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Best Audiobooks 2022: Five Best Selling Categories this Month

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Here are some of the best audiobooks of all time, which include memoirs, classics, and the hottest new releases.

A great way to keep your mind and body busy is to listen to audiobooks while doing the dishes, running errands, or taking a long walk.

Audiobooks are more popular than ever, especially in today’s hectic and stressful environment when there isn’t always time to sit down and read a physical book.

Best Audiobooks


Best Audiobooks

Check out this list of amazing audiobooks to listen to. So get your headset ready!!

1. The Dutch House by Ann Patchett

The Dutch House follows the story of Danny Conroy and is expertly narrated by the legendary Tom Hank.

Siblings Danny and Maeve are expelled from the opulent home their father had purchased several years before, the titular Dutch House, following a series of sad occurrences.

No matter how much happiness and security they manage to build for themselves in the next decades, this string of losses has shaken them so badly

So much that every time they see each other, the two of them return to sit together across from the Dutch House

The narrative that follows is a grand family tale about loss, maturation, and discovering one’s place in the world.

2. Slouching Towards Bethlehem by Diane Keaton

The narration of one of Joan Didion’s most renowned books comes from none other than Diane Keaton. That should be all that needs to be stated.

This collection of Didion’s articles, which was first published in 1968, provides a close-up view of California in the 1960s, 1960s America, and Didion’s distinctive voice.

3. The Emperor of All Maladies by Siddhartha Mukherjee

A book with the subtitle “A Biography of Cancer” may not seem like the most lighthearted reading, and you would be correct.

 However, it doesn’t make it any less excellent. Siddhartha Mukherjee does a wonderful job of tracing the history of this complicated illness, fusing tales from his own oncology career into the narrative.

It succeeds exactly because it never loses sight of the characters at the center of the narrative

The researchers who persisted and discovered cures in unexpected places, as well as the patients and their families who faced extinction

4. Little Fires Everywhere by Celeste Ng

Celeste Ng has you covered if you’re seeking a riveting family drama to read after binge-watching the captivating Hulu version of Little Fires Everywhere.

The Richardsons, a picture-perfect family from the picture-perfect neighborhood of Shaker Heights, Ohio, are the subject of this novel.

When Mia Warren and her daughter, Pearl, move into the Richardsons’ rental home, their lives are completely upended.

These rebellious individuals started a series of events that forever altered the Richardsons’ perspective on life and their understanding of what it means to act morally.

5. The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt

Theo, a 13-year-old kid who has experienced a traumatic loss, is introduced in this coming-of-age book by literary titan Donna Tartt.

Following this, he develops a fixation on a picture, which would ultimately cause him to choose a completely different course in life.

The Goldfinch follows Theo as he grows up and explores the seedy corners of the art world.

It should be noted that the audio version requires a significant time commitment and clocks in at over 32 hours

Although you won’t feel that way because of the complex character details, captivating language choices, and intensely intimate suspense.

6. Tremors in the Blood by Amit Katwala

This audiobook relates the true story of two murders one in Chicago in 1935 and the other in San Francisco in 1922 and how they relate to the invention of the polygraph machine.

Matt Reeves provides the spine-tingling narration. The book explains how the creators of the lie detector a rookie cop, a young magician, and a visionary police chief ended up unleashing a force;

They couldn’t control by fusing true-crime elements, dramatic gunfights, and courtroom drama with science and history.


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