130 Cute Boyfriend Contact Names for Your Boyfriend or Husband

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Are you struggling to find the perfect name to save your boyfriend’s contact number? Do you want to be romantic and loving at the same time by saving your boyfriend with cute contact names? As you keep on reading, you will get some unique and creative ideas to make your boyfriend’s contact name stand out.

Boyfriend Contact Names

Are you tired of saving your boyfriend’s name as “John” or “Mike” on your phone? Want to add a personal touch to his contact name?

Well, you’ve come to the right place! Choosing the perfect boyfriend contact name can be tricky, but it’s also a fun way to show your love and affection for your partner.

In this post, you will get some unique and creative ideas to help you pick the perfect boyfriend contact name that reflects your relationship.


Also, choosing the right boyfriend’s contact name can have a significant impact on your relationship. It’s a way to show your love, affection, and intimacy toward your partner. 


Unique Boyfriend Contact Names

Unique Boyfriend Contact Names

Unique contact names for a boyfriend refer to the creative and personalized nicknames used to address a significant other in a relationship.

Choosing a unique contact name can add a special touch to a relationship and help to strengthen the connection between partners.

Here are some unique contact names you can pick for your boyfriend:

1. Smoke Show – Because he’s gorgeous, obviously.

2. Future Hubby – It is a nickname that lets him know exactly where he stands with you.

3. Romeo – You’re his Juliet.

4. Peach – This is a nickname that pairs perfectly with the peach emoji.

5. McSteamy – This is a unique nickname for a hot doctor, courtesy of Grey’s Anatomy. 

6. Wolfie – It’s a nickname cause he’s as Wild and as Bold as a Wolf.

7. Puddin – This is the sweet nickname that Harley Quinn gives to her boyfriend, the Joker.

8. Amorzinho – If you want to show your love for your boyfriend in Portuguese, try calling him “Amorzinho,” which means “little love.”

9. BFG – If your boyfriend is big and friendly, you can use this acronym for “Big Friendly Giant” as a cute nickname.

10. Chicken Butt – This is a fun nickname that can bring back nostalgic memories from your childhood.

11. Cookie Kiss – If your boyfriend’s kisses are sweeter than chocolate chips, this cute nickname might be perfect for him.

12. Cookie Monster – If your boyfriend loves cookies, you can call him “Cookie Monster” as a cute nickname.

13. Corazón – This is a cute Spanish nickname that means “heart.”

14. Dimples – If your boyfriend has irresistible dimples, try calling him “Dimples” as a cute nickname.

15. Firecracker – If sparks flew the first time you saw each other, call your man this fun nickname.

Unique Nicknames Boyfriend With Meaning

Unique Nicknames Boyfriend With Meaning

16. Goober – This cute nickname will bring out the fun and kooky side of your relationship!

17. He-Man – Your man will feel flattered when you call him this cute nickname after the muscly 80s superhero.

18. Honey Bunny – This cute name is perfect for a guy who’s sweet and snuggly.

19. Hot Pants – If your guy is the most fashionable one on the block, this nickname is a perfect fit.

20. Jeff – If you want to keep your boyfriend on his toes, call him this nickname and see how he reacts!

21. Jellybean – If your guy is nothing but pure sugary delight, give this nickname a try.

22. Joon – This cute name means “dear” in Farsi.

23. Ke Aloha – This cute name means “the love” in Hawaiian.

24. Liebling – This cute name means “my favorite” in German!

25. Lyubov Moya – In Russian, this cute nickname means “my love.”

26. Meatball – This adorable nickname is perfect for any guy who loves a good old-fashioned plate of spaghetti.

27. Muscles – If even the thought of your boy’s biceps makes you drool, this is a perfectly cute name to call your boyfriend!

28. Num Numbs – If your boy is just straight-up delicious, try this nickname on him.

29. Peanut – This cute name is great if your boyfriend is the perfect snack!

30. Potato Cakes – This cute name is perfect if your boo thing is as yummy and soul-soothing as deep-fried shredded potatoes!

31. Snuggles – Call your boo after your favorite (maybe second favorite) bonding pastime.

Romantic Nicknames Boyfriend

Romantic Nicknames Boyfriend

32. Squishy – This nickname is inspired by everyone’s favorite forgetful fish, Dory: “I shall call him Squishy and he shall be mine. And he shall be my Squishy.”

33. Sugar Snap Pea – This nickname is perfect for the boyfriend who’s equally sweet and sassy!

34. Teddy Bear – If your man is a master at keeping the nightmares at bay, try this cute name on him and see how he reacts.

