Funny Words You Probably Didn’t Know they are Hilarious

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– Funny Words –

Funny words are fun to say. When you think about it, some words in the English language can sound pretty interesting.

And when we say “interesting” we really mean weird and wacky. But hey, that’s what makes them fun, right?

Funny Words

This is a collection of funny words and their meanings. Drop them into your everyday vocabulary and make everyday live a bit more fun. Add your favorite funny word in the comments!

So if you’re someone who loves incorporating silly words into your everyday conversations, you’re in luck because we rounded up funny words you can start using today that you’ve probably never even heard of.

Take a peek below and get ready to add lots of new funny words to your vocabulary.

1. Bumfuzzle

You might hear your grandparents use this funny word that refers to being confused or perplexed.

2. Fartlek

This is activity runners do when they change between sprinting and jogging.

3. Everywhen

This isn’t a typo, it means “always” or “all the time.”

4. Erf

You may think this is some sort of sound, but it’s actually a word that means “plot of land.”

5. Hullaballoo

You can use this word when you’re talking about a commotion.

6. Meldrop

Unfortunately, this isn’t food. Instead, it’s a drop of mucus hanging from someone’s nose.

7. Obelus

Have you ever wondered what the symbol used for division in a math problem is called? Well, now you know!

8. Sozzled

When someone is drunk, you can describe them using this silly word.

9. Bumbershoot

This fun word is another word for “umbrella.”

10. Titter

Replace the word “giggle” or “laugh” with this word when you want to impress someone.

11. Smicker

Not to be confused with the word “snicker,” a “smicker” means to looks amorously after someone.

12. Cleek

This is a word that means “big hook.”

13. Whippersnapper

You might her an older person call a young, overly confident person this long, wacky word.

14. Salopettes

“Salopettes” is a word used to describe a pair of high-waisted skiing pants that has shoulder straps.

15. Bibliokept

This refers to a person who steals books.

16. Accubation

This describes a person who eats/drinks while they’re laying down — so basically anyone who snacks while watching Netflix is an “accubation.”

17. Lollygag

This word describes a person that is messing around and doing something that isn’t useful.

18. Abecedarian

Anyone who is currently learning the alphabet can be referred to as this — so basically all kindergarteners. – Funny Words

19. Bamboozled

Someone who uses this word in a sentence is likely saying they were tricked into doing something.

20. Cutesy-poo

While this might sound like a pet’s name, it really is a word that means “sickeningly cute.”

21. Flabbergast

When you want to get across that you were shocked about something, you can use this.

22. Foppish

If someone is always super-concerned about how their outfit looks, you can refer to them as “foppish.”

22. Cattywampus

No, this isn’t a type of animal, it’s actually a direction and means the same thing as saying something is catty-corner from something else.

23. Noob

This word is used when somebody is inexperienced in something, usually referring to the use of the internet or a video game.

24. Octothorpe

While people may call this symbol a hashtag (#), its real name is an “octothorpe.”

25. Schmooze

This is when you talk in a way to someone where you try to impress them in a friendly and lively way.

26. Finifugal

This is what you’d call someone who is afraid of finishing anything.

27. Smaze

Don’t mistake this for Tyra Banks’ coined word “smize.” A “smaze” is what you get when there is a combination of smoke and haze.

28. Skirl

This is the loud, wailing sound that bagpipes make. Who knew?

29. Adorbs

This is a cute and shortened form of the word “adorable.”

30. Waesucks

Instead of saying “alas!” you can say this goofy word.

31. Widdershins

This is a funny word that means something is moving in the wrong direction/counter-clockwise. 

32. Blubber

This word refers to a thick layer of fat.

33. Dollop

This describes a quantity of something, usually food.

34. Festooned

This has nothing to do with cartoons and everything do with décor and how a place is decorated.

35. Fuddy-duddy

A person who is super old-fashioned and doesn’t want anything to do with modern trends would be called this. – Funny Words

36. Gobbledygook

While this might sound like gross food, it actually means the same thing as the word “gibberish.”

37. Popple

This is a term that means “choppy seas.”

38. Hodgepodge

You can use this word when you’re talking about having a mix of random and various items.

39. Ramshackle

This describes something that looks like it’s about to fall apart.

40. Wishy-washy

A person who has trouble making a decision- big or small- is called this word.

41. Flummoxed

This means you’re completely confused.

42. Gardyloo

Otherwise known as a warning cry.

