Earthy Boy Names Inspired by Nature for 2022

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Earthy boy names are more common than you might think. Names with associations to flora, trees, water, and even the Earth’s geology are all around us.

earthy boy names

Looking for a name that is approachable, unassuming, and realistic? The ideal choice may be a boy’s name with an earthy sound.

Earthy Boy Names

Boy names with an earthy theme provide a dash of exploration and natural charm. With us, find a new favorite.

1. Alder

The name Alder can signify strength and hope, as alder trees are often used in reforestation projects and are known to improve soil fertility.

2. Arrow

Point to the great outdoors with a name like Arrow. Implications of straight and swift make this an excellent contender.

If you’re Christian, Psalm 127:4 may just have you hooked: “Children born to a young man are like arrows in a warrior’s hands.”

3. Asher

A handsome nature name inspired by the Ash tree. It’s also a Hebrew name meaning “happy” or “blessed.”

4. Brandon

The name Brandon is Old English and means broom-covered hill.

Traditionally seen as a boys’ name, during the 1980s, Brandon experienced a brief flurry of popularity as a girls’ name in the U.S.

5. Brent

Brent is derived from the Celtic word for hill. Brent Rivera is not only an Influencer on YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok; he is also an actor

6. Bryn

A name from Wales, Bryn means hill or mound.

Bryn Celli Ddu is a prehistoric burial site, but researchers have determined it began life as a henge with a stone circle.

The henge was used to track the path of the sun and indicate the summer solstice.

7. Chrysanthos

This spectacular Greek name means golden flower.

8. Nash

Nash is an English name that means “by the ash tree.” The perfect pick if you happen to live near ash.

9. Nile

Like the famous Egyptian river. A wonderful option for water-loving families.

10. Bodhi

A cute boho name for a boy or a girl. Bodhi is of Indian origin and means “awakening” or “enlightenment.”

11. Pax

Punchy and peaceful. Pax is a Latin name that means “peace.”


Cool Earthy Boy Names

earthy boy names

If you want your child to be cool and stylish, consider these cool earthy boy names.

12. Phoenix

Like the colorful, mythical bird who has the power to rise from its own ashes. In Greek, Phoenix means “dark red

13. Pine

Pine means “pine tree,” making it a worthy sibling name to go along with Oakley, Aspen, Maple, and Cedar.

14. Enki

A name from Sumerian mythology, Enki means lord of the earth.

Enki was the name of a god worshiped by the Ancient Sumerians. He was the god of creation, water, knowledge, mischief, and crafts.

15. Erdmann

Erdmann is a German name that means earth man.

Erdmann was also used as a variant of Hartmann, which means brave man, making this a great earthy name contender and a brave name possibility.

16. Cedar

A strong nature-derived name referring to the “cedar tree.” Cedar symbolizes significance, great strength, spiritual protection, and healing.

17. Kale

Yes, kale is a nutritious leafy green, but in Hawaiian, Kale stands for “strong and manly.”

18. Kestrel

A fun and fierce bird name. A kestrel is a small type of falcon that is named for its rattle-like cry.

19. Kodiak

A bear and an island, Kodiak is such a wild, adventurous name!

20. Koi

Just like the colorful fish in the carp family, this name signifies beauty and resilience. In Japan, Koi are a symbol of good fortune, and in Buddhist culture, they are associated with courage

21. Clay

Clay is a rich, earthy name that signifies “sticking together.”

22. Cove

An adorable nature name that’s perfect for water-loving families. Refers to a “small coastal inlet or bay.”

Hippie Earthy Boy Names

earthy boy names

Choose these names as it helps you feel connected to nature.

23. Cypress

Another distinct tree name for your free-spirited boy. Cypress stands for “strong, muscular, adaptable.”

24. Erlul

Erlul is an Albanian name meaning wind or flower.

Although considered to be an Alabinian name, Erlul is currently used more in Italy than in any other country.

25. Ewen

The Scottish name Ewen means born of the yew tree.

In pagan Ireland, the yew tree was considered sacred, and the name Eoghan was given to children of Celtic nobility. Ewen is an anglicized spelling of the Ancient Irish name Eoghan.

26. Branch

This attractive nature name could refer to the “limb of a tree” or a “branch in the river.”

27. Brooks

An English name meaning “of the brook” or “dweller of the brook.” A perfect pick if you live near a stream.

28. Bryar

Referring to a “thorny bush of wild roses, brambles,” Bryar would make such a beautiful name for a baby boy.

29. Diar

Another beautiful Arabic name, Diar means expensive wood.

Diar is the name of an automobile company in Iran. They sell a wide range of vehicle styles, including a futuristic electric power taxi.

30. Aspen

Another earthy choice from the tree name genre. Aspen can refer to the graceful poplar tree, or it could even be an influence from the town in Colorado, known for its skiing.