35. Trouble – If you can’t help but think of all the bad things you’d like to do whenever your man is around, try this fun nickname.

36. Baby – This classic nickname is enduring and sweet.

37. Baby Face – Use this if your boyfriend is attractive and you can’t help but notice.

38. Big Boy – You can use this for your son or any guy you like, but if you use it for your boyfriend, it shows that you like the way he thinks and behaves.

39. Big Guy – Use this if your man is muscular and takes care of his looks.

40. Boo Bear – If your man is sweet, consider this cute nickname to call him behind closed doors.

41. Captain – Use this if your man is the leader in your relationship.

42. Cute Pet – This is perfect if you like to cuddle with your man.

43. Darling – This cute name is often used during the later stages of a relationship.

44. Dream Boat – Use this if your man is highly attractive.

45. Honey – This nickname is perfect if your guy is the bee’s knees.

46. Huggy – Use this if you feel great in your man’s arms.

Flirty Nicknames for Boyfriend

Flirty Nicknames for Boyfriend

47. Hunk – Use this to show your man that he is sexy and strong.

48. Iron Man – Use this to let your man know that he is as strong as metal.

49. Jellybean – Use this to make your man feel special.

50. Baby Bear – Use this if your man is cuddly and cute.

51. Kiddo – This nickname is quite unusual, but it’s still cute. It’ll remind him of his inner child, which is always a good thing.

52. Light of My Life – If your boyfriend brightens up your day, call him this cute name.

53. Loverboy – If your boyfriend rocks your world in bed, he deserves this nickname. It’ll boost his ego and make him feel special.

54. Maverick – If your boyfriend is a free thinker, call him this cute nickname.

55. McDreamy – If you want to make your boyfriend feel like a handsome TV doctor, call him this cute name.

56. Mr. Good Looking – If you want to emphasize the beauty of your man, use this strong nickname that will convince him he’s as hot as the devil.

57. Muscleman – If you like your man’s muscles, tell him he’s your muscle man. He’ll be thrilled.

58. My Chubby – If your man likes to eat a lot but isn’t fat, call him this cute name to show him that you love him just the way he is.

59. My Cupcake – If you’re really into your boyfriend, call him this cute nickname. It’s sweet and romantic.

60. My Romeo – If you want to melt your boyfriend’s heart, call him this cute nickname. It’ll remind him of eternal love.

Classic Nicknames for Boyfriend

Classic Nicknames for Boyfriend

61. Panda Bear – If you’re crazy in love, call your man panda bear. It means that you only have eyes for him.

62. PIC – Stands for “Partner In Crime!” – a cute name to show that you and your boyfriend are partners in everything.

63. Pooh Bear – If your guy is silly and lovable like a bear, call him Pooh Bear.

64. Pookie – If your boyfriend is just too cute, call him Pookie.

68. Prince – Make your boyfriend feel like royalty by calling him Prince.

69. Shorty – If your boyfriend is short but he’s okay with it, call him Shorty. It’s sweet and unique.

70. Sir-Loves-A-Lot – If you love your guy so much, call him Sir-Loves-A-Lot.

71. Snookums – This contact name for your boyfriend is sweet and positive.

72. Stud – If your man is good at taking care of you, call him Stud.

73. Sunshine – If your man radiates warmth and love, call him Sunshine.

74. Superman – Your boyfriend is your personal superhero who protects you from everything. Call him Superman.

75. Superstar – If your man is destined for greatness, call him Superstar.

76. Sweet Thang – If you like your man, call him Sweet Thang.

77. Sweets – If your love is as sweet as candy, call your boyfriend Sweets.

78. Tater Tot – Who wouldn’t want to be called after those delicious bite-sized deep-fried potatoes?

79. Teddy Bear – Call your boyfriend Teddy Bear to show that he’s sweet and cuddly.

80. Tiger – If your boyfriend is strong and fierce, call him Tiger.

81. Tough Guy – If your man looks tough, let him know he’s your Tough Guy. It’ll make him feel safe and secure.

Names to Call Your Boyfriend in Bed

Names to Call Your Boyfriend in Bed

82. Adorable – This nickname will make your boyfriend feel special and remind him how important he is to you.

83. Amante – This is a sweet French pet name that means lover.

84. Angel Eyes – If your man has beautiful eyes, you can call him this to compliment him.

85. Apple Of My Eye – This is a classic term of endearment that shows how much your man means to you.

86. Beau – This is a short and cute name that means handsome in French.

87. Better Half – If he is your better half, any nickname will suit him well because he is important to you.

88. Boo Bear – This nickname will make your boyfriend feel great because he has someone who is proud to call him that, even in public.

