the overall performance of a player (with the higher number representing the more skilled players).

Also, Skill rating will be initially determined by playing 10 placement matches. After that, the skill rating will increase or decrease with each win or loss, respectively.

How much the player gains or loses depends on two factors: the player’s own performance and the skill of the other players in the match.

For example, winning against a stronger team will give the player a bigger boost in skill rating than winning against a same-level team.

Furthermore, to discourage people from deliberately throwing matches in an effort to reach the lowest attainable skill rating, skill ratings lower than 500 will be shown as “<500”.


There are 7 skill tiers:

  • Bronze (skill rating: 1-1499)
  • Silver (skill rating: 1500-1999)
  • Gold (skill rating: 2000-2499)
  • Platinum (skill rating: 2500-2999)
  • Diamond (skill rating: 3000-3499)
    • The icon for Diamond has a flickering light shining in the middle.
  • Master (skill rating: 3500-3999)
    • The icon for Master has a sparkling effect.
  • Grandmaster (skill rating: 4000-5000)
    • The icon for Grandmaster has a sparking effect and an anamorphic lens flare in the middle.

Players in the range of Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond may possibly drop out of their tier level if they do not have the minimum requirement over 5 games.

However, players in Master and Grandmaster will drop out of their tier rating immediately once they fall below the minimum rating required for that level.

Prior to Season 6, only players in Master and Grandmaster would be able to drop out of their rank.

Starting Skill Rating and Bonus Guide

Since season 3, season-starting skill rating is determined by last season’s skill rating along with placement matches’ performance.

From seasons 3-6, the resulting skill rating was purposely placed lower than the player’s season end and “true” skill rating.  As of season 6, this adjustment is no longer in place.

Rating Decay

Players in the tiers of Diamond, Master, and Grandmaster are subject to rating decay. The players who are in those tiers are asked to play at least 5 matches within 168 hours (7 days).

There will be a timer for displaying the amount of time until skill rating decay occurs. After playing one match, the timer will be pushed up 36 hours; players can bank a maximum amount of 168 hours into the timer.

When players achieve Diamond, Master, and Grandmaster tiers (either by climbing up the tier ladder or finishing their placement matches), their timers will be visible for them in the Competitive information menu.

The initial time on a timer they have at the time depends on previous matches they have played, thus it will be ranged from 24 to 168 hours.

If the player’s timer runs out of time, the decay will occur immediately, meaning their skill rating will drop 25 points initially and will continue to drop 25 points every 24 hours thereafter.

The decay stops when the player returns to play one Competitive match, which will push the timer up 36 hours, or when their skill rating drops to the rating threshold of the Diamond tier (3000 skill rating).

Rewards (Overwatch Ranking 2021)

— Match Rewards 

Each match won in Competitive Play yields 15, and each match drew in Competitive Play also gives  5. Prior to Season 6, each match won yielded 10, and the match drawn yielded  3.

— End-of-Season Rewards 

At the end of each season, two tiers of unique items are rewarded:

  • Competitor: Every player who has completed their 10 placement matches will receive a unique Player Icon and  Spray to match the season.
  • Hero: Every player in the Top 500 list on their region and platform at the end of the season will receive an animated variant of the Competitor spray and two unique player icons: a common one for being in the Top 500 and another seasonal one for being in the Top 500 of that season.

Players will also receive a set amount of Competitive Points at the end of the season, based on their highest recorded skill rating tier in that season.

End-of-season Competitive Points reward will still be granted for players at the hard cap.

  • Bronze:  65
  • Silver:  125
  • Gold:  250
  • Platinum:  500
  • Diamond:  750
  • Master:  1200
  • Grandmaster:  1750

Prior to Season 6, end-of-season Competitive Points were rewarded as follows:

  • Bronze:  100
  • Silver:  200
  • Gold:  400
  • Platinum:  800
  • Diamond:  1200
  • Master:  2000
  • Grandmaster:  3000

Player Conduct 

Penalties in Competitive Play are much more severe than in normal play.

When a player leaves an ongoing Competitive match, the matchmaking system will not find a backfill for the match, forcing the remaining teammates to continue to play under the disadvantage.

There are two possibilities, which lead to different resolves:

If a player becomes inactive (thus leading to be forced out of the game) or leaves within the first two minutes of the game, the entire match will be canceled.

Also, if the infraction happens after the two-minute mark, the leaver’s teammates will have to continue to play for 2 minutes and any player who leaves the match will be counted as a new leaver.

More on Player Conduct (Overwatch Ranking 2021)

If the leaver does not come back within that two-minute period, the remaining players in their team will be given the option to leave without receiving the leaver’s penalty, but they will receive a loss for that match along with the decrease in their skill rating.

Leavers can rejoin the match anytime while the match is still in progress. The leaver will have to forfeit all of their data; their scoreboard will be reset.

Even if they rejoin the match, the lost statistic will not be recovered and the scoreboard will start again from scratch.

Players who leave an ongoing Competitive match will be marked as having lost the match, their skill rating will be decreased, and they will receive a 10-minute penalty (within 10 minutes they cannot join another Competitive match) if they did not have any infraction penalty in place.

Continued infractions will lead to more restrictions on future Competitive matches. As the violations start to pile up, Competitive Play will be locked for an increasing amount of time.

Repeated violations can also result in a ban from Competitive Play for the current season, including the forfeit of any rewards.

Completing matches without incurring further penalties will decrease the penalty accumulation, eventually returning the account to good standing.

From Season 2 onward, players who leave mid-match will need to complete more matches without leaving to be pardoned any penalty.

Leaver Penalty will also be applied for match leavers following the same rule as Quick Play, but it takes less leaving match than Quick Play to incur the penalty.

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