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January 2022 Sweet Names to Call Your Boyfriend that are Lovely

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– Sweet Names to Call Your Boyfriend – 

Are there any special sweet names you call your boyfriend? Do you call him by his name or by some common, regular tags? If yes, you are completely lagging behind in your sense of romance. In the abundance of sweet names to call your boyfriends, what possible reasons could you have for using regular names?

237 Sweet Names to Call Your Boyfriend that are Fancy and Lovely

It might be that, you don’t know how valuable these sweet names are to your boyfriend. Using sweet names to call your boyfriend makes him give you more attention and readily respond to your needs. You may be surprised at the great effects that sweet names can have on your boyfriend.

Assuming you wanted to ask for a favor or tell him something quite serious, you may need to try using some sweet names to call your boyfriend.

This will make him inclined to meeting your needs and agreeing to your pleas.  In the following sessions of this article, you will find special sweet names to call your boyfriend.

Very Sweet Names to Call Your Boyfriend

Very Sweet Names to Call Your Boyfriend

1. Adonis – Adonis is the God of beauty in Greek Mythology.

2. Alpha – Perfect name for someone who is a born leader.

3. Amore Mio – Italian for ‘my love.’

4. Angel – Perfect for a sweet boyfriend. You can use variations like My Guardian Angel, My Only Angel, Angel Face, etc., depending on the intended meaning.

5. Apple – A perfect fruity nickname for boyfriend.

6. Babe – This classic boyfriend nickname has never lost its appeal.

7. Baby – Not to be confused with Babe, Baby is a nickname for a boyfriend you look out for. A popular variation is Baby Boy.

8. Baby Doll – An excellent pet name for a cute boyfriend.

9. Bad Boy – Ideal for a rebellious boyfriend.

10. Bambino – Translates to baby in Italian.

11. Bear – If your boyfriend is big and powerful, then you won’t go wrong calling him a bear.

12. Bello – Good sounding nickname that means ‘Good looking male’ in Italian.

13. Beloved – Simply means the loved one.

14. Bonito – Bonito translates to handsome in Portuguese.

15. Boo – Another classic pet name for boyfriends.

16. Boypren – Translates to boyfriend in Tagalog.

17. Bright Eyes – You love it when he looks at you. Show him that using this nickname.

18. . Bun – A short, unique, but cute nickname for boyfriend.

19. Bunches – As in he is you Bunches of joy.

20. Butter Biscuit – He is a softie.

21. Button – This nickname can refer to the cuteness of buttons but it can also be sexually suggestive like you want him to unbutton your pants right away.

