Photo Essay Examples, and Tips for Creating a Good Photo Essay

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Photo Essay Examples: Apart from writing down words, there are other ways one can put information. In other words, there’re other ways one can communicate with others and that is through a photo essay. In this article, you shall get to know them.

Some photo essay examples will be given to buttress the point better. However, before going down to that, let’s know what is a photo essay.

Also, in a photo essay, one does not necessarily need to talk much or write much. However, just like other forms of essay writing, there are guidelines on how to create a good photo essay.

Photo Essay: A Definition

Before looking at some photo essay examples, note. A photo essay is a form of visual storytelling. Also, it is a way to present a narrative through series of images. Thus, great photo essays able to evoke emotion and understanding without using words.

Also, it delivers a story using a series of photographs. And it brings the viewer along the narrative journey. Furthermore, it is a series or a collection of shots created for the purpose of provoking feelings and emotions.

Photo essay exists in a variety of forms. From photos only to images with brief comments or captions and written essays accompanied by shots. Thus, unlike a written essay, a photo essay focuses on visuals instead of words. And with it, you can stretch your creative limits.

Some Guideline on How to Create a Photo Essay

Before looking at some photo essay examples, note. Every photo essay will be different. But you can use a standard process. Following these steps will guide you through every phase of your photo essay writing:

  • Choose Your Photo Essay Topics

Just about any topic, you can imagine can form the foundation for a photo essay. Thus, you may choose to focus on a specific event. Such as a wedding, performance, or festival. Or you may want to cover a topic over a set span of time. Such as documenting a child’s first year.

Also, you could focus on a city or natural area across the seasons to tell a story of changing activities or landscapes. Furthermore, since the best photo essays convey meaning and emotion, note. Choose a topic of interest.

Additionally, your passion for the subject matter will shine through each photograph and touch your viewer’s hearts and minds.

  • Conduct Upfront Research

Much of the work in a good-quality photo essay begins before you take your first photo. As such, it’s always a good idea to do some research on your planned topic.

Imagine you’re going to take photos of a downtown area throughout the year. You should spend some time learning the history of the area. Also, talk with local residents and business owners and find out about planned events.

Additionally, for any topic you choose, gather information first. This may involve internet searches. Also, may involve library research and interviews. Or spending time observing your subject.

  • Storyboard Your Ideas

After you have done some research and have a good sense of the story you want to tell the note. You can create a storyboard. With a storyboard, you can write or sketch out the ideal pictures you want to capture to convey your message.

Also, you can turn your storyboard into a “shot list” that you can bring with you on-site. A shot list can be especially helpful when you are at a one-time event and want to capture specific shots for your photo essay.

Also, if you’ve never created a photo essay before, start with ten-shot ideas. And think of each shot as a sentence in your story. Also, aim to make each shot evoke specific ideas or emotions.

  • Capture Images

Your storyboard and the shot list will be important guides. They will help you make the most of each shoot. Thus, be sure to set aside enough time to capture all the shots you need. Especially if you are photographing a one-time event.

Also, allow yourself to explore your ideas using different photography compositions, perspectives, and color contrast techniques.

Additionally, you may need to take a hundred images or more to get ten perfect ones for your photographic essay. Or, you may find that you want to add more photos to your story and expand your picture essay concept.

Also, remember to look for special unplanned moments that help tell your story. Sometimes, spontaneous photos that aren’t on your short list can be full of meaning. A mix of planning and flexibility almost always yields the best results.

  • Edit and Organize Photos to Tell Your Story

After capturing your images, note. You can work on compiling your photo story. However, to create your photo essay, note. You will need to make decisions about which images portray your themes and messages.

Also, times, this can mean setting aside beautiful images that aren’t a perfect fit. Also, you can use your shot list and storyboard as a guide. However, be open to including photos that weren’t in your original plans.

Also, you may want to use photo editing software. Such as Adobe Lightroom or Photoshop. This is to enhance and change photographs. With these tools, you can adjust lighting and white balance. Also, you can perform color corrections, crop, or perform other edits.

Some Photo Essay Examples

Below are some photo essay examples:

Example 1

#Hike in Tuition Fees


Example 2

#Black Lives Matter

Some Photo Essay Examples


The above are some guidelines on writing a good photo essay.

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