Miracle Igbokwe's Biography, Full Profile, and Current Photos in 2022 : Current School News

Miracle Igbokwe’s Biography, Full Profile, and Current Photos in 2022

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– Miracle Igbokwe’s Biography –

Do you want to know about Miracle’s life beyond BBN? Let’s go through the official biography of arguably Big Brother Naija’s most controversial housemate before Tacha, Miracle.

Meanwhile, check out his age, birth, career, education, marital status, and his full profile as we read further.

Facts About Miracle Igbokwe

Miracle’s real name is Miracle Igbokwe, he was born on February 17, 1995. Miracle attended the International Aviation College (IAC) and the Nigerian College of Aviation Technology, Zaria. He finished Dee’s unique International High School.

Newly graduated from aviation school, Miracle flies into the House with his pilot license firmly in hand. He feels grateful for everything in life as he knows how financially difficult it was to get there.

Miracle’s love of dancing and camping is only parallel by his sense of fashion, especially his skinny jeans. Miracles hate inequality and say he’s not in the game for the money.

Miracle Igbokwe’s Career

Miracle seems to have the proverbial Midas touch. Thus, he assumes a near-perfect state in almost every endeavor. Miracle is indeed one to watch out for in the industry.

In fact, he has featured in several top fashion runways across the country. Notably, he took part in the ECOWAS Fashion Week. Also, he made the top 5  at the Mr. Universe Nigeria 2014 pageantry.

Someone presently signed him on ISIS Model Management.


  1. Traveling
  2. Dancing
  3. Camping
  4. Fashion.

BBN unveiled Miracle as a housemate on Sunday 28 January. He claims he is not in the game for the money. Despite this, he hopes to entertain throughout his stay.

However, Miracle is toeing the line of Thin Tall Tony of the BBN Season 2. This follows a series of pictures with a ring on his fourth finger.

But in a swift move, his elder brother Samuel debunked the marriage allegations on his behalf. He claims the ring belongs to him, that Miracle only borrowed it.

FAQs About Miracle

What irritates you most in other people?

People being fake, makes me not trust them.

What will you bring into the BB House?

 I want to bring confusion among the ladies.

What will you do with the prize money?

I’ll use part of the money to further my pilot training and the rest to help my family.

His Instagram Handle is: @miracleikechukwu
His Facebook Profile is Miracle Igbokwe.
His Twitter Profile is @Miracle860.

Current Photos of Miracle Igbokwe

Miracle Igbokwe

Miracle Igbokwe's current photos

Miracle Igbokwe's Biography

Latest News

They recently embroiled Miracle in a drama when a wedding band was spotted on his ring finger, in some old photos Nigerians dug up.

His brother, Samuel, has already debunked claims of his marriage. He also explained how the ring on his finger came to be.

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