10 Worst NYSC Orientation Camps in Nigeria

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NYSC indeed is one of the most hectic periods of being a Nigerian graduate. In addition to the unavailability of basic amenities for all PCM and citizens. In this article, we have compiled a list of the worst NYSC orientation camps in Nigeria.

Worst NYSC Orientation Camps in Nigeria

After staying for 21 days (3 weeks) in the NYSC orientation camp, and 11 months in their Place of Primary Assignment (PPA), Corps Members always come out with a story to tell.

We arrived at this list considering security challenges, the standard of living and state allowances.

1. Borno State

Borno has serious security challenge Boko Haram terrorists have overrun the state; sadly, Borno state govt pays ordinary N1,000 to Corps Members serving in the state.

2. Benue State:

Benue State is another worse state to serve in Nigeria. With the incessant bloodshed and clash between farmers and Fulani herdsmen, the state has become a no go area.¬†However, those serving in ‘Makurdi’, the state capital are relatively safe.

3. Taraba State:

Corps Members serving in Taraba state usually complains about dryness and lack of opportunity in the state. Though the state govt pays about N5,000 to PCM, many Corps Members still don’t like serving in Taraba.

4. Kaduna State:

Though Kaduna seems to be a very good state with several opportunities and exposures, the place is not safe. Some Corps members have died in the state due to religious, ethnic and political crisis; Corps Members are usually the target whenever there is a clash. Sadly, the Kaduna state govt pays a monthly stipend of N3,000 to serve Corps members.

5. Delta State:

Delta is among the worst states to serve in Nigeria. Corps members are not safe in the state, especially those serving in riverine areas.
Though the state government pays a monthly stipend of N5,000 to serving corps members in the state, the cost of living and security threats outweigh the stipend.

6. Ekiti State:

There is no security threat to Corps Members serving in Ekiti. But the state is very dry; no iota of opportunity for Corps Members serving in Ekiti state. Serving in Ekiti is more like placing your entire life on hold.

7. Kebbi State:

The cost of living in Kebbi State is relatively low, but there is no opportunity.
If you are posted to a village, you would be like somebody that is in Sambisa forest. Boredom remains the major challenge of serving in the Kebbi State.

8. Niger State:

Niger is good but their camp is like Sahara desert, even the NYSC DG has said that Niger NYSC orientation camp is the worst in Nigeria. Also, there is no opportunity there.

9. Sokoto:

Sokoto is very dry, no opportunity, Corps Members security is not guaranteed.

10. Abia:

Abia is not too safe for Corpers, also there is no opportunity.
Some villages like ‘Ngwa’ in Abia state are allegedly eating human meat, but that is not true. The allegation makes Corps Members posted to the area feel unsafe.

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