22. Buzz – Ideal for a simple boyfriend.

23. Casanova – Ideal for a sweet and romantic boyfriend.

24. Charming – Self-explanatory.

25. Cherub – Perfect for a sweet, romantic, and cute boyfriend.

26. Chief – If your boyfriend loves to take charge of the relationship, Chief would be an apt nickname for him.

27. Cookie – As sweet as a cookie.

28. Cowboy– Appropriate for a wild and rugged boyfriend.

29. Cuddles – Appropriate for a boyfriend who loves to cuddle.

30. Darling – Another classic and straightforward nickname for boyfriend.

31. Dearie – You can call him Dearie if you don’t want to sound too cute.

32. Dilruba – Means, king of hearts in Hindi.

33. Doll – Ideal for an unbearably stunning boyfriend. Doll Face is a common variation.

34. Dream boy -Tells him that he is the man of your dreams.

35. Dumpling – Ideal for a tasty boyfriend.

36. Ecstasy – Resonates with feelings of ecstasy.

37. Emperor – Nearly similar to Captain or Chief.

38. Foxy – Foxy is a great name for a truly inspirational boyfriend.

39. Giggles – Perfect for a boyfriend who’s always happy.

40. G-man – simply means gorgeous man.

41. Gorgeous – Self-explanatory.

42. Guapo – Cute-sounding word that stands for ‘Good Looking’ in Spanish.

43. Handsome – Another self-explanatory yet still sweet boyfriend pet name.

44. Heart Throb – Does his presence make your heart skip a bit? Then this is the perfect nickname for him.

45. Hercules – A great name for a strong boyfriend.

46. Hero – Is he brave enough to catch a grenade for you? Then he’s definitely your hero.

47. Honey – A classic boyfriend nickname that means sweet and charming.

48. Honey Badger – A sweet boyfriend who also has a dark side.

49. Honey Bear – He’s sweet and charming but he’s also huge and powerful.

Nice Couple

50. Honey Bee – If he’s cute and cuddly but also fairly industrious, then Honey Bee will suit him.

51. Honeysuckle – A popular term of endearment that implies sweetness. Another similar word is ‘honeysop’.

52. Hot Chocolate – Use this to tell him that he is a perfect mix of hot and sweet.

53. Hot Stuff – Ideal for an incredibly hot boyfriend.

54. Hun – One of the shortest but cutest boyfriend nicknames ever.

55. Hunnydew – A cute word formed by combining the words, ‘honey’ and ‘dew’.


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56. Jammy – Ideal for a lucky dude.

57. Jellybean – Perfect for a boyfriend who’s sweet and adorable, just like Jellybean.

58. Jock – If he loves sports, Jock is a suitable name for him.

59. Knave – Perfect for a naughty boyfriend.

60. Knight in Shining Armor – This boyfriend nickname may be a bit long but it’s still very impactful. It refers to a man who will always rescue you from distress.

61. Knock Out – An excellent name for a stunning boyfriend.

62. Love – Love may sound plain but this nickname is deep. Other variations include Lovey and My Love.

63. Mi Amor – Spanish for ‘my love’

64. Monkey – This boyfriend’s pet name may come across as mean, but monkey is perfect for a cheeky and naughty boyfriend.

65. Mr. Right – If he’s the guy after your heart, then he’s definitely your Mr. Right. You can even choose to abbreviate this as M.R.

66. Muffin – This means he’s the first thing you want to encounter each morning.

67. My All – Call him using this nickname if he fulfills all your needs.

68. My King – Great nick if he calls you his queen.

69. My Smilemaker – Perfect for someone who makes you smile when you are feeling down.

70. My World – If your world literally revolves around him (or the other way around), then this name would be apt.

71. Naughty – Yes, he’s naughty but you love it that way.

72. Oreo – Suitable for a charming boyfriend.

73. Pancake – Who doesn’t love pancakes?

74. Peachy – This is a welcome alternative to Honey.

75. Popeye – Suitable for a strong and powerful boyfriend.

76. Prince Charming – Call him this nickname if he’s the dude who stole your heart.

77. Pudding Pie – Another perfect name for a sweet boyfriend.

78. Pumpkin – A simple yet adorable boyfriend pet name.

79. Quackers – Appropriate for a boyfriend who’s sweet but somewhat weird.

80. Randy – Means horny, which makes it quite suggestive.

81. Romeo – Perfect for a romantic guy.

82. Sexy – Ideal for a sexually seductive boyfriend.

83. Shortie – A sweet boyfriend nickname that’s popular in North America.

84. Sinta – Cute-sounding word that translates to honey in Tagalog.

85. Soul Mate – Means you’re destined to be together.

86. Sugar – Sugar is appropriate for a sweet boyfriend. Sugar Lips is a variation for a great kisser.

87. Superstar – He’s the hero you’ve always been looking for.

88. Sweetie – This is one of the most classic pet names for boyfriends, and the meaning is self-explanatory.

89. Teddy Bear – Means he’s the dude you’re always dying to hold tight in your arms.

90. Tiger – Call him Tiger if he satisfies you sexually.

91. Ultimate – Means he embodies everything you could ever want in a boyfriend.

92. Vita mia – Translates to ‘My Life’, in Italian.

93. Winkie – Ideal for an incredibly adorable guy.

94. Wonder Boy – Means he’s cute and a little mysterious.

95.  Yummy – You just want to ‘eat’ him anytime.

96. Zorro – Appropriate for a strong, silent boyfriend.

Alluring and Sweet Names to Call Your Boyfriend

Alluring and Sweet Names to Call Your Boyfriend

1. Amore – This a Spanish word, but since people use it often, we all know its meaning. Of course, the meaning of this popular Spanish term of endearment is ‘love’. It also has another very sweet variant; Mi Amor.