43. Collywobbles

The next time you have a stomachache, you can use this word.

44. Billingsgate

This word is used to describe coarse language.

45. Lickety-split

This means “ASAP.”

46. Slumgullion

This is a cheap meat stew.

47. Ill-willie

A look of unfriendly disposition.

48. Conjubilant 

This word is used when you’re describing a group that is shouting out in joy together.

49. Futz

This basically refers to wasting your time.

50. Bunghole

This is what a hole that is in a barrel or cask that you pour the liquid through is called.

51. Flibbertigibbet

A person who is silly and irresponsible can be referred to as this.

52. Hoecake

Believe it or not, this is the name of a southern-style cornbread.

53. Frippery

If you want to describe something that is snobby-elegant, use this.

54. Namby-pamby

One might say that calling a foul on a basketball player during a game when they flop is a pretty “namby-pamby” rule.

55. Gibbons

Instead of saying you have “rubbish” or “knickknacks” in your house, you can use this word to tell others you have small objects that have no real value.

56. Diphthong

This isn’t a piece of clothing. Believe it or not, it’s used to describe the sound of two vowels when they are joined together, like the sound of the “oy” in joy. -Funny Words

57. Wamble

This is another word to describe feeling nauseous.

58. Geebung

You’ll see a lot of these small trees in Australia and New Zealand.

59. Jackanapes

A mischievous child would be described with this word.

60. Teazel

This is a herb with a flower head that is very prickly.

61. Kibitzer

This is a Yiddish word that basically means “backseat driver.”

62. Phablet

This is what you’d call a gadget that is both a smartphone and tablet.

63. Mollycoddle

Sorry guys, but this word is used when you’re talking about a guy who is used to being coddled or pampered. – Funny Words

64. Ragamuffin

You’d call someone who always dressed in rags and dirty clothes this.

65. Snickersnee.

While this word sounds like it’d have something to do with laughing, it’s actually a word for a long and dangerous knife.

66. Piffle

You can use this when someone is speaking nonsense.

67. Puggle

This is what you call a dog that is the mix of a beagle and a pug.

68. Rubaboo

Nope, this isn’t made up. It’s a soup that’s made with flour, veggies and meat paste.

69. Scalawag

You can probably imagine Jack Sparrow using this word to describe a member of his crew that was a rascal.

70. Gibberish

When someone is speaking in nonsense and with words that makes no sense, you use this word.

71. Teetotaler

If you’re someone who doesn’t drink alcohol, then you’re known as a “teetotaler.”

72. Skedaddle

This is another word that means “to run away.”

73. Wampum

You’d probably never guess it, but this is a small cylindrical bead made from polished shells.

74. Sleenwort

This has nothing to do with your spleen and actually everything to do with a small fern that grows on rocks and walls.- Funny Words

75. Hullabaloo

You can use this word the next time you hear a really loud noise.

76. Taradiddle

This word is used when you want to explain that something someone is talking about is a lie or over-exaggerated.

77. Whirligig

You use this word when you want to refer to something that whirls or revolves.

78. Yitten

If you want to say that someone is frightened, use this word instead.

79. Ratoon

This is a tiny shoot growing from the root of a plant.

80. Dingus

When you forget what something is called, you can use this word.

81. Flibbertigibbet

This word is so odd that it may sound fake, but it refers to a silly and talkative person.

82. Pronk

This word describes a leap you do in the air when you have an arched back and stiff legs.

83. Hogwash

This has nothing to do with giving pigs a bath. It’s a word you use when someone believes something, like a superstition, is fake.

84. Bupkis

When you want to use a word that means “nothing,” use this one.

85. Fipple

A mouthpiece of a recorder or another type of similar wind instrument is called this.

86. Aloof

This word may sound silly, but you use it to describe someone who is not friendly.

87. Williwaw

Can you believe this word means “violent winds that blow in polar latitudes?”

88. Yooper

Residents of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula are called this nickname.

89. Squeegee

This is a T-shaped tool that is used to remove water from floors and windows.

90. Doohickey

This is what you’d call a small object or gadget if you forgot its real name.

91. Cabotage

You’d never guess it, but this means transporting passengers or goods between two places in the same country. – Funny Words

92. Deckled

If something is “deckled,” it means it has paper edged that were cut by hand.

93. Frou-frou

This word was used a lot in the 1870s and was meant to describe the rustling sound that a long dress made.

