Hottest High Demand Products in Nigeria 2022 Current Update

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– High Demand Products in Nigeria –

Would you like to learn about the high demand products in Nigeria? Or you have thought of starting and running a business of your own. But, you are confused about which business to go into or which products you can start selling to start making money. Not to worry, we have helped you with that.

Hottest High Demand Products in Nigeria 2021 Current Update

In this article, we have helped you with the top high demand products in Nigeria.

Hottest High Demand Products in Nigeria

Today, there are billions of products available in the market, but as an entrepreneur, finding the product that sells best has become an enormous task, especially with the increasing competition.

The top high demand products in Nigeria are;

1. Electronic Goods

The use of electronics in homes and offices has made electronic goods a high demand and fast-selling product in Nigeria.

Electronics are goods that depend on electric currents or electromagnetic fields to work. It can come in the form of household appliances or other forms of equipment that generate power to function.

Some of the high in demand electronic goods that you can sell include television, DVD players, fans, ovens, washing machines, printers, radios, etc.

2. Fashion Items

It’s a business that involves the design, manufacturing, distribution, marketing, advertising, and promotion of apparel. It is the sales of all styles of clothing and accessories that can be worn by different groups of people.

Fashion is a wide business area. It is a business that can be specifically tailored around men/women, adults/babies, etc. It can even involve the selling of jewellery, belts, watches, underwear, handbags, jewellery, shoes, or simply clothes.

If you are interested in this business area, you can start by selling unique products of specific brands, such as Zara, H&M, Gucci, Versace, Dolce, etc. You can also sell different brands at the same time.

3. Cosmetic Product

Cosmetic products are substances for enhancing the appearance and odour of the human body. It is used for beautifying and promoting the attractiveness of the body of all age groups.

It comes in different kinds and can include; body, skin or facial care products; anti-ageing products, aromatherapy, beauty spa, beauty salon, makeup, etc.


4. Health and Wellness Products

Health products are one of the fast-selling products since the internet. No matter the background, gender, economic status, or culture, everyone wants to be healthy and will sacrifice every penny to achieve their health goals.

The health industry is a wide business area with each of the products being profitable. Aside from buying from manufacturing companies, you can also create your own products and market them to your audience.

For health and wellness, some of the fast-selling products include Vitamins & dietary supplements, herbal remedies, nutritional and overall health products, weight loss products, sexual wellness products, reproductive health products, body pain relievers, etc.

5. Hair Wig and Extensions

Hair extensions are one of the high in demand and fast selling products that sell both online and offline in Nigeria. From wigs to weaves, to extensions, human and synthetic hair, the market for hair is wide.

Hair is a coveted commodity with widespread usage amongst the young, old, and fashion-conscious class of women. It is a popular business and a very lucrative venture.

Some of the hair you can invest in include; luxury virgin hair, pure Mongolian hair, finest Remy hair, sleek European weaves, Peruvian hair, etc.

Also, you can sell shampoos, relaxers and hair lotions, detangling brush, and other items that are complementary to wigs and extensions.


6. Baby Accessories

Baby essentials are timeless. They are important needs and one of the fast-selling products in Nigeria. Whether you are expecting a baby, already has a child, or related to a parent, taking care of children is an essential thing.

If you wish to invest in this business, some of the bestselling baby products and accessories include; crib, baby carrier, diapers, feeding bottles, jumpsuits, wipe, breast pump, cloth pegs, water flask, tits, etc.

7. Food and Groceries

Food commodities are essential items for human health. They are the basic needs for human survival and helps to boost the immune system.

Owing to the stress involved with food and grocery shopping, consumers are now altering their shopping behaviour and depending on technology.

Because of the sensitivity of the niche, you must ensure proper hygiene and quick delivery services. Some of the fast-selling food products to sell include rice, cakes, snacks, chicken, egg, beef, potato chips, cookies, pizza, milk, cheese, fruit, etc.

8. Phones and Accessories

Cellphones and accessories business is highly competitive but very profitable. It is a business that includes the sales of handsets, sales of phone accessories, and phone repair services.

If you are interested in the phones and accessories business, some aspects to focus on include; smart and mobile phones, battery, screen guard, earphones, battery charger, memory card, power banks, headset, phone jacket, modem, USB cable, earpiece, etc.

9. Computer and Accessories

Just like phones, having a computer in this modern era provides an opportunity to stay connected to ongoing activities in the world. It is one of the high demand and fast-selling products that sell both online and offline. It is a competitive business area that generates much profit.

For instance, you can deal with sales of gadgets or offer repair services. Also, you can do the installation of computer software or sell only hardware. Whatever you decide, you will make your profit.

Some of the fast-selling computer products include; laptops, laptop case, hard drive, USB drive, printer, laptop charger, hard disk, flashcards, mouse, keyboard, monitor, cable, speaker, headset, e.t.c

10. Books and Magazine

Knowledge is power, and reading books and magazines are special ways to gain knowledge. Books provide a safe place for an author to share his or her thoughts. It is one of the perfect means of conveying thoughts from one person to another.

These days, books are high in demand and are among the fast selling products to selling online. They can be sold in hard or soft copies.

Whether you love books or already involved in e-commerce, bookselling is another way to generate income. Also, it is a great way to gain new connections and build authority in your industry.


As an entrepreneur, you can sell religious books, educational books, do-it-yourself, motivational books, or other resource materials.

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