2. Baby Boo – This is another perfect name to call your boyfriend. It shows him that he is special and that you only call him in this way.

3. Babycakes – Is there a sweeter word than this? I don’t think so! If you want your man to have the most unique contact name, try calling him this and see if he takes to it.

4. Bae – This is one of the most common cute names for your boyfriend. Most women use it because it shows that they are into someone in an easy way. It shows that you belong to someone and that you enjoy being in their company.

5. Bubba – By giving him this nickname, you are showing him that he is not just a random person in your life.

6. Casanova – If you’re dating an incredibly charming man who has the ability to sweep you off your feet every day with his charm, here’s a classic but very cute name to call your boyfriend.

7. Champ – If your man has won your heart and you don’t want any other man in your life, this nickname will be a perfect fit for him. He will feel supreme because he championed the heart of a beautiful and sweet girl like you and will consider you as the best thing that happened to him.

8. Deary/Darling  – You will probably use this name if you think your man is the best person alive. Calling him Deary or Darling will just show your affection and unconditional love. You can call him this in every situation and he’ll be glad to hear it every time.

9. Foxy – Foxy is the same as hottie and it is a great way to compliment your man. It will boost his ego and make him feel desirable.

10. Gorgeous – This is a great nickname for your boyfriend and it won’t only show him your love for him in a sexual context, but romantic too. Trust me, to a real man, that will be more important than calling him a hottie.

To the right one, the word gorgeous will define all that he’s craving to hear from his loved one. It’s cute and guys feel nice when they hear it from their partners.

11. Honey Bee – He is your Honey Bee, the only man you love to snuggle with. This nickname suits him perfectly well because he is all that you have always wanted.

12. Hot Stuff – It probably is because as soon as you see your boyfriend you have the urge to take off your clothes right away. That’s why you call him Hot Stuff, since every time you go near him you feel an enormous urge to take him to bed. I just hope he is worthy of this nickname, but that is something only you know!

13. Hubby – Even though the nickname Hubby is mostly used as an informal term for a husband, it’s also an adorable idea for your boyfriend’s pet name.

If you feel ready to take your relationship to the next level and want to say it to your man, it would be best to start calling him ‘ Hubby ‘ and do it in a not-so-direct way. Your husband-to-be will surely be delighted with his new nickname.

14. My Heart – This is one of the sweetest nicknames for your boyfriend. Calling him My Heart means showing him he is a part of you.

15. My Lion – If your man knows how to please you in bed, you will call him this, considering him to be a sexual beast who can fulfill all your sexual fantasies. Giving him this nickname will just make him feel good about himself. His ego will probably be so inflated, but that is what you wanted in the first place, right – naughty!

16. My Love – This is a great contact name for your boyfriend. It says it all and he will feel so loved and good when being with you.

17. My Precious – If you call your boyfriend this, it means that he is something that you certainly don’t want to lose. It is a sign that your man is everything you’ve been dreaming of and that a life with him is like a fairy tale.

18. My Soulmate – This is the most romantic and the cutest nickname you can use for your boyfriend. When you tell him that he is your soulmate, he’ll realize you are serious about the two of you. He’ll know that you want a long-term relationship with him and that you love and care for him. And that’s what every man wants, right?

19. My World – Calling your man My World will show him that he is everything you need to be happy. He will be in seventh heaven for having someone like you in his life. You will see it by the affection and love he gladly provides you. And that is what every girl wants in the end, right?

