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Amazon Relief Fund Grant in Partnership with EAF 2022 Application Guide

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– Amazon Relief Fund grant –

Natural disasters and unforeseen hardship are most times inevitable. The victims are always frustrated and stranded, wondering where to start from. Guess what! Amazon Relief Fund is here to help you out of the shock.

Amazon Relief Fund grant

Amazon Relief Fund Grant in Partnership with EAF

This grant was created with a $25 million donation from Amazon to help people who are facing financial hardship immediately after a natural disaster or an unforeseen personal hardship.

For the growth of The Amazon Relief Fund grant, all the Fund from Amazon support of this program and isn’t asking anyone to contribute to this fund.

According to the scheme of this program, individuals can support themselves if they desire to do it.

Amazon is an online retailer, manufacturer of electronic book readers, and Web services provided that became the long-lasting example of electronic commerce. Its headquarters are in Seattle, Washington.

Additional Information 

Amazon may be a huge Internet-based enterprise that sells books, music, movies, housewares, electronics, toys, and lots of other goods, either directly, indirectly or maybe because of the middleman between other retailers and Amazon many customers

Its Web services business includes renting data storage and computing resources, so-called “cloud computing,” over the web.

Its considerable online presence is such, in 2012, 1 per cent of all Internet traffic in North America travelled in and out of Amazon data centres.

The company also makes market-directing Kindle e-book readers. Amazon promotion of those devices has led to dramatic growth in e-book publishing and turned into a seriously disruptive force within the book-publishing market.

Amazon Relief Fund Grant Mission

Amazon Relief Fund Grant Mission

The Emergency help Foundation (EAF) is the oldest and greatest complete charity. With 10 years of experience, designed solely to administer global disaster and hardship relief funds, providing grants to individuals in need around the world.

We have an immense passion for what we do, and that we know that a lot of those we serve are experiencing severe financial hardship.

This understanding drives every interaction with our Applicants and Grant Recipients, also as our commitment to supporting our Fund Partners as they endeavour to assist their own.

How Amazon Relief Fund works

How Amazon relief fund and grants works can be the question you are battling with. We have a list that will enlighten you on how this fund works; just go through them


Many organizations always want to help their own during tough times. EAF allows these organizations to establish Disaster & Hardship Relief Funds that can award grants to individuals in need.

Each Fund is meant with a singular name, specific grant criteria, and an outlined Charitable Class (those eligible to use for a grant).



The Fund relies on donations made by the sponsoring organization and its partners, employees, and/or the overall public.

Donations are often made through a spread of methods and may be found out as one-time or recurring contributions. In the United States, all donations are tax-deductible.


Charitable Class members apply for financial help follow an unforeseen disaster or personal hardship. The dynamic, cloud-based grant application is often accessed via the Fund’s dedicated website.

It is confidential and provides a user-friendly experience. EAF’s Applicant Experience team assists applicants as needed throughout the entire process.


After they verified the applicant to be a Charitable Class member, EAF’s experienced grant reviewers perform an independent and aim review to work out grant eligibility supported the Fund’s criteria

Also, IRS regulations, and to make sure all required documentation has been received. The applicant is contacted if additional information is required.


When the initial application review is completed and all required and necessary information and documentation have been collected, an experienced internal control reviewer completes a final Quality Check and, therefore, the grant award amount is decided.

If a grant isn’t awarded, the applicant will receive evidence supported the Fund’s aim criteria and/or IRS regulations.


When a grant is awarded, the grant recipient receives a notification that has details associated with the grant amount and payment instructions.

Grants are seamlessly distributed domestically and internationally. Grants from the Fund are considered tax-free for grant recipients who are subject to us IRS tax regulations.

Qualification for Amazon Relief Fund Grant Application

Qualification for Amazon Relief Fund Grant Application

If you’re experiencing a private hardship or the consequences of a professional disaster, you’ll apply for a grant for financial help.

Please note that initially the Amazon Relief Fund is focused on supporting Amazon Flex Delivery Partners, Delivery Service Partner Delivery Associates, Temporary Associates employed by eligible staffing agencies, and drivers of eligible line haul partners under financial distress thanks to a COVID-19 diagnosis or quarantine.

