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Top 10 Best Australian Youtubers 2022 and Handles

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– Top 10 Best Australian Youtubers 2022 –

Australians are well-known for their ability to enjoy, particularly at their own expenditure. With negligent and optimistic attitudes, the main attribute these Australian vloggers have in common is risking everything to turn their passion and creativity into a full-time job, thereby providing us with laughs, suggestions, and enlightening programs.

Australian YouTubers

Here are the 10 best Australian YouTubers to watch, like, and subscribe:

1. Lauren Curtis

Miss Curtis is a YouTube beauty royalty. With over 1,849,500 views, her make-up tutorials and well-known for being extremely comprehensive, making them perfect for even the most inexperienced make-up fan.

Since hitting over three million subscribers, she also focuses on matter-of-fact life advice, especially when it comes to those pesky boys (according to her).

2. Wendy Huang

This Chinese-Australian beauty aims for variety in her channel. She started her fashion makeup-and-lifestyle blog as a hobby, but since reaching over seven million subscribers, she is now into everything from makeup tutorials and life hacks to DIY projects.

She uses and reviews an immense range of products worldwide, from Asia to Eastern Europe and emphasizes on engaging with her loyal subscribers. She changes her hair color weekly, so it’s worth subscribing just for that.

3. HowToBasic

As the name implies, this channel is devoted to telling people how to do tasks such as unlock a door with a banana and how to install a toilet. However, while they are named mundanely, the videos often concluded with alarming, erratic movements, and raw eggs are involved frequently.

I can’t quite explain how the channel draws you in the way it does, but it’s unusually addictive; check out ‘How to Quickly Defrost a Turkey’ next thing you know, it’ll be four hours later.

4. Troye Sivan

This list wouldn’t be complete without mentioning Troye Sivan. He was born in South Africa but raised in Australia; he gained popularity in 2005 with his self-made music videos.

He was later ‘discovered’, and went on to perform in broadcasted talent shows, and in 2015 he launched his debut album, and today his channel has over 250 million views.

He also uses his channel to raise awareness on lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender/transsexual, intersex and queer/questioning (LGBTIQ) issues, and his music videos often feature LGBTIQ relationships.

5. Planet Dolan

Probably the highest in educational value, Danger Dolan presents short videos about life and the world, narrated with deadpan facial expressions and a slow tone of voice.

The topics of the videos range from the ‘The World’s Scariest Jobs’ to ‘15 Things You Didn’t Know Were Illegal to Do in Public’.

He has up to 23,178 views, and he recently published an eBook featuring physical lists of his most popular topics.

6. Janoskians

A rather controversial group, the Melbourne-based Janoskians (Just Another Name Of Silly Kids In Another Nation) began posting their pranks and skits in 2011.

While they’ve been criticized for occasionally taking their acts too far, that hasn’t stopped them from having a massive international fan base, known as the Janoskianators.

7. SuperWog

In Australia, nothing is valued more than a person who can make fun of themselves. Brothers Theo and Nathan Saddian were raised by an Egyptian father and a Greek-Egyptian mother and began their comedy careers by impersonating their parents at a youthful age.

They used to laugh at their mother’s eccentrics, and it eventually progressed into them poking fun at their own lives and culture and posting it online so the rest of the world could laugh along with them.

8. SketchShe

This cheeky sketch channel is made up of three Aussie women combining their love of music and comedy.

Easy and entertaining to watch, the trio first went viral with their sketch ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’, and their follow up ‘Mime Through Time’ where they employed quick costume changes to re-enact hit songs from the last 70 years while seated in their car.

It catapulted them to international recognition. Appearing on Ellen, the girls said they use the bare minimum to produce their videos, such as taping an iPhone into a bra on the dashboard.

9. Charli’s Crafty Kitchen

The channel’s original purpose was to create an easy and relatable kids’ baking channel. The nine-year-old Charli and her trusty taste tester, seven-year-old sister Ashlee, soon found their audience base skyrocketing.

Concocted in the small town of Ormeau in Queensland, they have nearly half a million followers of all ages and rake in more revenue than Jamie Oliver’s cooking channel.

The sisters will soon become your favorite cooking personalities, with their fun recipes (strawberry, marshmallow pops, and homemade sour candy) and their adorable demeanors.

10. Ozzy Man Reviews

If you want an authentic taste of an Australian perspective on current affairs, look no further than Ozzy Man. Fond of the words ‘strewth’ and ‘tinny’, if you want a short course in Aussie slang, give this guy a ‘squiz’.

The man behind the personality is Perth-based comedian Ethan Marrell, who started by making a few videos here and there, stamped with his unique brand of satirical comedy and parodies.

Next thing, he was juggling over 5.4 million followers on YouTube and Facebook. His Ozzy Man Reviews are down-to-earth hilarious, and perfect to tune into when you’ve had a stressful day.

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