Top 136 Angel Names and Their Meanings

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Angels are spiritual beings, and they are used as spiritual messengers and also they are guides to people. With these Angel Names, we might be familiar with and even have people around us who bear them. A lot of beautiful angel names come with some positive vibes as well as some that portray negativity.

Astounding Angel Names

1. Agla: an angel who saved Lot and his family.

2. Chamuel: He who sees God

3. Gabriel:  God is my strength; archangel who announced Jesus’ birth

4. Michael: Who is like God

5. Mihangel:  Angel who is like God; Welsh name for the archangel Michael

6. Raguel: in the Book of Enoch, Raguel was known as the archangel of justice and harmony

7. Ramiel:  this one comes from Arabic and means “thunder of God.” Ramiel represented hope in the Book of Enoch.

8. Remial: Mercy of God

9. Raphael: God has healed

10. Samuel: in Jewish mythology, Samuel was known as one of the prophets.

11. Uriel: God is my light; Hebrew archangel who warns Noah of the coming flood

12. Yael: the name is related to a cherub who attended the throne of God. Another alternative is Jael.

13. Anaita: this is one of the highest-ranking divine creatures in Zoroastrianism. She is responsible for the fruitfulness and fertility of water and earth.

14. Barbelo: this option came from the Gnostic traditions. She is considered to represent goodness and integrity in popular lore.

15. Charmeine: she was known as a bringer of harmony. Quite a lot of people nowadays use the variation “Charmaine.”

16. Corinne: it was the name of a fictional character in “Clash of Angels” by Jonathan Daniels.

 Amazing Female Angel Names

17. Dina: she is popularly believed to be a symbol of learning. Dina would be a simple yet unique option for a girl.

18. Nefta: this one is a character from Flemish lore. She fell in love with another ethereal being – Azrael, who represented death.

19. Eloa: She who questions; said to be an angel born from the tear of Jesus

20. Jophiel: Beauty of God; an angel who drove Adam and Eve out of Eden

21. Muriel: Bright sea; angel residing over the astrological sign Cancer

22. Angela: if you want a light, angelic feeling, this is the name you should go for. It has a lot of diminutives, such as Angelica, Angelina, Angelique, etc.

23. Tien: this is the Vietnamese translation for the word “angel,” and is one of the popular options in Vietnam. If you are going for an Asian name, this one is for you.

24. Laila: she is responsible for the protection and overseeing of childbirth. There are other options, such as Leila and Layla, but Laila has a unique vibe to it.

25. Evangeline: this name is English, but it is derived from Greek “eu”, which translates to “well” and “angeles” which has a meaning of “messenger.” Evangeline is a “messenger of good news” and is a very classic and gentle name.

Fallen Angel Names For Male and Female

26. Abaddon, meaning “to destroy”; is the chief of all the demons.

27. Abezethibou, the one-winged fallen angel and demon described in the Testament of Solomon, is a pseudepigraph like the Book of Enoch.

28. Allocen, one of hell’s dukes who commands 36 demon legions and appears as a lion-headed soldier who can breathe fire.

29. Amducias, a fallen angel who looks like a unicorn. This fallen angel is now the Grand Duke of Hades.

30. Amon, the Grand Marquis of Hell and a demon who commands 40 infernal legions.

31. Amy, the supreme president of hell who is said to tempt humans for knowledge in exchange for their souls.

32. Andras, a raven-headed fallen angel who is a Great Marquis of Hell who is in charge of 30 demon legions.

33. Andrealphus, who appears as a peacock first and then a human and has the ability to transform people into birds and make them cunning and evil.

34. Andromaleus, one of Solomon’s 72 spirits, can be considered one of the good angels among the fallen angels, as he is known for punishing thieves.

35. Apollyon, the Greek name for the destroying angel Abaddon.

Angel Name With Great Meaning

36. Armaros, a fallen angel who has the ability to teach people how to resolve enchantments.

37. Asmoday, who appears with the heads of a man, a ram, and a bull, and is considered the king of the fallen angels.

38. Asmodeus, who is one of the seven Persian archangels and the king of the earthly spirits known as jinn or shedim in Judeo-Islamic lore.

