Girl Names that Start with X with Their Meaning

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Girl Names that Start with X are available on this page. Scroll through the list to pick your favorite choice for your pretty little damsel.

Girl Names that Start with X

Choosing a baby’s name is a difficult task, that is why we’ve put this list together to aid you in your search

Girl Names that Start with X

Here is a list of carefully selected Girl Names that Start with X just for you.

1. Xeni

Guatemalan origin meaning protector of plants or flowers, variant of the Greek name Xenia

2. Xylia

Greek origin variant of Xylina and Xyla, similarly meaning woodland or wood dweller

3. Xanthippe

Greek origin feminine form of Xanthippos, meaning yellow horse

4. Xylona

Greek origin meaning from the forest

5. Xamira 

Meaning Diamond

6. Xandra 

Defender of man

7. Xavia    

Bright, splendid; a new house

8. Xavienna            

Bright, splendid; a new house

9. Xamira

Iranian, old Persian origin meaning diamond.

10. Xylina

Greek origin means from the woods

11. Xuan

Vietnamese origin means Spring, a unisex name.

12. Xochitl, Xochi

Aztec origin meaning flower, used in central Mexico

13. Xyra

Arabic origin meaning lovely moon

14. Xia

Chinese origin meaning glow of the sunrise

15. Xanti

Portuguese origin means a saint. This is considered a unisex name, meaning flower.

16. Xyla

Greek origin meaning wood dweller, variant of the name Greek name Xylia.

17. Xaviera

Bright, splendid; a new house

18. Xavyera              

Bright, splendid; a new house

19. Xeenia 

Guest, stranger

20. Xena     

Guest, stranger

21. Xeni      

Protector of plants, flowers         

22. Xantha 

Yellow, blonde

23. Xia

This super cute baby name is of Chinese origin and means ‘glow of the sunrise.’

24. Xandra

Xandra means ‘defender’ and has Greek origins.

25. Xochitl.

This Aztec origin name is mostly used in Mexico and it means ‘flower.’ It’s pronounced ‘soh-cheel’ or ‘soh-chee’


Unique Girl Names that Start with X

Girls Names that Start with X

Check out this list of girls’ names that start with x. 

26. Xiana

This modern name derives from the more traditional Juliana, which means ‘youthful.’

27. Xantia or Xanthia

This Greek origin name means ‘yellow’  perfect for any golden-haired little ones.

28. Xin

This simple, Chinese origin name means ‘beautiful.’

29. Xiola

A more modern name, it’s possibly a version of the Greek name Ziola, which means ‘life’ or ‘alive.’

30. Xiomara

This name means ‘battle ready.’

31. Ximena

Spanish origin derived from the Hebrew boy’s name Simeon, meaning one who hears.

32. Xaiyla

Aramaic, Jamaican origin means God never fails.

33. Xristina

Greek, Hebrew origin variation of the name Christina meaning follower of Christ, Messiah.

34. Xuriah, Xuriya

Arabic origin meaning angel of heaven, sometimes spelled Huriya.

35. Xhuliana

Roman origins meaning sacred to Jupiter, as a variation of Julia, Juliana.

36. Xhesika

Hebrew origin meaning God beholds, variation of the name Jessica, also featured in Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice.

37. Xoe or Xoey

Another way to spell the more traditional Zoe or Zoey, this Greek name means ‘life’.

38. Xavia

Xavia is the feminine form of the Spanish name Xavier and means ‘bright’ or ‘splendid.’

39. Xaviera

Another variation on the boy’s name is Xavier, but this one’s closer to the original.

40. Xavienna

This is the last of the Xavier-derived names on this list. If you’re looking for a particularly unique version, this could be it.

41. Xaiya

An Albanian origin name, it simply means ‘loved.’

42. Xina

Alternative spelling of Zena, this Arabic origin name means ‘good and beautiful.’

43. Xandy  

Defender of the People

44. Xannon              

Ancient God

45. Xantara              

Protector of the Earth

46. Xanti    

Short form of Xantiago

47. Xaria     

Respelling of Zaria

48. Xhanell

A modern version of the French Chanel, this name means ‘pipe.

 49. Xuriah

This super cute Arabic origin name means ‘angel of heaven.’

50. Xally

Another new name, this one derives from Sally. It means ‘princess.’

Beautiful Girl Names that Start with X

These are names for beautiful ladies, read on!!

51. Xarissa 

Created Name

52. Xavieria              

Like a Princess.

53. Xavierra              

Owner of a new home

54. Xenophon         

Strange Voice

55. Xeraphina          

Seraphim, Angel

56. Xeveria

Owns a new house

57. Xyla

This adorable Greek name means ‘wood dweller’ and is perfect for outdoor lovers-to-be.

58. Xylia

An alternative for Xyla, this fairly modern outdoorsy name is still pretty rare.

59. Xiao

This gender-neutral Chinese name has several meanings: ‘dawn,’ ‘little’ or ‘respectful and reverent.’ It’s one of the most common Chinese names in the world.

60. Xiomare

Spanish origin is a variant of Guiomar, from the German name Wigmar, meaning battle-ready or battle

61. Xandria

Greek origin means defender of mankind

62. Xuxa

Portuguese origin meaning queen or lily

63. Xabelle

Unknown origin but used globally meaning beautiful leader.

64. Xandra

Greek and English origin meaning defender of the people, a feminine form of Alexander

65. Xander

Greek origin unisex name meaning defender of the people, a unisex form of Xandria

66. Xandri

Greek origins  variation of Xander and Xandria meaning defender of the people

67. Xantara

American origin meaning protector of the earth

68. Xiomara

Spanish origin variant of Xiomare, meaning battle-ready

69. Xiamara

Aramaic origin, meaning famous in battle

70. Xian

Chinese origin means refined, elegant, and used both as a boy and girl name.

