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How to Get a Man to Chase You

Filed in Articles by on June 30, 2022

– How to Get a Man to Chase You –

Here’s how to handle the guy you like and make him desperate to be with you if you’re unclear about how to make him chase you.

How to Get a Man to Chase You

Making a man like you is one thing, but learning how to have him chase you and grow to like you more with each passing day is something else different.

Although chemistry and physical attractiveness may initially draw men to women, as those factors fade, we women must become resourceful.


How to Get a Man to Chase You

Here’s how to make a guy chase you if you like him. It’s really simpler than you would imagine!

1. Don’t Be Too Available

A guy feels less pressure to hang out with a female when he knows he may see her whenever it’s convenient for him.

A guy will move considerably faster to try to snag a spot for himself if he believes that your social calendar is crowded.

Texting follows the same rules. He will assume you have nothing else to do if you are constantly by your phone and reply to his texts right away.

Men desire things that they believe other men desire as well. Play it cool, but avoid playing games.

On occasion, it’s acceptable to accept last-minute invitations, but remember that absence makes the heart grow fonder and fuels yearning.

2. Make Him Think About You

To ensure that he can’t stop thinking about you when you are with him, do something unforgettable before you depart for the day or night whenever you are with him.

3. Flirt

You don’t have to act like the ice queen just because you want him to chase you. Enjoy yourself and flirt with him.

Display your interest in him if you want him to pursue you. You must offer him a motivation to pursue you.

5. Let him be in Charge

Men don’t enjoy being dominated or given orders. They aspire to rule supreme.

He just has to believe he is in charge, which doesn’t mean you can’t be in charge.

To get what you desire, find ways to drop sneaky hints. Men don’t want to date a boss because we all have one at work.

Keep in mind that a boss equals a guy losing interest.


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6. Stay Active on Social Media

How to Get a Man to Chase You

Change your profile photo, add fresh tales, and upload new images of you looking your sexiest.

You must constantly be on a man’s mind if you want to have him chase after you. Additionally, you must incite his envy.

Make him envious of the folks you’re hanging out with and make him wish he was the one spending time with you!

7. Give him Space

In the early phases of wooing a man, it’s imperative to know how to maintain a precise amount of space.

While dating, make sure you live different lifestyles. Texts should be brief and seductive.

Talk to him, but try not to sound like a clingy girlfriend.

More Details!!

In any relationship, it’s important to maintain boundaries.

Maintaining a healthy distance from men is especially crucial if you want them to chase you.

You must remain dedicated to your own pursuits in order to give a man room to pursue you.

Don’t compromise your standards or put your life on wait to make room for him.

He will appreciate and want you once he realizes that a relationship does not define your life.

8. Play Hard to Get

Give up trying to justify your existence or your compatibility with one another.

He must determine it for himself, and if he is truly interested, he will ask all of your questions or just as many.

The right person will be so enthralled that he won’t be able to bear to part with you.

9. Show Confidence

You must realize that guys adore women who radiate confidence if you want to learn how to make a man chase you.

Regardless of your gender or sexual preference, you glance at a confident person when they enter a room. You want him to respond in that way, and you want him to do so.


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