Glo Unlimited Browsing 2022 Check Glo Browsing Plan Update

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– Glo Unlimited Browsing –

Glo Nigeria stands right now to be the best data plan provider in Nigeria and other parts of Africa countries.This article will update you on the Glo Unlimited Browsing 2022, read through carefully.

Glo Unlimited Browsing 2021 Check Glo Browsing Plan Update

Glo aspires to build Africa’s largest and best telecoms network and it’s already on that path with a presence in Nigeria, Benin Republic, and Ghana.

Glo is the first single company to build a fiber-optic submarine cable with high capacity from the UK to Nigeria.

No matter how good a deal from a network service provider may appear, it is done to improve business profitability.

Glo could attract quite a huge number of subscribers with a new data plan only to slash the data volume in half and issue a new clause months later.


Glo is no doubt has the cheapest data plans compared to all other network operators in Nigeria. Glo is the only Nigerian-owned telecoms service provider and prides itself as the country’s largest data network.

It offers the cheapest data plans currently compared to MTN, Airtel & 9mobile but many subscribers have complained of poor internet networks in some areas, this is been solved with its 4G LTE network available in some areas which offers superfast connectivity.

Glo Unlimited Data Plans

Another importance of using Glo data plans is the availability for all platforms of devices, where you can easily subscribe to a profitable and affordable data plan for both Android devices, PC, tablets, iPad, iPhones, and even Windows phones.

As already aforementioned, the Glo Data plans are categorized into different options, starting from daily plans, which include both 5days and a 7days validity period.

Monthly plans, for 30days validity, down to Flexi plans, which includes hourly plans, weekly plans, 3months plans, and even night plans.

Glo Night and Weekend Plans

Glo has the cheapest data plans which are amazing. But their night plans will sweep you off your feet. The close competitor to this Night Plan is Airtel.

When you subscribe to the Night Plan, You’ll be allocated 1GB to browse the internet for the night (12 am–5 am) before it expires. So I suggest you grab anything you want to download before 5 am. To subscribe Dial *127*60# or Text “60” to 127.

Glo Daily Internet Bundles

These Glo data bundles are what I will like to call the “Quickies” the daily plan are for users that would like to surf the internet or download files before it expires in 24 hours.

To be very honest, if you are a power data user then don’t subscribe to these affordable bundles, you will find the monthly package suitable for your use.

How to Migrate to Glo Tariff Plan

Glo Nigeria has varieties of different tariff plans, packages leaving you with little choice on the best tariff plan to choose from. Here is how to migrate to GLO tariff plan:

• Insert your GLO SIM

• Switch on your mobile phone

• Dial *777#

• Choose your Tariff Plan

You will be migrated immediately

Glo N1000 Data Plan

For monthly users or subscribers, this is the least of them all and everyone seems to be interested in this plan. With Glo N1000, you can enjoy a data volume of 2.5GB, which is 1.9GB + 600MB and in addition to the bonus, you will get 3.7GB (3.2GB + 500 MB*) for New Customers.

To activate this Glo N1000 data plan, recharge your SIM with N1000, and then dial *127*53# USSD code, or SMS 53 to 127 and it will activate for you. Provided that you have an N1000 recharge card. The validity period is 30days.

Glo N1500 Data Plan

And there is the 4.1GB data for N1500, which is day 3.5GB + 600MB for the night. And since it is around in between, it is much better. Meanwhile, new customers will get 6.75GB (6.25GB + 500 MB *) for new customers, all for N1,500/30 days. To activate this plan, you can dial *777#.


Glo N2000 Data Plan

The next on the list is the N2000 Glo data plan, it allows you to download and stream more videos online than the average N1000 plan. With the Glo N2000 data plan, you will receive a data volume of 5.8GB, which is 5.2GB + 600MB*.

But new customers get 9.5GB (9GB + 500 MB *). To activate the Glo N2000 plan, recharge your SIM with N2000 and then dial *127*55# USSD code, or SMS 58 to 127, and the plan will be activated, valid for 30days.


Glo N2500 Data Plan

Glo data bundles are incomparable to other network plans in Nigeria, and of course, the N2500 is also among the huge list.

The Glo N2500 bundle plan gives you a data volume of 7.7GB with a data volume bonus of 7.2GB, which is 6.8GB + 900MB*. While new customers get 12.75GB (12GB + 750 MB*).

To activate the Glo N2500 data plan, recharge your SIM with N2500, and then dial *127*58# USSD code or SMS 58 to 127. It will be activated within a few seconds or minutes and will be valid for only 30days.

Glo N3000 Data Plan

Going a little bit further, further, and further. We have the amazing N3000 data plan, which gives you a data volume of 10GB, which is 9GB + 1GB* and new customers get 12.75GB (12GB + 750 MB*).

To activate the Glo N3000 plan, recharge your SIM with N3000, and then dial *127*54# USSD code, or SMS 54 to 127.

The validity of the plan is 30days, which means from the day of activation, you have got just a minimum period of 30days.

Glo N4000 Data Plan

And then, we have the 4000 plan fro Glo Nigeria. Unlike others, it gives a whooping data volume of 10GB and plus the bonus, there is the 13.25GB (12.25GB + 1GB*), and 19GB (18.25GB + 750 MB *) for New Customers.

To activate this Glo N4000 data plan, recharge your SIM with N4000, and then dial *127*59# USSD code, or SMS 59 to 127 and it will be activated within a few seconds. The plan validity period of 30days.

Glo N5000 Data Plan

In order to get started with standard internet browsing then the Glo N5000 plan will guide you through. Glo has made surfing the internet affordable and cheaper than all other Nigeria networks.

It gives you a data volume of 18.25GB (17GB + 1.25GB*), then for new customers, you get 23GB (22GB + 1GB*) data.

To activate the Glo N5000 data plan, recharge your SIM with N5000, and then, you can dial *127*2# USSD code, or SMS 11 to 127. The plan validity period is 30days.

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