71. Xitlati

This Aztec origin name, pronounced sit-lat-ee, means ‘star’ or ‘star goddess.

72.  Xelilia.

 A modern spelling of ‘Cecilia,’ this name of Latin origin means ‘blind to one’s own beauty.

73. Xeni

Pronounced ‘sheh-ni,’ Xeni is a name used in Guatemala and means ‘protector of plants or flowers.’

74. Xamira

This precious name is believed to be of Persian origin and means ‘diamond.’

75. Xexilia  

Blind of Self Beauty

Amazing Girl Names that Start with X

girl names that start with x

You sure don’t want to miss out on girl names that start with x.

76. Xhosa   

South African Tribe

77. Xi-wang              


78. Xia He  

Summer Lotus

79. Xiang    


80. Xiao Chen          

Early Morning

81. Xio

A nickname for Xiomara or a name on its own, this Spanish origin name works for a baby of any gender.

82. Xaria.

Although this is seen as a newer name, it can probably be traced back to Arabic origins where Xaria means ‘connection’ or ‘path.’

83. Xandri or Xandria

Forms of the Greek name ‘Alexander,’ either of these options can work perfectly as a nickname for Alexandria or on its own.

84. Xristina

An alternative, modern spelling of the name Christina, this name means ‘follower of Christ.’

85. Xhuliana

A name of Roman origin, Xhulia means ‘sacred to Jupiter.’ It’s also another spelling of Juliana, which means ‘youthful’.

86. Xochitl

Aztec Nahuatl origin meaning flower, mostly used in central Mexico

87. Xenia

Greek origin means hospitality and is used throughout Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, and Greece.

88. Xiao

Chinese origin meaning respectful, little, dawn and reverent, and heaven

89. Xantha

Greek origin variant of the name Xanthe, meaning yellow, blonde

90. Xzoria

Ukrainian origin means shining star

91. Xitlali

Native American origin means star, a variation of the name Citali, an Aztec girl’s name.

92. Xavianna

Spanish, Basque origin form of Xavier, meaning new house.

93. Xaida

Spanish origin the highest recorded use of this name was in 2012, at 6 babies.

94. Xalma

Arabic, Persian origin variation of the name Salma, meaning safe, healthy

95. Xosha

South Africa means fierce, the name deriving from the Xhosa ethnic group.

96. Xion

Japanese, Hebrew origin from Japanese writer Tomoco Kanemaki, meaning I won’t forget you, and from Hebrew as a variation of Zion which means the highest point, a unisex name

97. Xiola

Italian origin variation of Viola, meaning violet

98. Xhivani

Indian origin meaning follower of Shiva, variation of the name Shivani

99. Xyzah

Modern origin meaning Warrior of Saradomin in the RuneScape games

100. Xhanell

French origin meaning canal, variation of the name Chanel, after designer Coco Chanel

101. Xe’Nedra

English origin from the major character in Belgariad and Mallorean series by David Eddings, meaning below the earth

102. Xeona

Latin origin variation of the name Leona, meaning lion, can be unisex.

103. Xavière

French origin form of Xavier, meaning new house.

104. Xanthis

Greek origin unisex variant of Xanthia, meaning fair, yellow, blonde

105.  Xeilila

Latin origin meaning blind to one’s own beauty, another form of Cecilia

106. Xadie

A more modern way to spell Zadie, this name of Hebrew origin means ‘princess

107. Xabrina

This is an alternative spelling for Sabrina, which has Celtic and Latin origins. The name is believed to refer to someone from the Severn area, but also may mean ‘legendary princess.’


What are the Names that Start with X?

1. Xavier   

2. Xander

3. Xaiver   

4. Xzavian

5. Xerxes  

6. Xyler

7. Xaviar   

8. Xavyer

9. Xzayvion             

10. Xayne

What is a Rarest Girl’s Name?

1. Aphia.

2. Blanche.

3. Celestia.

4. Dominique.

5. Edeline.

6. Floella.

7. Genie.

8. Harloe.

What’s the Prettiest Name for a Girl?

1. Olivia.

2. Emma.

3. Charlotte.

4. Amelia.

5. Ava.

6. Sophia.

7. Isabella.

8. Mia.

Is Luxury a Girl Name?

Luxury: Girl’s name meaning, origin, and popularity

What is the Hottest Female Name?

1. Brianna.

2. Erika.

3. Lexi.

4. Brooke.

5. Vanessa.

6. April.

7. Natalie.

8. Jenna.

What is the Prettiest Name for a Girl 2022?

1. Maeve.

2. Luna.

3. Aurelia.

4. Ottilie.

5. Eloise.

6. Ophelia.

7. Isla.

8. Iris.

What is a Unique Girl’s Name?

1. Amelia

2. Arya

3. Aurelia

4. Brielle

5. Chantria

6. Dionne

7. Everleigh

8. Eloise

What is an Edgy Name for a Girl?

1. Lux        

2. Margo  

3. Marley 

4. Matilda

5. Milan

What Girl Name Means Feisty?

Bellona: For the feisty baby girl, Bellona comes from the Latin word ‘Bellare’ meaning ‘to fight’, and was the name of the Roman goddess of war.

What is a Good Name for a Sassy Girl?

1. Amber

2. Beatrix

3. Brittany

4. Brynn

5. Chloe

6. Darcy

7. Georgina

8. Gia.

After going through this list of girl names that start with X, we believe you have a perfect pick by now. Also, Do well to share this post with friends and family. Best Regards!!

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