What Jobs are Hard to Fill in UK?: All you Need to Know

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Have you ever wondered what jobs are hard to fill in UK? Find out here the various jobs that are difficult to fill in the United Kingdom.

What Jobs are Hard to Fill in UK?

With the rising demand for specialized skills and the fierce competition in the employment market,

Nonetheless, it is clear that employees hold all the power and are well-positioned to choose which jobs they do.

What Jobs are Hard to Fill in UK?

Finding qualified employees has never been more challenging for British firms, as the employment rate in the UK is high.

In industries that demand highly competent workers, there is a severe lack of qualified individuals.

Even though it pays competitive rates, Britain’s booming software industry is having trouble filling positions with qualified candidates.

The hardest jobs to fill are for optometrists, with 68.79% of those advertised on Indeed in the preceding year.

Just over half of the posts for solicitors were still open after 60 days, with surgeons following closely at 46.32%.

The computer industry accounts for the great majority of the top 10 “hard to fill” jobs, or those with the highest percentage of openings that take longer than 60 days to fill.

This is perhaps a sign of the tech job boom, which offers fantastic prospects for talented job searchers.

As well as the fact that firms must exercise patience to recruit employees with the specialized skills they need.

What are Other Statistics for Hard-to-fill Jobs?

The most well-known “hard to fill” positions are front-end developers (40.31%), system engineers (40.24%), software test engineers (39.86%), and full stack developers (39.76%).

The fact that they all pay an average annual income of £37,500 or more, with the average software architect commanding nearly double that amount ($70,000), shows how lucrative they all are.

Indeed examined the data to determine which positions have the most “impossible to fill” job advertisements and where there are the most chances for job seekers.

Also, cleaners make up one in every 33 jobs on Indeed that are now classified as “hard to fill,” or around 3% of all jobs.

Despite the fact that only 11.53% of cleaner positions are considered “hard to fill,” the overall number of cleaners needed places cleaning roles at the top of the list of positions that are difficult to fill.

Moreover, chefs (2.06%), customer service agents (1.91%), support employees (2.15% of “hard to fill” professions), and care assistants (1.677% of all “hard to fill” jobs) follow closely behind.

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