Additional qualifying events for other eligible applicants will be available on the Amazon Relief Fund website as soon as possible.

Application Information for Amazon Relief Fund Grant

Please click the “APPLY” button to continue. Do not click the Register button on this page, albeit it’s your first time here. You will be ready to log in or create an account on the subsequent page.

Please note: This grant application is available only in English, Spanish (MX), French (France), French (Canada), German, Italian, Spanish (Spain) and Swedish. If you select another language, it will not be available.

Unfortunately, we cannot recommend employing a browser’s built-in translation function within the dynamic online grant application. The grant application has been carefully translated into the language, and that we have found that browsers’ capabilities cannot replicate this process within the platform.

â—Ź Apply Here

The Emergency help Foundation, Inc. will manage all fund activities, and when needed, assist applicants with their grant applications. Services LLC will not have any insight into the grant approval process unless a grant recipient shares his or her story.

Amazon Relief Fund for Disaster

Amazon Relief Fund for Disaster

As financial first responders, we must be resourceful and fearless to ensure that financial assistance reaches individuals in need quickly and efficiently, no matter the unique circumstances. We remain adaptable by harnessing technology, developing scalable platforms and procedures, and constantly evaluating and improving our processes.

Below are a few lists of some disasters and hardships we give out funds for;


1. Natural Disasters

2. Terrorist Actions

3. Presidentially Declared & Gov’t Declared Disasters

4. Disasters Resulting from Common Carrier Accidents


1. Serious Illness /Injury

2. Epidemic

3. DV

4. Domestic Abuse

5. Death

6. Deploy

7. Military Deployment

8. Impacts Primary Residence

Amazon Relief Fund Community Resources

The Emergency Assistance Foundation is here to help applicants through their challenging times.

Please click the link above for social service suggestions, educational courses that cover everything from disaster preparedness to financial education and more.

This fund has an initial donation of $25M USD from Amazon. The company will continue to make additional contributions to the fund as it’s needed.

While we aren’t expecting anyone to do so, you can make a voluntary donation to the fund if you desire to do so.

All donations to the fund at the Emergency help Foundation, Inc. are tax-deductible in the U.S. The EIN for the Emergency help Foundation is 45-1813056.

Natural Disaster Awareness

You can’t prevent natural disasters, but you can prepare and protect yourself with these resources.


Besides your relief fund grant, local resources are available to support you. No matter where you are located, it is as simple as typing in your zip code to learn more about items like:

1. Emergency Food

2. Housing

3. Goods (Baby Supplies)

4. Transportation

5. Health, Money

6. Adoption and Foster Care

7. Education

8. Work

9. Legal


EAF is partnering with SBP to provide access to top-notch E-Learning courses for individual’s disaster preparedness. SBP is a non-profit whose mission is to shrink the time between disaster and recovery.

Get to know how to protect your home before a disaster and how to avoid common pitfalls and maximize resources for recovery after a disaster.

Go through these interesting and interactive courses below with the critical information you need to know and the practical steps you can take to:

â—Ź Do I need Flood Insurance?

â—Ź The Truth About Mold

â—Ź Navigating Disaster Assistance

â—Ź Protect Yourself From Contractor Fraud

â—Ź Prepare & Protect Yourself From Wildfires


How comfortable are you with your financial education? Learn more today about your:

• Credit

• Financial Management

• Financial Confidence

• Unexpected Life Events


The Emergency Assistance Foundation, Inc. is a charity organization created to design and operate multiple employer-sponsored disaster relief and employee hardship funds.

These funds allow domestic and international employers and employees to help their coworkers in times of crisis.

EAF is a tax-exempt, public, non-profit organization with IRS approval specifically for Employee Hardship and Disaster Relief Funds which can be administered in the United States, Canada, Singapore, United Kingdom, Germany and internationally.

