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Green Card Processing Time for Families, and How much it Costs

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– Green Card Processing Time –

The Green Card processing time depends on the type of Green Card you are applying for, the location of the processing office and other factors.Work-based green cards could be processed from 1 year for low demand visas.

Green Card Processing Time

Family Immigrant Green Card Processing Time

It can be a very expensive yet rewarding process to get your green card. This can cost from USD 1,200 to USD 4,500 everywhere. Let’s look at each of them now.

Visas based on family requirements are diverse and some have annual restrictions.

Those who applied that year, but have not received the application processing, must wait until the next time after hitting the annual ceiling.

In addition, the processing will start after two years if you are the 2001est person to apply to do so. This makes processing times long and time-consuming.


How Long Before you Get a Green Card through Marriage?

Green Card Processing Time

Marriage is one of the shortest ways to achieve lawful residency in the United States.

And unlike other categories, the amount of marriage cards issued by the US Citizenship and Immigration Services is not an annual limit (USCIS).

The Green Card is called the CR-1 Visa for preliminary marriages. It means “conditional visa for residents”.

It is an interim Green Card that ends two years later. The immigrant spouse may look for permanent status as immediate relatives if the pair remain married during that period.

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It takes between 10 and 13 months to obtain a green card in marriage.

Therefore, the processing period is substantially quicker than visas for the family preference. The CR 1 visa is also known as a marriage green card.

Family Preference Visa

Visas for immigrants with a family preference are limited annually, which means they can take between 1 year and in very rare circumstances, 10 years.

The day on which the request for an application is examined is known as a priority date.

The US State Department sets the priority dates and decides when a specific category will be processed.


Green Card Processing Time Based on Employment

Every year, 140,000 employment visas are granted by the U.S. government, depending on percentages. Depending on the demand for the visa, the processing time is varied.

Employment-based visa applications are processed first-coming, first-service.

Make sure all your paperwork is in order and there are no errors in your request in order to save your processing time.

The timeline for admitting you to the US schedule as a permanent worker depends on your lineage with regard to your education and skills.


These are the three immigrant employment subcategories in the USA:

1. EB-1: First choice for persons with remarkable talents and achievements such as excellent talents, accomplished professionals, top athletes and managers of international enterprises.

2. EB-2: those with an exceptional ability or advanced degree

3. EB-3: For skilled employees, professionals or other workers

Here are some documents that you have to file if you want to receive a Green Card based on employment:

PERM Labor certificate to indicate that American citizens do not potentially take a job.

Form I-140, which demonstrates that your employer can pay the salary for the post.

These forms can be cumulatively processed for between 6 months and 1 year anywhere.

How long does it take for you to get a Green Card through family?

This is a category for you, if you have parents, siblings or relatives who are lawyers or U.S. citizens.

You might need to have some patience while applying for a family-based Green Card as a sibling or a distant relative.

The first step is to submit the I-130 paperwork, which takes at least 6 months to receive approval. Your American or US relative must sponsor the paperwork.

USCIS chooses unilaterally, however, when the Green Card application will be processed. The date is known as the “date of priority.”

Consider this date as your place at the queue for the Green Card. When your request for I-130 is approved, you may locate the date on the I-797 form supplied by USCIS.


Additional Information

To know the average working time of your family green card, add I-130 to the priority waiting period, and it may take from 1 to 10 years for 6 to 12 months.

The USCIS frequently excepts petitioners who are relatives of US citizens immediately. They get considerably faster than others to step on the American land.


You do not have to wait for a visa number or priority date because an immigrant visa is always accessible when the USCIS allows the I-130 on your behalf.

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Through the submission of both the I-130 and the I-485, the sponsoring family member can then speed up the permanent residence procedure simultaneously, once the beneficiary is in the USA.

The USCIS generally determines the green card processing time, but your own ability to file the correct documents also plays a huge role. To make the processing time shorter, make sure that all your forms are in order and error-free.

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