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First Bank Financial Centre is a banking firm that offers community banking services in Southeast Wisconsin. You need to know more than that because they offer services in various ways. In this article, I will outline them one after the other for you to understand.

First Bank Financial Centre

First Bank Financial Centre is a full-service bank. The Bank accepts deposits, makes loans, and provides other services for the public. First Bank Financial Centre operates in the United States.

Any Progress so far?

Since the launch, First Bank Financial Centre has continued to partner with us to promote the website both organically and via paid ads.

Our collaboration has led to the creation of content (blogs, videos, and podcasts) that positions FBFC as a go-to resource for the age demographic learning bank and financing skills.

These assets are promoted on social media, and can easily be found on the website. Unlike most bank websites that lead users down rabbit holes.

Meanwhile, they often go to dead ends. First Bank Financial Centre’s website utilises a clear call-to-action that guides users to their desired next step.

On the paid side of their integrated marketing strategy, First Bank Financial Centre utilises PPC to promote specialized loans nationwide on Google.

With extensive keyword research and continuous optimization from our Paid Search Specialists, they’ve since seen a 6% conversion rate on this initiative.

First Bank Financial Centre: Project Overview

Services Rendered

Content Marketing | PPC & Digital Advertising | SEO | Web Design | Web Development

Specialty • Drupal

First Bank Financial Centre (FBFC) came to us complaining about the customer user experience of their website and the desire for their values and passions to shine through.

They strongly support the communities they serve through volunteer work, donations, and education.

There was a void in the market for true hometown banks, which First Bank Financial Centre ambitiously strives to fill.

With a larger portion of their customers being of the age of 55+, FBFC recognised the sizable opportunity that Millennials offered. They just needed the right marketing strategy to reach them.

However, FBFC explained the challenge of their website’s content management system, which did not allow for easy changes or updates.

From the beginning, it was an important goal of theirs to can regularly make updates, pain-free, and at their leisure.

First Bank Financial Centre: What Solution do they offer?

Based on the goals and opportunities uncovered with FBFC during the discovery process, the Top floor recommended a complete redesign to bring life back to the website.

We provided expert research and implementation of SEO strategies to not only improve their visibility on search engines but also reach their target millennial demographic.

Understanding the growing concern in the financial industry is to have an ADA (Americans With Disability Act) compliant website.

Also, the site needed to go through a thorough checklist at each stage of design and development. Therefore, to ensure the best user experience and highest accessibility score possible.

Personal Checking Accounts

Your checking account should be easy. It’s the account you access and depends on the most.

With additional services like account alerts, check orders, direct deposit enrollment, and overdraft services.

Therefore, we hope your money works smarter for you, so you don’t have to work harder.

All of our checking options provide you with monthly statements, access to your account online, and mobile access to your checking account through the FBFC app. We offer to check accounts that meet everyone’s needs.

Free Checking features a no-fee, no minimum balance account with free access at over 600 ATM locations state-wide and our Premier Checking even offers competitive interest rates!

Explore our products and services at your leisure. If you have questions, please let me know in the comment section!

If you are new to the world of checking accounts, look at this overview for a better understanding.

First Bank Financial Centre: Personal Savings Accounts

Earn a little here, save a little there, pretty soon you have a healthy rainy day fund! Choose from a variety of personal savings accounts and money market options to best fit your savings goals. Each account offers a unique minimum balance and interest rate.

Mobile Banking with First Bank Financial Centre 

Where would we be without technology? Probably eating berries with woolly mammoths and Dodo birds. Ok, that might be a little dramatic, but since we have the technology, why not use it?

With mobile banking, you can manage your FBFC accounts from anywhere at any time using your mobile phone or tablet. As an online banking customer, this is a free service! You can’t beat that with a stick!

First Bank Financial Centre Mobile App

1. Deposit Checks 24/7

2. Manage debit card security

3. Receive alerts for declined debit card transactions

4. Login with Touch ID

5. View balances without logging in

6. Access multiple usernames on one device

7. Set up, make and edit bill payments

8. Take a photo of a paper bill and pay that bill

9. Transfer funds between FBFC accounts

10. Chat with a representative

11. Manage your account

12. Find FBFC ATMs/Branches

13. Send money with Zelle®! The fast, safe and easy way to send and request money.

Online Banking with First Bank Financial Centre 

Online Banking Demo

One more thing you can do for free on the interweb… online banking!

Prepare to be dazzled – with online banking you can:

1. Access your accounts and make transactions from any computer with Internet access 24/7

2. Make transfers between your accounts

3. View your current account balances, including loans

4. Make loan payments and view payment history

5. View historical checking and savings information

6. View online images of checks you have written and deposited

7. Perform transactions safely and securely with our 128-bit encryption and SSL (Secure Socket Layer).

First Bank Financial Centre an Award Winner

They awarded first Bank Financial Centre the Bank Standard of Excellence Award in the Web Marketing Association’s WebAward Competition.

FBFC’s goal is always to provide a best-in-class website that is easy to use and educational for its customers. This accolade is the verification of their achievements in the website experience.

Since 1997, the Web Marketing Association’s annual WebAward Competition has been setting the standard of excellence for website development.

The Web award competition is the premier award recognition program for Web developers and advertising agencies.

The Results

First Bank Financial Centre now has a user-friendly and mobile, responsive website with a modern look and feel.

Their new content management system offers FBFC staff the freedom to make changes as needed. Keeping their website fresh and up-to-date.

Unique new imagery was used to make the visitors feel as if they were “there at the moment” rather than using the typical bank imagery of awkward smiling people looking right at the camera.

FBFC’s passion for helping others is clear throughout each page. The account recommendation tool is a unique addition to the website that helps users select which accounts might best fit their needs.

Visitors will also find the Financial Education Centre which incorporates video demos and interactive learning modules. Also, in a judgment-free zone where users can learn and explore at their own pace.










155 West Wisconsin Avenue Oconomowoc, WI 53066 United States

2725 S Moorland Rd, Suite 300 New Berlin, WI 53151




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First Bank Financial Centre is a full-service bank. The Bank accepts deposits, makes loans, and provides other services for the public. First Bank Financial Centre operates in the United States.

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