20. Papa Bear – I’m sure your man is cuddly, warm and also, your biggest protector. That’s why he deserves this powerful, yet very sweet pet name.

21. Papi – This nickname fits a hot man, so if you call him this, he’s probably as hot as hell. It means that you’re having a great time with him and you love resting your body against his strong muscles. Ay mi papi, muy caliente!

22. Playboy – Oh, yes, I think this is a pet name that almost every man wants to hear from a woman he loves. Even though this nickname has some negative connotations, it also stands for a very handsome guy who simply enjoys life to the fullest. And trust me, a playboy can also fall in love and commit to one woman for the rest of his life.

23. Pooh – This is a nickname for your boyfriend that will make him feel lovely. Since it is not so common, he will be glad you put some effort into thinking of something unique for him.

24. Pumpkin – This is a perfect nickname for a boyfriend who is a little podgy but as sweet and cute as a pumpkin. If you call your man this, he will like it because it will make him feel good in his own skin.

25. Rockstar – Here’s a very cute name to call your boyfriend and show him how much you actually admire him. Or simply, if you’re dating a famous rock musician, this will be a perfect pet name for your guy.

26. Sexy – If you call your guy sexy, it means that you mean just that. You think your man is hot as hell and you want to sleep with him. You like being in his company and all that time that you two spend together is so precious for you.

On the other hand, he’ll love it and it’ll boost his ego. In that way, you will have a happy man by your side, plus you’ll feel good for making him feel that way.

27. Stud Muffin – Since you already call him Stud Muffin, it means that he’s found a great way to impress you, right? He must have done something very special for you and you just can’t believe what an amazing boyfriend you have.

This popular nickname for guys has Italian roots. It actually derived from a famous Italian womanizer, Giacomo Casanova, who was known for his art of seducing women.

28. Wonderboy – If you call him your Wonderboy, it means he’s the miracle you’ve been waiting for for so long. Not only will you make him feel special if you call him like that but you will feel great to have someone you can always count on.

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Romantic and Sweet Names to Call Your Boyfriend

1. Adorable – This is another lovely name for your boyfriend that will make him feel special. Maybe you won’t be using this nickname as often as sweetie, for example, but using it here and there will remind him how important he is to you. Then you tell him he is adorable, he will be euphoric and only think about being with you again.

2. Amante – Translated from French, the word ‘amante’ means lover. So, it’s no wonder I placed this sweet French pet name in this list of cute names to call your boyfriend.

This adorable nickname simply shouts that you’ve fallen head over heels in love with your man. He’ll surely accept it immediately and be very happy about his new nickname.

3. Angel Eyes – If your man has beautiful eyes, you can always compliment him by calling him angel eyes. He will be glad because eyes are the mirror of the soul. If you like his eyes, you will like his soul as well.

4. Apple Of My Eye – I’m sure we have all heard for this term of endearment but that doesn’t make it any less special. This lovely nickname will simply prove to your man how much he truly means to you.

Giving your man this nickname will show that you love and cherish him above everything and everyone else. It’s truly one of the sweetest pet names for a loved one.

5. Beau – Here’s a short but very cute name to call your boyfriend. Also, the word ‘ beau ‘ means handsome in French, so I’m sure your man will like it.

6. Better Half – If he is your better half then there isn’t anything else that is more important than that. Every nickname will suit him well because of his feelings for you.

7. Boo Bear – If you want to spend the rest of your life with your boyfriend, then this nickname will fit him perfectly. It’ll make him feel great because he has someone who will be proud enough to call him that even if the two of you are in public.

It is definitely a sign of great love and affection. He is your Boo Bear that you like to cuddle with the most and there isn’t anyone happier than you.

8. Cutie – This one is reserved for all those couples who’ve just started dating. If you call your boyfriend cutie, it means that you are heel over heels and that both of you are still in the puppy phase.

Everything seems so perfect and you believe nothing can go wrong. Most of all, you want your man to feel great, so giving him different nicknames is what you enjoy most. But calling him cutie is something that hits home for you.

