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There are many people in the world who blindly follow anyone. Also, they admire and love that person no matter what he does. A role model is a person who inspires you to be like him. In this article, we will be showing you the best role model essay examples available for everyone.

Who is a Role Model?

A role model is a person whose behavior, example, or success is or can be emulated by others, especially by younger people. The term role model is credited to sociologist Robert K. Merton, who coined the phrase during his career.

Merton hypothesized that individuals compare themselves with reference groups of people who occupy the social role to which the individual aspires.  An example being the way young fans will idolize and imitate professional athletes or entertainment artists.

Different Kind of Role Models

It is well known that most young adults acquire their role model from either of the three kinds below;

1. Celebrity Role Models

The ever-widening reach of the media in popular culture has elevated certain celebrities to worldwide acclaim. This boom of media coverage and constant exposure to these individuals resulted in a change of mindset toward personalities in both adults and youth alike.

2. Community Role Models

Community role models are often overlooked and scarce. Teachers and parents fill this gap and are considered a central influence on a child’s upbringing and future success. Some community role models like the ones in western communities are usually experts in a particular field.

Whereas in other communities, like in indigenous communities, role models are often based on career choice (like teachers, doctors, etc.) but by demonstrating to others how to do something for example in indigenous Mexican communities parents take their children from newborns to work. Anybody from the city has the potential to become a role model.

3. Athlete Role Models

There is significant discussion as to whether athletes should be considered role models. Some athletes have been asked to behave as if they were role models for their local communities, and some such as Hank Greenberg.

They have deliberately tried to set a good example but generally regarding athletes as role models have been criticized due to their appointment often being based solely on sporting ability rather than any morality.

Therefore, it has been suggested that the discipline and control shown continuously by sportspeople on the field leads to a belief from viewers that these same qualities are consistently shown off the sporting ground.

These and other factors such as the elements of competition, excitement, and success are what make people want to emulate them.

Role Model Essay Examples

Example 1

My Mother: The Role Model of My Life

Role models should be a part of everybody’s life. They will help us get through life’s ups and downs and teach us to become successful people as we grow. Someone that does just that is my mother. My mother is a very important woman in my life. She is a trustworthy, responsible, and caring human being.

First, trustworthiness is a strong characteristic that my mother possesses. She is very trustworthy in the fact that she is very reliable. Whenever I doubt something she’ll always be at my side. I trust her enough to talk to her and know that she will be the only other person that knows what I told her. Also, she stands by her family no matter the severity of the issue.

Next, responsibility is a big part of my mom’s character. My mom has a big responsibility in caring for the children, making sure the household is kept in order, and earning money to support a family. I truly appreciate the hospitality she provides for my siblings and me.

The way she can juggle time to be a part-time RN and a full-time mother just amazes me. Whenever she has an obstacle to overcome she considers the consequences and make sure she is fully accountable for the results, whether good or bad.

Finally, her caring ways makes my mother who she is. She is always kind. For example, the time I really wrecked her Saturday night when I told her she was working when she really wasn’t. She surprisingly forgave my error and just dropped the whole thing.

The way she shows her gratitude when we do something that pleases her, shows she deeply cares about us. Whenever we need a shoulder to cry on, help on homework, or even some advice, she’ll always be there.

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In conclusion, my mother stands out above the rest because of her trustworthiness, responsibility, and caring ways. She is someone I believe I could hopefully follow. Her life itself

Example 2

The Contributions of My Grandma to Her Community

Many people dread doing things for other people without pay or being recognized. Some people are even made to do community service as a punishment, but there is a select few that are very special and will do it for nothing. I have a great elderly group of people in my community.

They love to help other people and do things for them as much as they can. One specific person that stands out the most is my grandmother. Her name is Norma Williamson. She is the kindest, most nice person I know. I’m not just saying this, many people in my community tell me every time I see them that they think the word of her.

It is great to have such an amazing person to call your grandma. She would do absolutely anything in the world for me. It is hard to not take advantage of the way she is. She is always trying to do something for someone. One of her best friends from our church got cancer real bad. She had to go through chemotherapy, and she lost all of her hair.

My grandmother, of course, had to jump in and help. To help her, she decided she was going to have a project like the locks of love. She can cut hair really good, so she held a free haircutting day and just asked for donations to help buy her friend with cancer a nice wig.

She earned about $2000. Her friend was so happy. She didn’t know what to say. She just thanked her over and over. After that, you would never see the lady without her wig on she loved that wig. Every time she would see my grandmother she would hug her and thank her all over again.

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My grandma has done so much for so many people, and not once ever asked for anything in return. She is so sweet to everyone that comes into her life. If I am just half the person she

Example 3

My Father, My Role Model

The people with whom we associate in conjunction with our surroundings affect us in many aspects of our life. One prominent individual has had an everlasting effect on my life. He came to me when I was seventeen months old. Ever since that day he has been with me, subtly guiding me through the entire stages y my side throughout my life.

I see his success as a motive to achieve my own ambitions. James, my father, adopted me, with his wife, Elizabeth, when I of my eighteen years. At the age of fifty-nine, when most people begin to think about retirement, he adopted me. I was the last of three children that he adopted starting when he was fifty-one years old. It is not only because of this that I feel influenced; it is his insatiable appetite for new challenges. His success in life, for me, acts as a guide which is used to lead me through my own life.

Coming to this country at the fragile age of five, not knowing one word of English, he has become a well-known figure in his field of work. Armenia, the origin of my family, is where my father was born seventy-seven years ago. His very poor family fled from their town, which was in Turkey, to Everett, Massachusetts in nineteen twenty-eight.

They lived several years in this suburb of Boston until they were able to move to Haverhill to start a chicken farm. My father’s journey began on the first day of school when he was sent home because he could not ask to go to the bathroom in English. As he slowly learned the new culture he began to become more and more aware of his family’s condition.

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As a young adult, he realized his family’s troubles and strove to make what money he could in order to keep his family together. He would sell eggs and chickens in Haverhill to supply his family with money to survive. With an attitude that allowed him…

Once these writing tips have been revised and applied, you are one step closer to mastering the art of role model essay examples.

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