39. Astaroth, a part of the evil trinity along with Beelzebub and Lucifer, and is the Great Duke of Hell in demonology.

40. Azael, one of the evil fallen angels.

41. Azazel, whose name means god of war and desert demon. He looks like a billy-goat.

42. Azza, one of the fallen angels whose name means “strong”.

43. Baal, a Canaanite god, a Duke of Hell, and one of the seven princes of hell, whose name means “lord”.

44. Balam, a fallen angel whose appearance is very much like that of Asmoday, with the only notable exception being his serpent tail.

45. Balberith, one of Hell’s pagan high priests.

46. Baraqijal, a fallen angel who is known for teaching astrology to humans.

47. Barbatos, a duke and an earl of Hell who rules 30 demon legions and has abilities such as speaking to animals, telling the future, and leading people to treasure that was hidden thanks to the enchantment of magicians. “August 2021 Angel Names”

48. Bathin, a Demonic duke who knows everything about gemstones and herbs and commands 30 demon legions. He has a snake’s tail.

49. Beelzebub, formerly a Philistine god who was later adopted as a demon by some Abrahamic religions. Commonly referred to as “Lord of the Flies”.

50. Behemoth, a mythological beast from the Book of Job and a form of the primeval monster of chaos that God defeated at the beginning of creation.

51. Beleth, one of the evilest fallen angels who commands more than 85 demon legions and is also a king of hell.

Angel Name You Didn’t Know Existed

52. Belial, meaning “without worth”. He is considered to be the evil spirit of desperation, darkness, and uselessness.

53. Belphegor, a demon and one of hell’s seven princes, the meaning of whose name is”lord of opening”. He tempts people to become rich by suggesting ingenious inventions.

54. Berith, also known as Baal Berith, is regarded as the fallen angel of lies. According to the bible, he was worshipped in ancient Canaan as a god.

55. Bernael, an angel of evil and darkness who is often equated with both Belial, an evil fallen angel, and Haziel, a good angel.

56. Bifrons, who teaches man mathematical arts and appears as a monstrous figure.

57. Botis, a demon who rules over 60 demon legions and looks like a horned and fanged human.

58. Buer, a chairman of the underworld who teaches man ethics, logic, and philosophy. He appears in the form of a star.

59. Caim, a fallen angel who looks like a man with a sword.

60. Dantanian, a fallen angel who looks like a man with many faces.

61. Decarabia, a demon who leads 30 demon legions and appears either as a pentagram or a star-containing pentacle. He commands all birds.

62. Eligor, who looks like a knight armed with a lance but actually is a fallen angel.

63. Enepsigos, looks like a woman but actually is a fallen angel.

64. Flauros, a demon and a fallen angel who looks like a leopard.

65. Focalor, a fallen angel who commands the sea and the winds. He has the ability to drown and sink ships.

66. Forcas, teaches ethics and logic as a fallen angel. “January 2022 Angel Names”

67. Forneus, a fallen angel who is a marquis of hell and has a sea monster-like appearance.

68. Furcas, who has a long beard and looks like a cruel man.

69. Gaap, the Great President of Hell and one of its seven princes, commands 66 demon legions.

70. Gadreel, meaning “my helper is God”.

71. Gamygyn, who looks similar to a tiny horse but is a fallen angel.

72. Glasyalabolas, who looks like a dog with wings but is actually a fallen angel.

Fallen Angel Name and Meaning

73. Gomory, who looks like a beautiful woman and rides a camel.

74. Gusion, a fallen angel with the ability to tell the present, the past, and the future.

75. Hagenti, who looks like a bull with the wings of a gryphon but is actually a fallen angel.

76. Halpas, who looks like a stork but is actually a fallen angel.

77. Imamiah, who controls journeys and voyages as a fallen angel.

78. Ipos, a demon who is the count of hell, has the head of a lion and commands 36 demon legions.

79. Kimaris, a demon who looks like a godly warrior and rides a black horse. He is capable of locating hidden or lost treasures, making a warrior out of any man, and teaching logic, grammar, and rhetoric (trivium).