9. Cutie Patootie – This is really a pet name you give someone who is that cute that you simply want to squish that person up, stick them in your pocket and bring them everywhere with you. It’s definitely one of the sweetest nicknames you can give to your beloved man.

10. Cutie Pie – If he is your cutie pie, you’ve given him the perfect name. Every man wants to be pampered from time to time and cutie pie is a great name to make him feel that way.

11. Eye Candy – You know what you do with candies, right? You gobble them up! And that’s what you want to do with your cute boy since he is so delectable.

By calling him Eye Candy, you are showing him that you love the way he looks and how he treats you, and that there’s no other place you’d rather be than in his handsome arms.

12. Heart Breaker – Here’s a sweet, romantic nickname for your guy. It simply means that you find him very attractive and handsome. A guy for whom many other women are crazy about but he can’t reciprocate to any of them because he simply has eyes only for you.


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13. Honey Bear – Just like the cute nickname before, this one shows how much you are in love with your man.  It tells him that you like everything about him and that you feel great when you are with him.

When you tell him he is your Honey Bear, you are sending the cutest message ever. You are showing him that you love him and that you care.

14. Honey Bunny/ Honey Bun – This is one of the sweetest nicknames of them all. If you have a girlfriend who calls you Honey Bunny, you should consider yourself lucky because she is creative and will always know how to make you happy.

15. Honeybunch – If you love him to the moon and back and if he is sweet as honey, just tell him he is your Honeybunch. Those heart-melting words will make him feel so good and he will be glad for having someone like you. And every time he hears those words, he will approach and kiss you because you mean so much to him.

16. Knight in Shining Armor – If your boyfriend is always there to come to your rescue from all the problems you have, this cute nickname will suit him perfectly well. Also, he will be so proud of himself for saving you so many times that he will get used to being with you all the time to protect you and be your guardian angel.

17. Love Muffin – This is such a cute contact name for your boyfriend. By calling him this, you are showing him he’s so sweet that you could just eat him up. If you call your man Love Muffin, he will know that you are happy being with him and that he’s providing you with everything you need.

18. Lovebug – This contact name for your boyfriend is super sweet. It is not a common nickname, yet it works so well to show love to your man. When you call him this, he’ll know you love and care for him, and that he is that one special man in your life.

Because Lovebug is not such a common nickname, it is strong and heart-melting. If you have a girlfriend that calls you this, you can consider yourself lucky because she is really into you.

19. Lovey – This adorable term of endearment is truly a perfect choice to use as a pet name for your boyfriend. It really expresses all the love you feel for him.

20. My Other Half – When you tell your man that he is your other half, it means he completes you. He is your soulmate and your best friend all in one.

He makes you feel whole and you like that feeling of belonging to someone. When you call him this, you will instantly put him on cloud nine, and that’ll be the best feeling ever to him.

21. Prince Charming – You know how every girl dreams of her Prince Charming her whole life? Well, if you decide to call your boyfriend this name, it means that you don’t have to seek yours anymore because you found the love of your life. Also, any man would be thrilled to hear these words coming from his lady’s mouth, that she thinks he is her Prince Charming.

22. Sugar Lips – If you want to compliment your partner’s kissing style and his lips, just call him this. If you call him Sugar Lips, he will feel so special because you actually made some effort to think of a nickname worthy of him.

He will try to kiss you even more than before because you like his lips so much. And he’ll be over the moon for having the cutest nickname ever.

23. Sugar Plum – If your man calls you sweetheart or darling, then this is a perfect nickname for him. It’s truly a very cute way to call someone you love and care deeply about.

24. Sweetie Pie – When you meet the sweetest guy of your life and he becomes your boyfriend, you will probably call him this. This cute nickname will tell him that he really means a lot to you and that you are head over heels in love with him.

There will be times when you will repeat this contact name over and over again, especially when you cuddle with him and when you feel so loved. You know why? Because he is a real sweetie!