89. Cutie – If you call your boyfriend cutie, it means that you are head over heels for him and still in the puppy phase.

90. Cutie Patootie – This nickname is for someone so cute that you want to squish them up and take them everywhere with you.

91. Cutie Pie – This is a great name to make your boyfriend feel pampered and loved.

92. Eye Candy – You can call your cute boyfriend this because you want to gobble him up just like candy.

93. Heart Breaker – This is a sweet and romantic nickname for your attractive and handsome guy.

94. Honey Bear – This nickname tells your boyfriend that you like everything about him and that you feel great when you are with him.

95. Honey Bunny/ Honey Bun – This is one of the sweetest nicknames of all and shows how creative your girlfriend is.


Romantic and Sweet Names To Call Your Boyfriend

Romantic and Sweet Names To Call Your Boyfriend

Here are some sweet nicknames that you can use for your boyfriend:

96. Honeybunch – You can call your sweet man this if you love him to the moon and back and he is as sweet as honey.

97. Knight in Shining Armor – This is a perfect nickname for your boyfriend if he is always there to rescue you from all your problems.

98. Love Muffin – By calling your boyfriend this, you are showing him that he’s so sweet you could just eat him up.

99. Lovebug – This is a sweet contact name that shows how much you love and care for your man.

100. Lovey – This term of endearment expresses all the love you feel for your boyfriend.

101. My Other Half – When you call your man this, it means he completes you and is your soulmate and best friend all in one.

102. Prince Charming – This is a perfect nickname if you have found the love of your life and don’t have to seek your Prince Charming anymore.

103. Sugar Lips – If you want to compliment your partner’s kissing style and lips, you can call him this.

104. Sugar Plum – This is a perfect nickname for your man if he calls you sweetheart or darling.

105. Amore – This Spanish word means “love,” and it’s a popular term of endearment that many people use.

106. Baby Boo – This is a perfect name to call your boyfriend to let him know that he’s special to you.

107. Babycakes – A super sweet nickname that will make your man feel loved and unique.

Cute Boyfriend Nicknames

Cute Boyfriend Nicknames

108. Bae – This is one of the most common cute names for your boyfriend, and it shows that you’re into someone in an easy way.

109. Bubba – Calling your boyfriend this nickname will show him that he’s not just a random person in your life.

110. Casanova – If your boyfriend is incredibly charming and sweeps you off your feet every day, this classic name will be perfect for him.

111. Champ – This is a great nickname for a boyfriend who has won your heart and you don’t want any other man in your life.

112. Deary/Darling – Use this name to show your affection and unconditional love for your man. It’s a great nickname to use in any situation.

113. Foxy – This is a great way to compliment your man and make him feel desirable.

114. Gorgeous – A nickname that shows your love for your boyfriend in a romantic and sexual context.

115. Honey Bee – A sweet and cute nickname that suits your boyfriend perfectly.

116. Hot Stuff – If you’re constantly feeling an enormous urge to take off your clothes every time you see your boyfriend, this is the perfect nickname for him.

117. Hubby – An informal term for a husband that can also be used as an adorable pet name for your boyfriend.

118. My Heart – A sweet nickname that shows your boyfriend he’s a part of you.

119. My Lion – A nickname to give your boyfriend if he’s a sexual beast who can fulfill all your sexual fantasies.

120. My Love – A simple and effective nickname that will make your boyfriend feel loved and good.

Cute Nicknames To Call Your Boyfriend

Cute Nicknames To Call Your Boyfriend

121. My Precious – A sign that your man is everything you’ve been dreaming of and that you don’t want to lose him.

122. My Soulmate – The most romantic and cutest nickname you can use for your boyfriend.

123. My World – Calling your man “My World” shows him that he’s everything you need to be happy.

124. Papa Bear – A powerful and sweet nickname for your boyfriend who’s your cuddly, warm, and biggest protector.

125. Papi – A nickname for your hot man that shows you’re having a great time with him and love resting your body against his strong muscles.

126. Playboy – A pet name that stands for a handsome guy who enjoys life to the fullest.

127. Pooh – A nickname that will make your boyfriend feel lovely and special.

128. Pumpkin – A perfect nickname for a cute and sweet boyfriend.

129. Rockstar – A cool nickname for your boyfriend who’s a rockstar in your eyes.

130. My Nigga – This is a cool nickname you can use to call your lovely boyfriend.

To wrap this post up, boyfriend contact names should be personal and should reflect the unique dynamic between two couples.

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