31. Beckett

Beckett may not be the first name you think of when you’re imagining your perfect earthy boy name, but if you want something a little more subtle, it’s a great option.

It’s an English name meaning “little brook” or “beehive,” so it’s got two nature-oriented meanings.

32. Kai

Kai is an excellent summer baby boy name because it has so many meanings that work. The Hawaiian meaning is “sea” and the Japanese meaning is “shell,” both of which are related to the ocean.

It can also have Welsh, Scandinavian, and Greek roots, with the meaning “keeper of the keys; earth.” And it’s strong too: in Europe, it’s a form of the word that means “warrior.”

33. Atlas

The name Atlas is powerful and implies great strength. Atlas was a Titan in Greek mythology who bore the weight of the world on his shoulders.

Cute Earthy Boy Names

earthy boy names

Below is a list of adorable earthy boy names.

34. Banks

The name Banks just has a nice ring to it. Literally referring to a riverbank, this would make an excellent choice if you live near a river.

35. Dunstan

Dunstan is an Anglo-Saxon name that means dark stone.

As well as being an earthy baby name because of its literal meaning, Dunstan has an additional “green” baby name heritage. The Dunstan Chestnut is the most widely grown chestnut tree in the U.S.

36. Ebenezer

This biblical Hebrew name has the unusual meaning of stone of help. Ebenezer made it to our earthy, nature names long list because of its geological overtones.

37. Banyan

Like the Indian fig tree, this name is both beautiful and symbolic. Banyans have long roots, grow great distances, and are thought to emit large amounts of spiritual energy.

38. Bear

A short, strong name for your cuddly little cub. Refers to the mammal, but stands for “brave.”

39. Blaze

The name Blaze just makes one think of a little spitfire. Of Latin origin, meaning “fire, burn, flame,” this name is sure to create the impression of a bold and passionate individual.

40. Leaf

Like River or Forest, the name Leaf is pretty obviously earthy but almost unheard of, so it’d be a bold choice. It sounds the same as the Scandinavian name Leif, which translates to “heir.”

41. August

August may be a summer month, but it’s also a Latin name derived from Emperor Augustus. It means “great, magnificent.”

42. Canyon

Hikers and climbers will have a special appreciation for the name Canyon, but anyone who loves the outdoors can appreciate this earthy baby boy name

43. Loch

Loch is a Gaelic name meaning “lake,” and can make a standalone first name or be short for Lochlan (“land of the lakes”).

It sounds strong and masculine, but the water-related meaning gives it just enough softness to be perfect for a baby and young child.


What are Some Earthy Names?

1. Clay

2. Dawn

3. Dusk

4. Twilight

5. Fern

6. Aurora

7. Aurelia 

8. Elowen 

9. Faye

10. Fleur

What Boy Name means Earth?

1. Sierra

2. Sten

3. Terra    

4. Terran

What’s a Badass Name for a Boy?

Along with Ace and Axel, other badass boy names in the US Top 1000 include Blaze, Dash, Fox, Harley, Jagger, Justice, Ryker, and Wilder.

Many badass names are also impressive occupations, among them Hunter, Pilot, Ranger, and Sargent.

What is an Edgy Boy’s Name?

1. Blaine.

2. Blaze.

3. Diesel.

4. Harlan.

5. Hendrix.

6. Hutton.

7. Jagger.

8. Knight.

What is a Unique Male Name?

1. Sebastian

2. Mateo.

3. Ezra.

4. Elias.

5. Silas.

6. Waylen.

7. Gael.

8. Rowan

What Boy Names Means Nature?

Nature names for girls and boys have never been more popular. Nature names in the US Top 1000 include Sage, River, Briar, Dahlia, Fox, Ivy, Laurel, Magnolia, Willow, and Wren.

Unique nature names such as Canyon, Grove, Harbor, and Prairie are stylish options that have not yet been widely discovered.

What Name Means Love of Nature?

Oliver: Oliver is one of the most popular baby names! It is Latin for ‘nature loving.

What is a Cool Nature Name?

Nature names in the US Top 1000 include Sage, River, Briar, Dahlia, Fox, Ivy, Laurel, Magnolia, Willow, and Wren.

Unique nature names such as Canyon, Grove, Harbor, and Prairie are stylish options that have not yet been widely discovered.

What Name Means Forest?

Burl: This name of English origin means ‘Forest. ‘

What Boy Name means Forest?

1. Alder.

2. Aran.

3. Aranya.

4. Aranyakumara.

5. Ard.

6. Ardeen.

7. Arden

8. Banjeet

Hey there, we believe you were able to make a choice from this list of earthy boy names. Do well to share this post on various social media platforms and with friends and family.

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