Cute and Sweet Names to Call Your Boyfriend

Cute and Sweet Names to Call Your Boyfriend

1. Baby – This classic cute name for your boyfriend is so sweet and enduring that it is sure to make him swoon for you every time you say it.

2. Baby Face – This nickname is great if you can’t help but notice how attractive your boo thing is.

3. Bebetom – In Turkey, this nickname means “my baby.”

4. Big Boy – This nickname doesn’t need to be reserved only for your boyfriend. It can be used when you call your son or any guy you like. But if you use it for your boyfriend, it shows that you like the way he thinks and behaves.

5. Big Guy – You can call your man a name like this if he really is a big guy who trains a lot and who takes care of his looks. It will boost his ego even more – he’ll see that you’re checking him out often and that that’s why you decided to call him that. Since he’ll feel great about that nickname, he will probably think of some cute names for his lovely girl, too.

6. Big Mac – If your relationship with your man has you saying “I’m lovin’ it” then try this nickname for your favorite man.

7. Boo Bear – If your man is the sweetest person in your life, consider this cute name to call him behind closed doors.

8. Bubba – This nickname is particularly great for those boyfriends who consider themselves a “good ole’ boy.”

9. Captain – Does your man steer the love boat even through uncharted waters? If the answer is ‘yes’, give this nickname a try!

10. Cute Pet – You know how you like to cuddle with your pets? Well, if you call your boyfriend Cute Pet, it means that he is your favorite cuddle buddy and that you like to hug him and kiss him so much. This is a perfect contact name for your boyfriend because it will make him feel like he is the most special person in your life.

11. Cutie Cutes – This nickname is perfect if your man is just simply irresistible.

12. Darling – Originally an Old English nickname, this cute name to call your boyfriend is often used during the later stages of a relationship.

13. Dream Boat – If your man is highly attractive, you may want to call him this highly popular nickname.

14. Dumpling – If your man is filled with nothing but sheer deliciousness and love, see how he likes this cute name!

15. Fella – Take it back to the olden days with this vintage but classic nickname!

16. Good Lookin’ – Call it as you see it with this simple but cute name.

17. Heartthrob – Are you excited about standing next to your Heartthrob? I bet you are – and you should be. When you have a man who is all you need, it is nice of you to make him feel special as well.

18. Hercules – We have a feeling your guy will be nothing but charmed when you call him this nickname after the strongest Grecian demi-god!

19. Honey – This cute name is perfect if your guy is the bee’s knees!

20. Hot Shot – If your guy is filled with swagger and sex appeal, give this cute pet name a shot.

21. Huggy – If you like to hug your man and if you feel great in his arms, you can call him Huggy. It will be a nickname that is reserved only for the two of you and, most importantly, your man will love it.

22. Hunk – If you want to show your man that he is sexy and strong at the same time, you can call him hunk. He will be only too glad you have that kind of opinion about him. Most guys like it when their partners call them this way because it boosts their ego and makes them feel desirable.

23. Hunk-A-Lunk – This cute name to call your boyfriend will give your relationship a silly and playful vibe.

24. Iron Man – When you call your guy this, you’re letting him know that he is as strong as metal. You are showing him that you like the way he looks and that you adore his iron muscles.

That’s why he’ll be happy to show you his love by carrying you from the living room to the bedroom after you fall asleep on the couch. Because he is your Iron Man!

25. Italian – This reminds you of hot Italian stud, right? Well, you’re not far from the truth. If you’ve given your man this cute nickname, it is a sign that you think he is hot. And yes, you are glad he is only yours.

26. Jellybean – This is another perfect name for those in love. If you tell him he is your jellybean, he will feel so special. He will think that name is made for him only and be proud of it.

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27. Kiddo – Even though it’s quite unusual, the nickname Kiddo is still a cute name to call your boyfriend. It’ll remind him of his inner child and we should all be reminded of it from time to time indeed.

