40 Prayers to Bring Strength and Healing

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In any way, you may be physically, mentally, psychologically high or low, or otherwise, but when you pray with all your heart you can be one again. Just pray sincerely from your heart and have faith.

Pray for Christian healing to begin the healing process. Sometimes the particular prayer to pray can be a bit challenging but don’t worry, we got you covered with this Best prayer for healing below: 

Here are prayers focused on bringing strength and healing:

1. “Dear Lord, let me be braced with the greeting of courage and battling endurance each day.”

2. “Accomplish this with all the strength that is within you, and bring me the wholeness of wellness.”

3. “To learn from challenges through patience, ask me for this.”

4. “God, let this blessing touch me, make your healing touch on me, and bring me peace.”

5. “For my faith state strong, My God, so that I can leave trusting in your plan of my life.”

6. “Give me the privilege not only to forgive those who have bruised my heart but also to search for reconciliation with them.”

7. “Renew in my sight, my Lord, the beauty of the light in the darkness.”

8. “Let this be my prayer, O Lord, have me the health and the vigor to be able to serve you with my whole heart.”

9. “Spread me the wings of your accompaniment and mend my relationship with those whom I came into conflict with. Bringing peace and love between us.”

10. “Give me the courage to submit to the fear and anxiety. I can take the relief that they are all yours.”

Heartfelt Prayer For Divine Healing

11. “Let the love of God envelop me, my Lord, and keep me away from all the evil around me.”

12. “Endowed me with sufficient courage to face and persevere on the challenges and obstacles of life.”

13. “Father God, restore the broken pieces of my life and teach me how to follow the path you have for me with hope on it.”

14. “My Lord, please cement my family and conjoin us by a thread of love and belief.”

15. “Make me a man who can say, “I know not Thy will, yet in it I shall delight.”

16. “Come to the bedsides of the sick and the lonely, refresh their tired hearts and tired bodies, O Lord, grant miracles in the name of Your healing.”

17. “Lord, give me the strength to steady my knees and go on with my daily tasks of prayer because, as you will, Thou listen and answer.”

18. “Completely overflow me with joy and faith, oh my God, through the many blessings I encounter on my journey.”

19. “Graciously, Lord, bestow me a spirit of humility and gratitude. Then, let it overtake me, so that I may be able to do service for others tirelessly.”

20. “Tender the hearts broken, O Lord, and show them the light of Comfort and peace.”

21. “Drive me into everlasting trust in myself, O Lord, and give me the strength to ask for aid in need with confidence.”

22. “Let my very being lead me towards living as per your will, O Lord, and to act out on it.”

23. “Lord, wherever I judge myself harshly and rehearse my mistakes, grant me forgiveness.”

24. “God, mend the destructive faultlines in our world, and establish harmony and peace in our midst.”

25. “Implant me with the strength of judgment to make righteous choices and to keep on looking for Divine inspiration, O Lord.”

Prayer For Strength

Prayer For Strength

26. “Grant a blessing to the ones who take care of the sick and patient, O Lord, and give them strength and graciousness.”

27. “Foster the healing of hurting souls who have been traversed by trauma and abuse, O God, and rebuild us all together again.”

28. “Give me the courage, for Heaven’s sake, to speak out for fairness and justice, and to exert myself in any positive endeavor that may lead to progress and change.”

29. “O Lord, Build up our brotherhood/sisterhood in faith and strengthen us as we do together and share our love.”

30. “Be pitiful with us, O Lord, and plead our case with those who grieve, to make them feel consolation.”

31. “Give me the courage to resist the devil, and may I live a life which is pleasing both for you and I, O God.”

32. “Lord, have patience and kindness as I strive to be treated similarly, especially when I am faced with difficulties.”

33. “Make the marks of addiction heal, O God, then bring freedom and symbolize restoration.”

34. “Amen, Almighty, make them wise and just in their choices.”

35. “Don’t let the unknowns become my fears, give me the strength to face them with hope and fortitude, O God.”

36. “God of peace, restore the divisions in our communities, may we all lay the foundations to share for the common good.”

37. “O God, give me the favor to acknowledge the positive sides of other fellow beings and to behave well with everyone, respecting dignity and fairness.”

38. “May You, O Lord, close the gaps of the prejudiced and discriminating world and help us build an inclusive community.”

39. “Lord, give me the strength to trust you despite the storms of life, and to stand firm, abiding by faith and not in fear.”

40. “Gravie, vāsar, your healing hand, and the endurance to live out plenteously and fully in your love.”

With hope and faith in one’s spirit, these prayers would serve as a supplication to calm and still the waters. 

CSN Team.

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