10 Differences Between Schooling and Education

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Do you want to know the differences between schooling and education? Although for most people these two concepts are the same, there are lots of differences between them. As you read through, we will be giving you valid reasons as to why there is a difference between the two.

Differences Between Schooling and Education

Understanding Education

The term education covers not only formal but also informal methods of gaining knowledge. It includes formal means of education that start with schools and continue to universities, etc.

The formal aspect of education is always systematic, pre-scheduled, and well-administered by authorities. In addition, each stage of formal education leads to higher levels of education.

Education involves formal and informal ways of gaining knowledge while schooling stands for the initial and secondary stage of a formal education system that takes place in school.

When this informal aspect of education is concerned as a whole, it is not systematic, pre-scheduled, or properly administered. Most of the time the learning content is not pre-scheduled.

Understanding Schooling

School is the initial stage of formal student education in most countries. It is common for youngsters who are below the age of schooling to attend preschools for basic educational skills.

The historical evidence of educational institutions similar to schools in the present day runs back to the days of ancient Greek, Roman, and Indian civilizations.

In the modern-day, school education is considered one of the basic rights of citizens. As well, many countries have government schools and their fee is rather affordable to the general public.

Normally, children of age 6-8 are enrolled in schools and are promoted to higher grades or classes depending on their performance.

When the administration of schools is concerned principal or a head teacher/master is in charge of the management and under his supervision, there are heads of sections, units, and teachers in charge.

Notable Distinctions between Education and Schooling

Some facts you must consider include;

1. Webster’s defines education as ‘knowledge and development resulting from an instructive process’, but Webster’s dictionary defines schooling as ‘the process of being taught, such as in a school’.

2. Education improved as the communities developed, but no one knows when schooling actually began.

3. Formal means of education like schooling vary from that informal because of the pre-scheduled content, administration, and levels that lead to one other.

4. When education is concerned as a whole, it includes both these formal and informal means of acquiring knowledge.

5. Education is a wider concept that includes both formal and informal means of gaining knowledge whereas schooling is the first stage of formal education in most countries.

Schooling is what people very often mistake for education, but there are very many differences. If you enjoyed this article, subscribe with your email for related materials.

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