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Best Paying Jobs in Energy (2022 Top List)

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Are you trying to find a fulfilling career to pursue? See this list of the best-paying jobs in the energy sector.

Best Paying Jobs in Energy

An energy professional’s work is crucial. And working in this industry can be rewarding on a personal and professional level.

The labor that professionals in the energy sector do is fairly compensated. Additionally, these jobs are frequently in high demand.

What is an Energy Job?

An energy sector is a group of equities that includes businesses engaged in the discovery and development of oil, gas, drilling, and refining as well as the production and distribution of energy.

Also included in the energy sector are integrated power utilities and renewable energy.


Best Paying Jobs in Energy

Here are some of the best-paying energy careers available today.

1. Geoscientists

Best Paying Jobs in Energy

Geoscientists research the Earth’s physical features. Geoscientists are frequently engaged by energy businesses in the energy sector.

They typically assist in the effective and safe extraction of petroleum from the Earth.

They could also work for regulatory organizations that develop the laws governing the mining of raw minerals.

A bachelor’s degree is typically required for entry-level geoscientist positions. A master’s degree, however, frequently makes it easier to demand a larger income.

Average Salary


2. Civil Engineer

best paying jobs in energy

In the energy industry, civil engineers hold a variety of responsibilities in the fields of construction, design, and research.

They gather information, conduct surveys, write reports, make maps, and gather data to assist energy corporations in project planning.

They aid in the creation of high-quality structures that meet government requirements for the energy sector.

Average Salary


3. Solar Photovoltaic Installer

best paying jobs in energy

A solar photovoltaic installer can be your best option if you’re seeking excellent entry-level environmental jobs and are willing to put in some serious work.

These experts put up solar panels and other devices on structures, converting sunshine into electrical energy.

You don’t need a college degree for this position, in contrast to the majority of the positions on this list.

Instead, a vocational program or on-the-job training can frequently work.

Average Salary


4. Financial Analyst

best paying jobs in energy

Working with renewable energy firms as a financial analyst allows you to manage the finance division, keep tabs on energy expenditure, pay staff, and resolve potential financial problems.

Their abilities as financial analysts can assist the business in developing the appropriate energy product in the appropriate market

They make wiser judgments on expansion and ensure that everything is being done to increase earnings.

Average Salary

$ 85,439

5. Site Assessor

Site Assessor

An excellent site assessor is crucial to the energy industry. Site assessors are among the most paid energy professionals, as a result.

Site assessors visit potential sites for energy generation on-site. For instance, they can appear to evaluate the suitability of a potential site for a solar farm.

Or they might visit a location for a brand-new oil rig. These experts assess if a specific location is suitable for an energy company using their special skill set.

Of course, they should also consider whether to allocate resources to it. A bachelor’s degree or certification are prerequisites for the position of site assessor.

Average Salary


6. Wind Farm Site Manager

best paying jobs in Energy

As a manager or engineer for a wind farm, you are in charge of managing the site’s wind energy harvesting.

Since strong leadership qualities are necessary for this position, you are also in charge of managing the staff sent to these wind farm locations.

Engineers or managers of wind farms must make sure that electrical energy is produced from wind power while maintaining the equipment’s integrity and safety.

Average Salary

$ 110,630

7. Software Developer

best paying jobs in energy

Many energy activities require specialized software. It makes it possible to adjust how power plants run, solar panels work, wind turbines collect energy, and many other things.

You might land one of the highest paying positions in the energy industry if you decide to focus your software developer career in this manner and are open to earning a Bachelor’s degree.

Average Salary


8. Petroleum Engineer

petroleum engineer

Some of the highest-paying jobs in the energy sector are currently available for petroleum engineers. Oil and gas engineers support the search for and exploitation of petroleum resources.

Occasionally, this entails developing more effective extraction or refining methods. Sometimes it entails assisting in the search for fresh oil and gas reserves.

Petroleum engineers are essential to both our economy and the oil and gas sector. They may work on-site or in offices.

To begin on this professional path, all you need is a bachelor’s degree in petroleum engineering.

Average Salary


9. Chemical Engineer

chemical engineer

The chemical industry relies heavily on chemical engineers. Since the development of battery technologies, they have become very popular in the energy industry.

Energy corporations and automakers are increasingly looking for ways to store large amounts of energy. Chemical engineers contribute to the creation of chemical solutions for battery technology.

As a result, persons working in the energy sector are crucial to creating tomorrow’s energy solutions.

Chemical engineering is one of the highest-paying careers in the energy sector due to the tremendous demand for this specialty.

Average Salary


10. Aerospace Engineer

best paying jobs in energy

Consider a career in aerospace engineering if you’re interested in creating aircraft and weapons.

In the energy industry, aeronautical engineers do aerodynamic analyses and assist in the production of turbine blades.

Radar, satellites, and communication systems are all designed by aerospace engineers.

Average Salary


Which Energy Resource Jobs Pay the Best Salaries?

The job in renewable energy that pays the most is aerospace engineering.

Aerospace engineers make a median salary of $118,610, which is more than the national median compensation for all US occupations, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Does the Energy Sector Pay Well?

Pay in the energy industry is fiercely competitive. Professionals in this field require particular education, training, and skills.

The average hourly wage for skilled or technical energy jobs is therefore $25.60.

This is 34% more than the hourly median wage for the entire country.

Is Energy a Good Career Path?

Energy-related jobs typically pay handsomely. Renewable energy employment provides some of the highest-paying positions in the power generation industry.

However, there are lots of conventional energy occupations that also pay extremely well.

The median annual salary for workers in the energy sector, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), is between $80,000 and $100,000.

What Degree is Best for Renewable Energy?

A bachelor’s in chemistry is among the greatest degrees to choose from if you want to work in the renewable energy industry.

You might think about concentrating in forensic science, biochemistry, chemical engineering, or bioinformatics. Normally, it takes four years to earn this degree.

How do I Get into the Energy Industry?

If you’re interested in entering the energy industry, follow these steps to get started:

1. Choose a functional area

2. Earn credentials

3. Join a professional association

4. Look for entry-level opportunities


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