An Overview of an Emergency Assistance Foundation (EAF)

Emergency Assistance Foundation

Emergency Assistance Foundation can provide your company with the knowledge and experience to build a truly successful Employee Relief Fund.

EAF is the only disaster relief charity that has thoroughly researched the field, audited other programs, spoken publicly and published extensively on the topic.

It’s their job to make the process easy. When you partner with EAF to implement your employee-relief fund, you’ll work with an incredibly efficient, highly experienced team.

As a result, your employees will experience easy and straightforward applications and grant processes. Let’s get started.

EAF is a tax-exempt, public, non-profit organization with IRS approval specifically for Employee Hardship and Disaster Relief Funds which can be administered nationally and internationally.

â—Ź Official Websites


How to Launch a Relief Fund

Show your commitment to taking care of your own by launching a Relief Fund in just six simple steps;

Step One: Establish the Fund

Provide your company’s legal name, the chosen name of the Fund, the email of the person who will sign the agreement, and the estimated number of Charitable Class members (the individuals who will be eligible to apply for a grant).

After completing this step, you’ll be assigned a dedicated Relief Fund Senior Advisor who will guide you the rest of the way.

Step Two: Donate to the Fund

Make an initial donation to support the Fund’s launch. We’ll provide a variety of donation methods to choose from.

Step Three: Define the Fund’s Grant Criteria & Charitable Class

Establish the Fund’s grant criteria by determining:

• Who can apply for a grant?

• What occurred to make an applicant eligible for a grant?

• When can an application be submitted?

• How large of a grant can be requested?

Step Four: EAF Creates the Fund Website

A Fund website is essential to the success of the program. It houses:

• Additional resources.

• Access to the Fund’s donation portal

• The Fund’s donation and application of FAQs.

• A link to the Fund’s dynamic, cloud-based application.

• A dedicated phone number and email address for applicant support.

Step Five: Make Fund Administration Selections

Determine the essential basic information related to the design and administration of the Fund.

Step Six: Prepare For Education & Communication

FAQ documents can help educate your internal community about the Fund. Our model versions are based on the industry, their best practices, but can be changed to better align with your organization.

When completed, we will review your edits to make suggestions and identify any regulatory conflicts.

EAF Donor Bill of Right

EAF Donor Bill of Right

Voluntary action for the common good is based on charity. The primary quality of life is the tradition of giving and sharing.

To assure this charity merits the respect and trust of the public and that donors and prospective donors can have full confidence in the not-for-profit organizations and causes they are asked to support, we declare that all donors have these rights:

Mission- Donor Bill of Right

To be informed of the organization’s mission, of the way the organization intends to use donated resources, and of its capacity to use donations effectively for their intended purposes.

Boards- Donor Bill of Right

To be informed of the identity of those serving on the organization’s governing board, and to expect the board to exercise prudent judgment in its stewardship responsibilities.

Financial- Donor Bill of Right

To have access to the organization’s most recent financial statements.

Purpose- Donor Bill of Right

To be ensured that I will use their gifts for the purposes for which they were given.

Acknowledge- Donor Bill of Right

To receive acknowledgement and recognition.

Confidential- Donor Bill of Right

To be assured that information about their donations is handled with respect and with confidentiality to the extent provided by law.

Respect- Donor Bill of Right

To expect that all relationships with individuals representing organizations of interest to the donor will be professional.

App- Donor Bill of Right

To be informed whether those seeking donations are volunteers, employees of the organization, or hired solicitors.

List- Donor Bill of Right

Donors have the opportunity for their names to be deleted from mailing lists that an organization may intend to share.

Talk- Donor Bill of Right

Donors are free to ask questions when making a donation and to receive prompt, truthful, and forthright answers


Amazon Relief Fund Grant Application FAQS

Amazon Relief Fund Grant Application FAQS

What is the Amazon Relief Fund?

The Amazon Relief Fund was created with a $25M USD donation from Amazon to assist individuals who are experiencing financial hardship immediately after a natural disaster or an unexpected personal hardship?

Over time, this fund will support our employees and contractors around the world. Financial hardships from other qualifying events, like a natural disaster, the government declares an emergency grant for unforeseen personal hardship.

