CFA Financial Support Scholarship 2023 Application Update

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CFA Financial Support Scholarship, which is fully funded by the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) Institute is presently accepting applications from eligible students.

CFA Financial Support Scholarship

The CFA Financial Support Scholarship

The CFA Scholarship aims to enhance accessibility for individuals interested in pursuing the CFA program but may face financial constraints that make it difficult to cover the program fees entirely.

Beneficiaries of the CFA Scholarship will have the opportunity to join the CFA Program at no cost and pay a reduced exam registration fee of $250 USD, instead of the regular fee.

Benefits of the CFA Financial Support Scholarship

The scholarship encompasses the payment of the initial CFA Program enrollment fee (if applicable) and provides a discounted exam registration fee of US$250.

Additionally, recipients of the scholarship will receive access to the curriculum eBook.

Requirements for CFA Financial Support Scholarship 

To maintain the Program’s integrity, all participants must adhere to the following Official Rules:

1. Scholarship Candidates can be individuals who are either new or existing candidates in the CFA Program.


2. There are no specific income or asset requirements for Scholarship Candidates, neither a minimum nor a maximum.

3. Candidates are disqualified if their current employer provides any financial assistance for their participation in the CFA Program.

4. Each candidate is eligible to receive only a single Access Scholarship within a given calendar year.

5. Additionally, a Candidate is limited to receiving one scholarship per exam.

Therefore, if a candidate applies for both an Access Scholarship and an Awareness Scholarship and is awarded one, the remaining applications will be invalidated.

Application Requirement

While compiling the materials for your CFA Access Scholarship application, please remember to:

1. Provide information about any potential conflicts of interest.

2. Include references as part of your application.

3. Craft a personal statement detailing your background and aspirations.

4. Ensure that you submit your application within the specified application period.


Application Deadline

Currently Unavailable.

CSN Team.

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