94. Ballyhoo

The next time you see a company trying too hard to win over a customer with an advertisement, you can call them this.

95. Abear

This has nothing to do with animals, but instead means you endured something.

96. Whiffler

This is what you call a person who walks in front of you when you’re in a crowd.

97. Hoodwink

This means the same as the word “deceive.”

98. Stumblebum

This is another word used to describe a clumsy person.

99. Unperson

This doesn’t mean a person isn’t a person anymore. It’s a word you use to describe a person that has been erased because of their misbehavior.

100. Doozy

This is something that is not normal.

101. Batrachomyomachy — To make a mountain out of a molehill.

102. Cattywampus — Disorganized, when something is not arranged correctly.

103. Flibbertigibbet — A flakey, overly talkative person. – Funny Words

104. Quire — The leaves within a manuscript.

105. Absquatulate — To suddenly leave.

106. Billingsgate — Rough language filled with profanity.

107. Borborygm — A word for the noise your stomach makes when it rumbles.

108. Gardyloo — A warning shouted before water or waste is thrown from above.

109. Malarkey — Nonsense.

110. Ratoon — A sprout in a crop plant.

111. Comeuppance — A fate or punishment that someone deserves.

112. Boustrophedon — A kind of ancient writing that is written right to left and left to right in alternate lines.

113. Bowyang A strap that holds pants up.

114. Pandiculation — The way your torso stretches when you are tired or yawning.

115. Yarborough — A weak hand in contract bridge.

116. Donnybrook — An uproarious argument.

117. Anencephalous Absence of all or part of a brain.

118. Snickersnee — A large knife.

119. Sialoquent — Spraying saliva while speaking.

120. Xertz — To drink or eat quickly or greedily.

121. Nincompoop — A stupid, useless person.

122. Canoodle — To cuddle or get close to.

123. Godwottery — Overelaborate style of speech or gardening.

124. Gonzo — Far out journalism.

125. Cantankerous Overly argumentative or uncooperative.

126. Widdershins — Counterclockwise.

127. Wabbit — A computing term related to a type of denial of service attack. – Funny Words

128. Cockamamie — Implausible.

129. Goombah — An older, protective friend or associate.

130. Hobbledehoy — A young, clumsy person.

131. Hocus-pocus — Nonsense or sleight of hand.

132. Codswallop — Nonsense.

133. Lickety-split — ASAP.

134. Mollycoddle — To treat someone in a pampered manner.

135. Mugwump A person who is aloof or truly independent in political matters.

136. Collop — A slice of roasted meat.

137. Namby-pamby — A person lacking energy and courage.

138. Ornery — Crabby.

139. Pettifogger — An inferior lawyer with dubious practices.

140. Rigmarole — A long, rambling statement.

141. Collywobbles — Anxiety and stomach queasiness. – Funny Words

142. Shenanigan — A mischievous activity.

143. Skedaddle — Depart quickly.

144. Smellfungus — A habitual fault-finder.

145. Snool — To bully someone into submission.

146. Snollygoster — A shrewd, unprincipled person.

147. Zoanthropy — A person who believes they have transformed into an animal.

148. Crapulence A light weight, someone who gets sick while drinking.

149. Doozy — Something outstanding, not normal.

150. Gubbins — The parts of fish that are generally thrown away and not consumed.

151. Erinaceous — Something that looks like a hedgehog.

152. Pauciloquent — Someone who doesn’t speak a lot, or is especially brief when they talk.

153. Fard — Excessively made up.

154. Fatuous — Silly and pointless. – Funny Words

155. Abibliophobia — The fear of running out of reading material.

156. Bibble — Software that converts raw images.

157. Bloviate — To talk in a lengthy, inflated manner.

158. Fuddy-duddy — A person who is old-fashioned or fussy.

159. Bumbershoot — An umbrella.

160. Impignorate To pawn something.

161. Gobbledygook — Language that is so overly-technical and complicated it’s unintelligible.

162. Troglodyte — A person who lives in a cave.

163. Vomitory — An entrance or exit in a theater or ampitheater.

Isn’t the English language unique and interesting? Words are funny things.

Not only because they sometimes look strange (queue, we’re talking about you) or have unusual origins, but also because they just plain old make us laugh and giggle. What’s a fartlek? Or a shivoo?.

Well, If you enjoyed reading through this article, please share with your freinds, and have a good laugh about it. You can also drop a comment on which word was your favorite.

CSN Team.

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