Who can Apply for Help from the Fund?

At first, the Fund was always specialising in qualifying individuals who are quarantined or diagnosed with COVID-19. Please note that each country varies the eligible populations.

Initial qualifying individuals include Amazon Flex Delivery Partners, Service Partner Delivery Associates, Temporary Associates employed by qualifying staffing Agencies, and drivers for line-haul carrier partners.

All Amazon employees who are quarantined by a government or Amazon representative or diagnosed with COVID-19 certified by a medical professional will receive up to 2 paid weeks off, which is unrelated to the Fund.

Why is the fund limited to certain groups at launch?

We’re working as fast as we will face up this program for all eligible audiences. For the primary few days or weeks, we’ll focus the Fund on audiences affiliated with Amazon that aren’t receiving financial help from other sources. Additional qualifying events for other eligible applicants are going to be available on the Amazon Relief Fund website as soon as possible.

How Much Money Can Someone Receive from the Fund?

It will depend upon things and the applicant’s location. They’re going to receive information about the potential grant amount as they are going through the web application and approval process at, available in multiple languages.

What are the Standards to Qualify for a Grant?

Grant approval is assumed on many factors. The first criteria for eligibility are being a member of one of the qualifying individual groups, having the required qualifying documentation for the event, and being financially impacted by the event.

How Can I Apply for a Grant from the Amazon Relief Fund?

1. To get started, go to the official websites at and click on the “Apply for a Grant” button.

2. Your initiative is going to be to register and you will receive an application link. You’ll then complete and submit your application online.

3. If there are follow-up questions regarding your application, EAF will contact you within two business days.

4. Once the application is complete with all supporting documentation and has skilled the review process, you’ll receive an email letting you know if your application is approved or not approved.

5. Approximately 2-3 business days after your award notification email, you’ll receive another email from Emergency Assistance Foundation, Inc. confirming the grant award.

6. If you are in the U.S. you’ll receive an eCheck via your email, which you have to print out and cash. If you are outside of the U.S. grants are paid within the quickest and least expensive mode possible, including online payments to individual bank accounts, PayPal, or other services.

What does “Unable to Figure Thanks to the Event” Means?

An applicant is “unable to figure thanks to the event” once they cannot work out for five or more consecutive days.

What Expenses Aren’t Covered?

The sole supported expense is “unable to figure thanks to the event”. Over time, we will add additional qualifying expenses.

Are funds received as a Grant Taxable?

Grants received within the U.S. aren’t considered a part of your taxable income. Outside of the U.S. They may or might not be taxable. Any payment you receive could also be subject to tax. It is your own responsibility to manage your tax affairs regarding any payment you’ll receive from the Fund.

Do I even have to Repay the Grant?

No. Amounts granted under the Fund aren’t loans and don’t need to be repaid.

Will my Information remain Confidential?

Yes. Your personal information is mere won’t determine your eligibility for a grant and to determine the grant amount to be made. Emergency reviews applications to the Fund help Foundation, Inc. any personal information received as a part of your application isn’t shared with Amazon, regardless if your application is approved or not.

Can I apply on behalf of another Individual?

No. If you think that a co-worker would enjoy the Amazon Relief Fund, please pass along Fund Information in order that he or she will follow up. Within the case of a private who is incapacitated, a family member or manager can apply on the individual’s behalf.

The Amazon Emergency Fund (AEF),

The Amazon Emergency Fund (AEF) may be a newly formed coalition of 30+ indigenous Amazonian federations and non-governmental organizations working in partnership to deliver humanitarian aid to communities affected by the novel coronavirus within the Amazon basin.

We work by combining resources and collaborating to direct rapid response grants to indigenous and forest peoples and grassroots organizations within the Amazon who are calling upon the worldwide community to face in solidarity with them during this emergency.

â—Ź For more Information Click Here

Amazon Relief Fund Grant can go a long way for you if you are a victim of any natural disaster or any financial hardship, even if you aren’t the victim you can help another person by sharing this article on different social media platforms.

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