What is the Lowest Job in the UK?

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What is the lowest job in Uk you might want to apply for? Although the UK is an economically strong and advanced city, there are still jobs that don’t pay as high as you might expect.

What is the Lowest Job in the UK?

Despite having a robust economy with many high-paying jobs, the UK is home to small-scale businesses and low-paying jobs.

However, these low-paying jobs still require certain minor skills, or else an employee will have to lean on the job.

While the pay might not be enormous, it suffices with the minimum wage or national living wage of the UK.

What is the Lowest Job in the UK?

A few of the many lowest jobs in the Uk include:

1. Porters

Porters are frequently employed in hospitals, retirement communities, airports, and golf courses.

They help move patients between facilities in hospitals and also provide janitorial and maintenance work at country clubs.

Porters earn an average salary of only £15,976.

2. Beauticians

Salons and spas are typical workplaces for beauty therapists. Yet many beauticians work from home and are frequently self-employed.

A Level 3 certificate is typically required for beauty therapists to provide complete treatments.

The duties of beauticians include selecting and applying cosmetics and tanning products to customers, massaging, tinting eyelashes, dying eyebrows, waxing and electrolysis, and manicures.

Beauticians earn an average salary of  £14,907, yearly. 

3. Hairdressers and Barbers

Since almost everyone occasionally requires a haircut, hair stylists are always available. Hair stylists cut, style, and colour hair at salons or studios.

They earn £14,449, despite the high degree of skill required.

4. Bar Staff

Baristas are employees of coffee shops and coffee houses.

Students and young adults are usually the ones who land jobs as baristas. As a barista, you can make an average annual take-home wage of £14,655.

5. Waiters and Waitresses 

The UK’s lowest-paid workers are commonly found to be waiters and waitresses.

Salaries of waiters and waitresses typically range from £14,543 to zero-hours contracts. 

However, they might augment their pay by accepting tips from clients and working more hours.

6. Kitchen and Catering Assistants:

Catering assistants provide assistance to businesses that prepare and transport buffets and meals. Typically, organizations and events hire them for supplies.

Kitchen and catering assistants earn  £16,254 per year.

7. Educational Support Assistants

Teaching assistants play a crucial role in schools and learning institutions.

In preschools, they assist the class teacher during the instructional parts of the day.

Notably, teaching assistants earn £16,721 per year.

8. Office Assitant

Indeed, office assistants play a crucial role in the workplace.  It is an entry-level position that many school graduates apply for.

Moreso, their duties are to take incoming phone calls and messages and carry out the filing of documents.

Office assistants also type up memos and meeting notes, deal with post and deliveries, assist other office staff, and maintain office supplies.

Office assistants earn an average of £16,951 each year.

9. Launderers, Dry Cleaners, and Pressers 

Lastly, launderers, dry cleaners, and pressers also constitute the lowest-paying job in the UK. Notably, washing and polishing require a lot of labour.

However, the average annual wage for cleaners, including residential and commercial, is £10,635.

There are many other lowest-paying jobs in the UK.

But the few mentioned above are the commonest that you can easily land and whose pays are very low.

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