Design and Implementation of Users Application Software for Estate Management Practice

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Design and Implementation of Users Application Software for Estate Management Practice.


This study was carried out to appraise the role of design and implementation of users application software for estate management or real estate practice, it is obvious that the society cannot exist without land, which is the bases for estate practice, and among the four factors of production, land is the most important, because every other factors exist on land.

In chapter one of this study, we are going to look at the introduction of estate management or real estate practice, while chapter two, which is literature review will deal with the concept of estate management, types of real estate, Nigerians real estate sector and government control mortgages in estate management and the problem of Nigerian estate management development.

Chapter three will be based on system design and analysis of the current system, mode of data collection and problem of the existing system.

Chapter four of this study will be concerned about system implementation and maintenance and program flowchart and finally chapter five, will deals with the summary, conclusion and recommendation.


Real estate has continued to play a significant role in man’s evolution. It is not a coincidence that food, shelter and clothing believed to be the three essentials that sustain mankind, also have some linkage to land.

Food grows out of land while shelter is affixed to it, and man’s clothing is made largely from what grows out of land.

Indeed, whether in ancient times or today’s modern system land constitutes a significant index for man’s wealth and as economic activities have assumed more sophistication over time, land has continued to play a central role in their development.

There is hardly any business venture that does not require to be supported by some form of real estate or estate management, from the small business that requires real estate as offices from where its business can be organized, to the major venture that needs it for its factory.


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