28. Light of My Life – If your man leaves a little bit of sunshine wherever he goes, try out this cute name on him.

29. Loverboy – I can guess why you call your boyfriend this. He is probably rocking your world in bed and you feel so great that you also want to make him feel special. And there is no better contact nickname than Loverboy, right? He will feel like a real hottie and every time you utter this cute nickname, it’ll just boost his ego.

30. Maverick – If your man is a free, independent thinker then this cute nickname would be the perfect match!

31. McDreamy – Listen, we can’t all date the handsome Dr. Shepherd on Grey’s Anatomy but if you call your boyfriend this cute name, you’ll be one step closer!

32. Mister Man – Call your boyfriend this cute nickname when you want him to feel like the man of the house!

33. Mon Ange – This nickname means “my angel” in French!

34. Mr. Good Looking – When you want to emphasize the beauty of your man, you won’t use some cute pet name. In that case, you will use this strong nickname that will convince him he is as hot as the devil.

And no man could ever resist being called good-looking.  I am sure he will lose his mind over you and do anything to make you feel just as happy as you make him feel when you use this nickname.

35. Muscleman – If you like strong muscles of your man you can tell him he is your muscle man. He will be thrilled and you will have the biggest fan ever.

36. My Chubby – This one is for a guy who likes to eat a lot but who is not fat. It shows him that you think he is so sweet just the way he is and that you are okay with the fact that he’s just a little on the chubby side.

That will mean a lot to him because he is maybe a little bit insecure about that. But if you accept him the way he is, nothing else will be important.

37. My Cupcake – You’ll probably use this cute nickname when you are really into your boyfriend. It happens mostly at the very beginning of a relationship, but it can last pretty long.

38. My Romeo – This is another cute nickname for your boyfriend that will melt his heart. When you call him My Romeo, it will instantly remind him of eternal love and he will be glad you feel it.

It will make him feel special because not all women call their partners in this way. This nickname is cute and personal at the same time. I am sure your man will love it and that he will feel so good when you call him this.

39. Panda Bear – This cute nickname is reserved for those who are crazy in love. If you call your man panda bear it means that you don’t even notice other guys because he is all you need.

40. PIC – Stands for “Partner In Crime!”

41. Pooh Bear – Does your guy act more like a silly old bear? If the answer is ‘yes’ then give this cute name a try.

42. Pookie – This nickname is perfect for the boyfriend who’s just too cute!

43. Prince – This cute name is for sure to make your dude feel like royalty.

44. Shorty – This can be a personal nickname for your boyfriend only. If he is short but he is okay with that, he’ll enjoy you calling him Shorty. It’s sweet and totally unique.

45. Sir-Loves-A-Lot – If you love your guy so much and you cannot lie, give this cute name a try!

46. Snookums – This contact name for your boyfriend is not so common, but some girls use it. It is sweet like all of them and it has a positive connotation.

47. Stud – Is your man a pro at identifying your needs? Then this cute name is perfect for a guy like him!

48. Sugar Daddy – Okay, not all girls have sugar daddies, but those who do, call them like this. In this relationship, love is in second place while material things take the first.

49. Sunshine – If your man radiates warmth and love, try this cute name on for size!

50. Superman – Your boyfriend is your supermen, your personal superhero who protects you from everyone and everything else. That’s why he really deserves this powerful nickname.

51. Superstar – If the love of your life is destined for the big lights of Hollywood, call them this sweet name.

52. Sweet Thang – It’s simple: if you like him, you’ll call him Sweet Thang. He will feel great because you are paying attention to the way he feels and that means a lot to him.

53. Sweets – If your love is as syrupy and sugary as candy, call your boyfriend this cute name.

54. Tater Tot – The real question is: who wouldn’t want a nickname after those delicious bite-sized deep-fried potatoes?

55. Teddy Bear – This is one of the sweetest and most common lovely names to call your boyfriend. It shows that he is sweet just like a teddy bear and that you like to play with him.

