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Music 2021 WAEC Expo Questions is now out on our website. In this article, I will be showing you past WAEC Music random repeated questions for free. You will also understand how WAEC Music questions are set and many more examination details. All you need to do is to stay focus and follow this guide. Read on!

CSN team has made available randomly repeated WAEC Music questions for candidates preparing to write the 2021 WAEC examination. This will enable candidates to prepare well for the upcoming exam.

Before you go on to see the randomly repeated questions, read a little about the West African Examination Council (WAEC) and the West African Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE) below.

Brief Information about WAEC and WASSCE

The West African Examinations Council (WAEC) is an examination board established by law in 1952 to determine the examinations required in the public interest in the English-speaking West African countries.

It also conducts the examinations and award certificates comparable to those of equivalent examining authorities internationally. The council has contributed to education in the Anglophonic countries of West Africa.

They also formed an endowment fund to contribute to education in West Africa, through lectures and aid to those who cannot afford education.

WAEC’s vision is to be a world-class examining body that adds value to its stakeholders’ educational goals. Its mission is to remain Africa’s foremost examining body, providing qualitative and reliable educational assessment. READ MORE

West African Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE)

The West African Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE) is a type of standardized test in West Africa. Students who pass the exam receive a certificate confirming their graduation from secondary education.

It is administered by the West African Examinations Council (WAEC) and only offered to candidates residing in Anglophone West African countries.

The academic school-leaving qualification awarded upon successful completion of the exams is the West African Senior School Certificate.

Brief Information about WAEC and WASSCE

WAEC 2021 Music Questions

1. kwaa Mensah was the leader of the

  • A. Fanti Trio
  • B. Accra Orchestra
  • C. Ghana Combo
  • D. Jazz Kings

2. Which of the following wrote compositions using the atonal style?

  • A. Stravinsky
  • B. Schoenberg
  • C. Schubert
  • D. Smetana

3. The italian term pizzicato means

  • A. pointed
  • B. plucked
  • C. pushed
  • D. painted

4. The Romantic period is between

  • A. 1820 and 1890
  • B. 1820 and 1895
  • C. 1780 and 1898
  • D. 1820 and 1875

5. Note B in the key of D major is the

  • A. submediant
  • B. mediant
  • C. dominant
  • D. subdominant

6. The English word for vivac is

  • A. slow
  • B. sustained
  • C. slow and steady
  • D. fast and lively

7. Gulum is an example of

  • A. an indiophone
  • B. a chordophone
  • C. an aerophone
  • D. a membranophone

8. Sing ye choirs of angels

Sing to God on high

The text above is best represented in

  • A. m:m|m:f|s:-|m:-|f:f|r:t|d:-|-:-||
  • B. m.m:-.m|m:f|s:s.f|m:s|f:f|r:t|d:-II
  • C. m:m.m|m:f:s|s:-:|m:-:-|f:f:f|r:-:t|d:-:-||
  • D. m:m.m|m:f|s:-.s|m:-m|f:f:f|r:t:r:t|d:-|-:-||

9. The Ars Nova and Ars Antiqua belong to the

  • A. Romantic Period
  • B. Baroque period
  • C. Classical period
  • D. Medieval period

10. We are H.A.P.P.Y is a Nigerian

  • A. praising song
  • B. marching song
  • C. art song
  • D. work song

11. Rock The Party is a hit song by

  • A. Danny Young
  • B. Big Bamo
  • C. Dijnee
  • D. D’banj

12. The cassical blues usually consist of

  • A. 32 bars
  • B. 8 bars
  • C. 16 bars
  • D. 12 bars
WAEC 2021 Music Questions

13. The cadence in the chord progression above is

  • A. perfect
  • B. deceptive
  • C. imperfect
  • D. plagal

14. Mamman Shata is associated with

  • A. duma music
  • B. tandu music
  • C. goge music
  • D. kalangu music

More Questions

15. The musical form of the Nigerian National Anthem is

  • A. responsorial
  • B. stanzaic
  • C. ternary
  • D. stanzaic
WAEC Music Questions

16. The combination of a string quartet is

  • A. 2 violins, 1 cello and 1 double bass
  • B. 2 violins, 1 viola and 1 cello
  • C. 2 violins, 1 viola and 1 double bass
  • D. 1 violins, 2 violas and 1 cello

17. Missa Brevis was composed by

  • A. Palestina
  • B. G.F Handel
  • C. Monteverdi
  • D. J.S Bach

18. The Eki-gene is a cultural dance among the people of

  • A. Bayelsa
  • B. Delta State
  • C. River State
  • D. Edo State

19. Which of the following instruments are aerophones?

  • A. Molo, Komo Kukuma
  • B. Bata, bembe and shantu
  • C. Kaho, popolo and ekutu
  • D. Ogene, oyo and ekpili

20. The song entited can we chill? was composed by

  • A. Usher
  • B. Dr Dre
  • C. Ne – yo
  • D. 50 Cents

21. The song entitled Swing Low, Swing Chariot is an example of a

  • A. cha-cha-cha
  • B. bolero
  • C. tango
  • D. negro spiritual

22. The quality of the triad above is

  • A. augmented
  • B. minor
  • C. diminished
  • D. major

23. The triad above is in its

  • A. third inversion
  • B. second inversion
  • C. first inversion
  • D. root position

24. Martellato means

  • A. pinched
  • B. hammered
  • C. blasted
  • D. punched

25. Allemande is a dance in

  • A. 3/4 time
  • B. 4/4 time
  • C. 3/2 time
  • D. 6/4 time

26. I call it love is a hit song by

  • A. Lionel Richie
  • B. Kelvin Lyttle
  • C. Steve Wonder
  • D. Issac Hayes

27. The song entiled Adara was composed by

  • A. Weird MC
  • B. Olu Maintain
  • C. Sasha
  • D. Alex

28. Special words that are said to have magical effects are referred to as

  • A. heaving
  • B. whistling
  • C. recitative
  • D. incantation

29. The folk symphony is a nationalistic work by

  • A. Akin Euba
  • B. Fela Sowande
  • C. Bode Omojola
  • D. Ayo Bankole

30. The Griots of Senegambia are examples of

  • A. palace musicians
  • B. wandering musicians
  • C. cult musicians
  • D. village musicians

DISCLAIMER! These are not real WAEC Music questions but likely repeated questions over the years to help candidates understand the nature of the examination. Ensure to take note of every question provided on this page.


FAQs about WAEC Music Questions

FAQs about WAEC Music Questions

1. What is WAEC?

Answer: WAEC is the acronym for West African Examination Council. Go through this article to know more about WAEC.

2. As a WAEC Candidate am I Supposed to Pay for WAEC Calculator?

Answer: No. WAEC calculator is free as you have already paid for it with your registration.

3. How Can I Get My WAEC Original Result?

Answer: For SSCE candidates, you will get the original result from the school you wrote the exam. However, for GCE candidates, you will get the original result from the WAEC Branch office in your state.

4. How Much is WAEC Registration?

Answer: The registration fee for both the School & Private Candidates’ Examination is the same: 13,950 Naira.

5. When will WAEC Result Come out?

Answer: The West African Examination Council has stated that WAEC results will be released 60 days after the exam.

If you need us to help you with updated questions and answers at the right time about this examination, kindly provide us with your phone number and email address in the comment box below.

Also, feel free to ask any questions pertaining to this guide. 

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