80. Kokabiel, who is considered an “angel of the stars” with the meaning of the name being “God’s star”.

81. Kunopegos, a fallen angel with the appearance of a sea monster and the ability to sink ships.

82. Lahash, a fallen angel known for interfering with the will of divinity.

83. Lerajie, who looks like an archer as a fallen angel. “January 2022 Angel Names”

84. Leviathan, a creature from Jewish mythology who looks like a monster and dwells in the sea.

85. Lillith: the woman who fell from heaven. She searches for children who she then kidnaps or kills.

86. Lix Tetrax, a jinn and a wind demon.

87. Lucifer, meaning “light-bearer”.

88. Malpas, who looks like a crow like a fallen angel.

89. Marbas, a fallen angel who looks like a lion.

Captivating Angel’s Name to Know

90. Mastema, meaning “hostility” and who persecutes evil and tempts and tests the faith of men as well.

91. Mephistopheles, a fallen angel and demon from German folklore who doesn’t like the light.

92. Morax, who looks like a bull.

93. Naamah, a fallen angel whose name means “to please”.

94. Naberius, an incredibly strong demon who is in command of 29 demon legions.

95. Orias, who looks like a lion that has a serpent tail.

96. Ornias, a fallen angel who is also an annoying demon with the ability to shape-shifting.

97. Orobas, who looks similar to a horse.

98. Ose, who is one of hell’s presidents and appears as a leopard. “January 2022 Angel Names”

99. Paimon, who resembles a man with a crown and rides a camel.

100. Penemuel, who writes and aims to corrupt all of mankind through his literary works.

101. Phoenix, who is phoenix-like in appearance.

102. Procel, who can tell of secret and hidden things.

103. Purah, a fallen angel who symbolizes forgetfulness and has the ability to conjure the dead.

104. Purson, who looks like a man with a lion’s head atop a bear.

105. Qemuel, a fallen angel whose life was cut short by God.

106. Rahab, whose name means “violence”.

107. Raum, who looks similar to a crow and commands 30 demon legions.

108. Remiel, a fallen Watcher and archangel whose name means “God’s thunder”.

109. Ronobe, a fallen angel and a monster known for teaching art and rhetoric.

110. Ruax, a fallen angel who is known for causing headaches.

111. Sabnack, who looks like a soldier with the head of a lion.

112. Saleos, who looks like a soldier and rides a crocodile. “January 2022 Angel Names”

Archangel Name and Meaning

113. Samael, an archangel from Talmudic lore who is also a fallen angel known for being an accuser and a destroyer.

114. Satan, a fallen angel from the bible whose name means “God adversary”.

115. Seere, who looks like a man riding a horse with wings.

116. Semyaza, one of God’s sons who eventually becomes a leader of fallen angels.

117. Shax, a fallen angel and a Great Marquis of hell who commands 30 demon legions.

118. Solas, a fallen angel who looks like a raven and is a teacher of astronomy.

119. Sorath, a fallen angel who is associated with the “number of the beast”; 666.

120. Sytry, a fallen angel who looks like a leopard-headed man with the wings of a griffin.

121. Uzza, whose name means “strength”.

122. Valac, a fallen angel who looks like a small boy who has two dragon heads and wings. He is also known as Ualac.

123. Valefor, a fallen angel and a Duke of hell who looks like a lion. He is also known by the names Malaphar, Malephar, Valefar, and Valafar.

124. Vapula, a fallen angel and a Duke of hell whose appearance is lion-like. He is known for teaching crafts, philosophy, and science.

125. Vassago, a fallen angel who can tell of the future and the past and commands 26 demon legions.

126. Vepar, a fallen angel and a Duke of hell who has the ability to call storms.

127. Vine, a demonic king and a fallen angel that looks like a lion riding a black horse.

128. Vual, a fallen angel with a camel-like appearance.

129. Wormwood, a fallen angel who is known for bringing plagues to Earth.

130. Xaphan, a fallen angel who was expelled from heaven for setting it on fire.

Weird Angel Name

131. Zagan, a fallen angel and a king of hell who has a bull-like appearance with wings. He has the ability to turn water into wine.

132. Zepar, a fallen angel and a duke of hell who has a soldier-like appearance and can make people fall in love.

133. Lillith, a female fallen angel who some say was Adam’s first wife, before Eve.

134. Marchosias, a female fallen angel who looks like a she-wolf with the wings of a gryphon.

135. Obyzouth, a female demon and fallen angel.

136. Onoskelis, a female fallen angel who lives in caves.

Each angel has special powers and abilities. Here you have seen the names of angels, their power and principalities, their duties inclusive. This article will help you to know the one to call in times of help according to their capabilities.

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