Best Ways to Call in Sick to Work Professionally

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It just isn’t fair to go to work when you’re feeling ill. We can also take sick leave on days when we simply want some time off. Don’t worry, you are not alone. Here, we will show you the best ways to call in sick to work professionally.

How to Call in Sick

Calling in Sick at Your Workplace

Telling your boss you won’t be at work when you feel sick is a good idea, but how should you go about it? Calling in sick to work is the same irrespective of whether you are actually ill or not.

There are a few things you should keep in mind when you tell your boss about your sickness (or fake illness).

Many employers place a restriction on the amount of sick days you can take, while others specify who must be notified and when absences must be reported.

The company or institution could take disciplinary action if we ignored these rules. Prepare yourself and deal with it professionally regardless of why you won’t be able to attend the meeting.

Best Ways to Call in Sick to Work Professionally

How do you professionally tell your boss you’re sick? What do I say when calling in sick to an employer? What are the best excuses to call in sick? We have provided you with the best answers on how to call in sick below.

1. Please Contact Your Boss As Soon As Possible

Inform your manager or boss as soon as possible about your health condition. If you’re sick the night before and know you won’t be able to make it to work, you can send a message to your boss that evening.

Tell your manager first thing in the morning if you cannot send a message or call across.

2. Keep It Short and Simple

Don’t go into too much information about your condition. No one wants to hear about your illness or stomach virus. Maintain brevity and focus in your message.

3. Notify Your Colleagues/Team Mates About It

Consider sending a second message to your department or team informing them of your absence.

This is especially vital especially if you’re working on a group project or if you’re approaching a deadline.

Ensure that your teammates know you will not be available on that day. Don’t take them unaware.

4. Let Them know if You Will Be Available to Work

If you’ll be able to respond to emails or complete any other work while you’re sick, let your boss (and possibly your coworkers) know. Say so only if you’re too ill to check your email.

5. Give Out Vital Information From Time to Time

In the same way, advise your employer and team if there is any information they will require for that day.

“I apologize for skipping the staff-wide meeting at 2 p.m.,” you can say to your supervisor, “but Ellen should have all of our department’s data.” Others will not struggle in your absence if you provide this kind of information.

6. Keep in Touch

Check to see whether your firm requires you to complete any form of follow-up paperwork. Some employers, for example, ask employees to produce a doctor’s report or note as proof of illness.

How to Call In Sick Text

If you’ve been looking for some ideas to call in sick to work by email or text message, consider checking out the template below.

Text Example 1:

This afternoon and tomorrow, I’ll be taking a two-day break from work, but I should be able to resume my regular work schedule the following day.

This is because I’m ill and I went to the doctor; if you need a doctor’s note, please let me know.

Text Example 2:

“I’ve been to the doctor, and he thinks I have [*Put The Illness Here, if necessary*].” To fully recover, I’ll have to take some time off work.

No idea how long I’ll be gone, but I’ll let you know how I’m feeling over the next several days if I decide to return. Meanwhile, [name of coworker] will assist me with my workload.

Text Example 3:

“I’m heading to the doctor’s this morning since I woke up not feeling well.

When I return from my appointment, I’ll let you know if I’m able to come in today or not, but [*coworker’s name*] will cover my shift.

The whole idea is, to keep it simple, short, and straightforward. Don’t be scared and don’t send a lengthy text. I hope that information on how to call in sick text has been helpful.

How Many Hours Notice to Call in Sick

However, this totally depends on your company’s policy, as most ask employees to call in sick at least two hours before their shift begins.

Even though the notice is short, the company still has time to recruit a replacement for you. Sometimes, it’s hard to predict when you’ll get sick, such as;

  • Poisoned food
  • Diarrhea
  • Chronic pain.
  • Migraine

Your child may suddenly become ill if you are a single parent. Your manager should know at least two hours in advance if not sooner if you have an urgent matter.


Excuses to Avoid When You Call in Sick

There are some excuses you should never use, regardless of the genuine reason you’re calling in ill. Never give your employer or your boss the below excuse:

▸ As an employee, you were terrified to come out of their yard because there was a bear there.

▸ Your phone exploded, injuring your hand.

▸ At a restaurant, you ate a toothpick in your dish.

▸ You were doing some exercise at home and you fractured your arm.

▸ Because the uniform didn’t fit you, you had to stay.

▸ The dog swallowed my car keys, and she was waiting for it to come out.

▸ As an employee, you forget your clothes at the laundry.

▸ Employee could not get to work because of a lack of gas.

▸ Because some of your artificial nails had fallen off, you had to reschedule the manicure and would not be able to come to work.

▸ You were unsure how the solar eclipse would affect you, so staying at home was the safer option.

What to Say When You Call in Sick

To avoid any misunderstandings, please follow the reporting methods provided in your contract, employee handbook, or absence policy–or as instructed by your manager.

As soon as possible, phone your employer, HR manager, or line manager to inform them you are unable to work because of illness.

The earlier you phone in sick, the more likely it is that your employer will treat it as a day off.

It may be challenging, but it is in your best interest to be completely open and honest with your manager.

Clarify your boss that you’re in a bad health condition and that it’s going to affect your work.

Remember that you are not required to divulge anything that is too personal or offensive to your manager, even if they ask for it.

If you know when you’ll be able to return to work, let your boss know what tasks need to be covered while you’re away.

While you’re on the phone, find out if your company offers any resources for employees in need of mental health support.

There are a variety of ways to assist you at work in the future, such as flexible work schedules, a vow to maintain hybrid working in place, temporary reassignment of demanding jobs, or even regular phone calls to keep in touch.

On a final note; If you are working remotely, calling in sick to work might not really apply to them. A personal day off from work could be because of an employee having a sick day.

More Things to Say When You Call in Sick

Returning to work should be done as soon as you recover. If you are not yet strong or don’t feel too well we advised you, to stay at home.

Don’t forget, you can always refer to the employee handbooks there is vital information on work leave and all of that. You can always take a sick leave according to the company’s instructions.

Send a text message to your manager a day before that day. If you could not send that text, the next morning informing the manager that you cannot work today.

Don’t feel guilty but you can always balance things up by telling them when you are free so you could work from home if possible.

Last, on how to call in sick, ensure that you stay off social media as you’re on sick leave or time off work, you never can tell who is watching your moves.

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