He will feel so good when you call him in this way, but perhaps be careful about saying it in front of his friends. But you can always call him this in the comfort of your home. In that way, he will be the only one to hear these lovely words.

56. Tiger – The nickname Tiger is a perfect choice for your strong, fierce, and wild (especially in bed, I hope) boyfriend.

57. Tough Guy – If you like the way he looks, just let him know he is your tough guy. If you let him know you feel safe with him, he’ll be over the moon.

Boyfriend and Girlfriend

Unique and Sweet Names Call Your Boyfriend

1. Amorzinho – This cute name means “little love” in Portuguese.

2. BFG – An acronym for Big Friendly Giant, this cute name would work if your boyfriend towers over you!

3. Chicken Butt – Bring back nostalgic sweet childhood memories with this fun nickname.

4. Cookie Kiss – Are your boyfriend’s smooches sweeter than chocolate chips? If the answer is ‘yes’, try this nickname on him the next time you see each other.

5. Cookie Monster – We all know that C is for cookies but it’s also the first letter of your boyfriend’s new cute nickname.

6. Corazón – This cute nickname means “heart” in Spanish.

7. Dimples – If your boy’s dimples are just simply irresistible try this cute name on him!

8. Drogo -Anyone who has seen the game of thrones knows why this is a perfect nickname for any Khaleesi.

9. Dulce de Leche – If your boyfriend has a sweet tooth, he will definitely appreciate a nickname after this creamy sweet treat!

10. Eye Candy – For the most flattering nickname, call your man this cute name!

11. Favorite – If you know your boyfriend is the one for you, this nickname is sure to make him blush.

12. Firecracker – Did sparks fly the first time you saw each other? If so, call your man this fun nickname.

13. Goober – This cute name to call your boyfriend will bring out the fun and kooky side of your relationship!

14. He-Man – Your man will feel nothing but flattered when you call him this cute name after the muscly 80s superhero!

15. Honey Bunny – This cute name is perfect for a guy who’s sweet and snuggly.

16. Hot Pants – If your guy is the most fashionable one on the block, this nickname is a perfect fit.

17. Jeff – If you want to keep your boyfriend on his toes, call him this nickname and see how he reacts!

18. Jellybean – If your guy is nothing but pure sugary delight, give this nickname a try.

19. Joon – In Farsi, this cute name to call your boyfriend means “dear.”

20. Ke aloha – This cute name to call your boyfriend means “the love” in Hawaiian.

21. Liebling – This cute name to call your boyfriend means “my favorite” in German!

22. Lyubov Moya – In Russain, this cute nickname means “my love.”

23. Meatball – This adorable nickname is perfect for any guy who loves a good old-fashioned plate of spaghetti.

24. Muscles – If even the thought of your boy’s biceps makes you drool, this is a perfectly cute name to call your boyfriend!

25. Num Numbs – If your boy is just straight-up delicious, try this nickname on him.

26. Peanut – This cute name is great if your boyfriend is the perfect snack!

27. Potato Cakes – This cute name is perfect if your boo thing is as yummy and soul-soothing as deep-fried shredded potatoes!

28. Snuggles – Call your boo after your favorite (maybe second favorite) bonding pastime.

29. Squishy – Take it from everyone’s favorite forgetful fish, Dory: “I shall call him Squishy and he shall be mine. And he shall be my Squishy.”

30. Sugar Snap Pea – This nickname is perfect for the boyfriend who’s equally sweet and sassy!

31. Teddy Bear – If your man is a master at keeping the nightmares at bay, try this cute name on him and see how he reacts.

32. Trouble – If you can’t help but think of all the bad things you’d like to do whenever your man is around, try this fun nickname.

At times, all you get a breakthrough is some romantic gestures. Simply using sweet names to call your boyfriend can give you an edge when making a request.

Also, in trying to show him your love and care, you should use sweet names on him. As partners, it is wise to always explore all avenues to grow and sustain romance in your relationship.

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